Comments for ‘The Mandalorian’: Gina Carano’s Cara Dune Could Be Recast or Removed Altogether

cara dune

Credit: Gina Carano Instagram


  1. How about no. I’m really sick and tired of these bs articles. I love how you buffoons defend that racist star wars writer but have a problem with Gina Carano. How about f&@$ off!!!!

    1. Jay

      ^ Exactly!

      1. Jordin

        How has she been racist? Everyone who wants her gone has a complete different political view. And if she is removed because of her views.. if you were fired for your beliefs y’all would be suing for wrongful termination ?? get over yourselves and your not racist for having an opinion jeeeeessssus.

        1. divaD NottoN

          And you know exactly that had a white person said any of the things she said, but about black people, people would be up in arms, demanding for their resignation. I don’t think she should be fired, because of freedom of speech, but those comments were only pointing out the hypocrisy.

        2. Scott Panyi

          Cancel Disney!

        3. CR45H 0V3RR1D3

          Well, I guess there’s no wondering now ?

      2. KEN JENKS

        If they remove her because she speaks her mind and exercise her 1st amendment right, I will exercise my 1st amendment right tell you to f#@k off and will stop watching.

        1. Dk

          Mark Hamill pressures a woman to get an abortion after calling her a whore, there’s crickets.

          Someone dare question popular belief? Better fire her and send her to prison!

          1. Sergio Garcia

            The difference is mark hamill is not on twitter pushing his fringe ideology

        2. Sarah N Beaulieu

          Freedom of speech dose not mean freedom from consequences. If the company does not want her conspiracy theory BS to be part of their image they have every right to stop working with her. Do y’all not actually understand the 1st amendment because you act like it means you can say and do anything you want sans consequences

          1. Sergio Garcia

            What conspiracy theories? I Haven never seen her post anything about any conspiracy theory. Can you prove this? Because I can show you the Racist comments of other Disney employees

          2. Kirk Shipp

            Yeah but consequences are not determined by a bunch of blue hairs that didn’t like this actress’ or actor’s political opinion. They don’t get to determine that someone gets fired or not. Those people get to watch or not to watch. There a lot more people that would rather her stay than go. If they fire or replace Gina Carrano, I’ll simply cancel my Disney+ sub. Simple as that.

          3. Mr. Pissed

            The problem is is that it doesn’t work both ways. If an employer fired someone for their constant shove of BLM beliefs or the Democrat party’s beliefs in general, the company would be sued for wrongful termination, discrimination and who knows what else some ridiculous lawyer would throw out there to sue for. On top of that, there would be a boycott called for that company. And I’m pretty sure you can’t consider things a conspiracy theory just because the main stream media says otherwise. All this crap about cancel culture has been blatant hypocrisy by the left. “I can say what I want because it’s for justice and expressing my personal opinion, but if you do it and we don’t agree, you’re just expressing hate speech and inciting violence”. What a joke…

          4. Pac

            What did she say that was a fireable offense?

        3. kirk

          i agree if she is gone so am i

        4. Drew

          So if you don’t toe the Far Left line, you get cancelled and fired❓Americans can’t have the freedom to think for themselves, that’s how Germany became Nazi Germany. This is so 1984 and Fascist. We don’t have to agree on everything or care about anything besides how well they play the role. I don’t watch sport to watch politics, I don’t watch Star Wars for politics, everyone just shut the hell and enjoy the show, move on. This isn’t the place or forum for political debate, dam bitter haters.

          1. Sean Beebe

            Hmm, I watch shows for the story, not for who’s in them also and well said.

        5. William Power

          I agree, I’ll cancel my Sub to Disney if they recast or fire her.

        6. Jarvis

          This is not a political issue. These are not federal workers employed by the government. Free speech only applies when the government tries to limit it. She can say what she wants and Disney can fire her for it. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean free of consequences. Jesus people can be so ignorant

        7. Chris cyr

          Did this writer actuallycompare her to Johnny depp the alleged wife beater???. I would think a few twitter comments are not in the same category. Why is this even an issue???

          1. Cook

            It’s funny that she even mentioned Johnny and failed to mention that the case was actually dismissed and proved that his ex wife lied about the abuse allegations… lol

        8. Michele

          I agree with you Ken. Lucasfilm industry has turned to the dark side!! Thank you Jon, for trying to save Gina from being discriminated for being a strong female role model. I was raised in Marin County near George Lucas and our community embraced him. We are truly disappointed in Disney!

        9. Sean Beebe

          Hmm, I watch shows for the story, not for who’s in them.

      3. Daniel Rosales

        Your right

        1. Nemo

          Their character, their right to have whomever they want portray her. It’s not like they can’t have the character have an accident that changes her facial features and allows a recast of a different actor who isn’t so controversial. Or just have the character leave on her own missions and pop up again later on as a different actress. As long as the character is fine justice people won’t mind, it happens all the time. I mean look at, James (Rhody) Rhoades/ War Machine, Bruce Banner/Hulk, numerous characters from various television shows throughout the past 30 odd years. I know if I were to speak my mind about certain social issues I’d loose my job, it should be no different for her, especially as high profile her and the show are right now. It’s their right and decision if they want to cut ties with someone who brings on negative PR.

          1. James

            Yeah but it will not sit well with Mando fans if Cara Dune leaves… and then reappears as an anorexic waif version of her former self.

        2. Darth troll

          If they fire her I will exercise my rights and stop watching all Star Wars. Fire the Star Wars story group for acts of psychological terrorism against the fans. Lol I will not watch anything KK or the story group has a hand in and if you don’t like it I’ll shove a ram jameram up you Lenox gayosi

      4. HevyG

        She’s a professional wrestler, not a political science professor: she happens to be perfectly cast in that role, as well. It’s a matinee series: ctfo

      5. Brian Keel

        Listening to Twittiots was their first mistake…

      6. Todd

        This is F’in stupid. If they fire Gina, i’ll fire disney plus from my life and star wars all together. It will be easy. These articles pushing for her to be fire is another form of bullying. She did nothing wrong. This is American, where you can have your own opinions.

      7. Fu

        Free speech. I dont agree with her views doesn’t mean Im gonna cry about it. Here’s what the easily offended morons should do….kill yourselves please kill yourselves you. Life is hard and you will see evil and good and if you can’t handle it then kill yourself instead if crying to any idiot that will listen

      8. DMB

        I would like all you writers to keep that same energy when you write a future article by adding the voice actors name on every live-action character that isn’t played by the voice actors. You know like you and McGregor, you should put his voice actor next to his name as well. It’s no need to combine the two, if I’m referring to Ahsoka Tano live action I use Rosario dolphin’s name Dawson’s name, if I’m referring to the animated series I use Ashley’s x9’s name the only time they names need to be combined is if we’re talking about both of them and both of their roles I get so tired of people try to put somebody else’s success on top of another person’s success they both have success in their equal rights keep it separated it doesn’t always need to be brought together until it’s necessary. I know the difference and social most Star Wars fans when Ashley did her thing she was praised for it I don’t think that she should be praised in with Rosario and how she did her thing but that’s just me!

      9. Margaret

        Just because someone does not koss your…does not make them racist.. duh! WHAT ABOUT PEDRO P. AND HIS EXTREMELY HATEFUL COMMENTS TO THE USA CITIZENS? WHERE IS ALL THE MEDIA ON HIM. WHY HASN’THE BEE FIRED? I Istand behind Gina C. I am sick of you allowing all the hate comments and do not allow conservative voices to express their disdain of what is illegality happening in DC. SHE IS RIGHT!.

      10. Jeodan

        Gina and the mandalorian is what brought me back to star wars after “The Last Jedi”.

    2. DrunkwatchMandalorian

      Exactly. She never came out and publicly supported the riots. Apparently “Liking” something on social media put her at the capital building leading the charge. People on Twitter need a life

      1. Backcountry164

        A couple dozen pathetic losers on Twitter that would go completely unnoticed if not for BS articles like this desperately trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill…

        1. Harry R Shears

          Johnny Depps situation of alleged abuse is very different than someone sharing their own personal opinions. I guess people just want her to stay silent, they do not feel a woman should be allowed to express her own feelings if they do not agree with them.

          1. fgu

            You all need to REALLLLLLLY NEED TO STOP
            . There’s nothing I believe thatt Gina has done was WRONG. Please reconsider the removal of her character and the outstanding job she herself has made of character Cara Dune.To remove orre-cast would be a BA D mistake for Disney . REALLY IT WOULD BE SOMETHING YOU’D DO AND WOULD BE WAYYY TOO LATE TO PULL BACK BECAUSE….I WILL OULL MY SUBSCRIPTION AND SO WOULD THOUSANDS OF OTHER…So, PLEASE be NICE and Reconsider your decision on Ms.Gina Carano. SHE is a Diamond In Rough?????

      2. Kay

        So it’s only free speech if you have an opinion that is perceived by the majority as correct? Holy crap this is censorship at its worst because it’s flying under the cloak of some kind of pretentious equality. I thought we only had this complete hypocrisy in Canada.

        1. Sam

          200% agree with you..
          What they doing with this crap is exactly hypocrisy you can not have an opinion or say anything if your point if view don’t agree with them

        2. Joshua C Bucholz

          If they fire her i will unsubscribe to Disney Plus and will not purchase it again. She has done nothing wrong but act she had her own personal opinion for political reasons leave her alone. This is BS

          1. David Fawcett

            I too will “again” walk away from Disney, this time permanently.

      3. JC

        Nobody has the right to cancel anyone. What has happened to our country when you can get someone fired or removed because they do not align with what you believe? If that is really the case, then why can’t she go to your place of business and cancel you because she disagrees with you? Seriously, we have completely lost sight of what America is all about…acceptance of everyone and their beliefs, as long as it does not harm you. Hurting your feelings because it is a different point of view than you doesn’t count as hurting you.

        1. Kevin STL

          JC spells it out exactly right!

        1. S.Lukas

          Remove. My brain hates recasts. It will always say “That’s not the same person!!” Consistency in a fictional universe makes for a more believable fictional universe which you should always strive to do.

      4. Unspokenrespect

        Just get rid of her. One less headache to deal with. Then she’ll have plenty of time to twee about all kind of right wing conspiracies like the rest of the nut jobs.

        1. Paul

          How about just get rid of you and all your snowflake crap faced buddies out there who can’t take anything if it’s not all happy, happy, joy, joy. Loser.

        2. Unspokenrespect Is A Moron

          Well I don’t like your opinion, but you don’t see me going to McDonalds and demanding they fire you because of it.

        3. Wolf

          Historically, that is exactly what Disney does. Cause controversy, lose your meal ticket. Simple as that.

    3. Dan


    4. Dan

      Thank you just because she was replaced in some art work with Asoka Tano taking their spot so what Asoka is way more popular then her character.

    5. Brian

      Really? You voted for Joe Biden…lol. How many racist comments has he made?

    6. Jesy

      If it happens I have no problem not watching star wars or going to Disney world any more ill spend my money somewhere else.

      1. Jon

        Amen to that. Gotta loooooove that cancel culture!


    7. Jeff

      Can I have an amen? The same people complaining don’t even watch the show. Pedro should be fired for his comments about Trump supporters!

    8. Miguel

      Cancel+censorship os starting to piss me off

    9. David

      Someones personal beliefs should have nothing to do with their job. If what everyone did outside of work could get them fired no one would have a job. This show might as well cancel itself if they did something so stupid.

    10. Knock it off with this cancel culture bullcrap.

    11. Jay

      Gina is entitled to her views and shouldn’t be recast etc, just because certain people can’t handle a difference of opinion other than theirs.

      1. Bob Jetsonb

        Wow, so in the name of “tolerance” some folks are advocating someone be fired for holding different views? Has the world list it’s damn mind? You Twitter snowflakes need to go back to your safe spaces. People have different views. Get over it and move on.

        Great news article by the way, framing random Twitter users with a whopping 2000ish followers as if they’re someone important to be listened to.

        I disagree 100% with Gina’s comments on masks.

        I also 100% condemn the bullies currently trying to get her fired over it.

    12. Ditto, this author is a troll and a bigot.

    13. Tyr

      They really need to stop writing these articles which are filled with half truths.

      As for twitter bots and paid for articles it’s becoming more apparent that it’s not a reflection of what people think. Articles start with inferring that people think something, which they evidently don’t when you look though the comments

      I don’t like being lied to and either do other people.

    14. Kay

      She is a strong draw & a wonderful character. To cave to this cancel culture bullyism is very wrong! Do not give credence to such negativity. We love your powerful women characters! Next they’ll expect you to place her with a man dressed like a woman! Then we women are pushed to the back of bus again so men can fill all the seats!!!! Really?!?!?!
      Labelling & silencing anyone’s voice used to abhorrent to Disney! Will Disney become bullies too?

    15. eddie

      Bye Disney

    16. Hadlif

      Might as well cancel her. How dare a woman be able to think for herself and form her own opinions.

      Seriously, stop woth the cancel culture garbage. People are allowed to have their own opinions, and youre allowed to disagree with them. We are supposed to have moved past totalitarian ideologies by now.

    17. Star warsfan


    18. Carol E Dufoe

      Just because someone doesn’t have the same view as you, you want to get rid of them? Talk about racist and sensirship! Wow!

    19. Nick Jones

      I am soooo tired of cancel culture. She is great in the part and can have her own personal opinions on the side. If some choose to not watch the show because of this so be it. I would expect that the loud minority clamoring for her removal don’t even watch the show.

    20. GCS

      If Disney cancels her I cancel Disney+ and never look back. As should everyone.

    21. Perry Wylie

      Whatever happened to freedom of expression and freedom of speech. Oh, wait, that only applies to some!!! Leave her alone! Take her off, lose this fan of the show.

    22. Bill

      Please stop with these articles. And stop with this cancel culture.

    23. aCriticHasNoName

      Well said…thought I might be the only SW fan to point this out

    24. aCriticHasNoName

      Lucasfilm is worried about Antisemitism???

      The company that made characters that clearly imitate perpetuate racial stereotypes (Yoda = Asian Sensai speaking broken english while teaching taping into your chi, Watto = Jewish cadence and obsession with money, Dexter Jetter = Italian dialect and cadence plus cook, the Kanjiklub Gang = Triads who cant speak English though all other Star Wars humanoids can, Imperial Troopers/Guard = German Natzi which isn’t the worst of their stereotypes, and good ole Jar Jar Binx = Do I really have to point out his stereotypes consisting of broken down slave English and mannerisms).

      I love Star Wars, but lucasfilm needs to take a good look in the mirror before judging…

      …Or are they just going to wait until more people like myself point this out to them and begin to cancel them in the same way?

  2. Let Freedom Ring

    ^nailed it.
    Remember when opinions were like rear ends, everyone has one.

  3. Gus

    If Disney Kowtows to these ridiculous hashtags, they will always be expected to tow the line of a small group of radicals who utilize the media to protest. It’s a slippery slope and they will always have to bow to a minority of bullies online, resulting in losing paying customers because of a few. People are fickle and have a short memory and some only jump on the band wagon for likes instead of actually caring or gaining actual knowledge.

    1. Deke

      If gina goes so does me watching mandalorian and disney plus i will spend my money elsewhere

      1. Erik

        I agree, I will no longer watch if they lose her.

        1. Carl L Oberg

          I agree – Pretty much no more pro sports except for PBR (which rocks BTW) and lots of shows we are no longer watching. Killed fox news right about Nov 4, 2020.

      2. Emily

        Cancel it now… Mandalorian is finished, are you not caught up??

        1. Jason Ronald Richter

          Finished until season 3. Which has been confirmed to come out in early 2022.

        2. Mike

          If you think Mandalorian is over you are crazy. High ratings all over the world they are not going to cancel it because of fools like you.

      3. Jason Ronald Richter

        Finished until season 3. Which has been confirmed to come out in early 2022.

      4. John

        I can’t say I would stop watching it since Mando essentially changed me from a star trek to star wars fan in the modern era. But it would tarnish the show for me a lot if they fired Carano over this.

      5. James


    2. Rich

      You are so right. Unfortunately, Disney is like most if the media these days and lets twitter dictate its position. Just look at ABC now that Disney owns it. Their social pontificating has made me CANCEL the channel from my viewing.

    3. John

      Hell no! Back listing again?! WTF.

    4. Beldr

      John Favreau? has her back, he would resign if Disney moved to fire her. They need him.

  4. Swh

    Cowards if they do! Giving in to the real haters.

  5. CAS

    READ what she actually wrote. (Not what someone says she wrote, but what she ACTUALLY wrote.) You may find that it’s not as controversial as people are making it out to be. Don’t trust someone else’s agenda, trust your own research, your own eyes, your own brain.

    1. James

      Exactly! If somebody at Disney did think about firing her based upon a tantrum a handful of trolls are throwing …. and took a look at her social media feed they would find nothing that would warrant firing over. I think she chooses her words pretty carefully….

  6. Ricardo Vazquez

    Please keep her on. What is wrong with you people. This is a free country. Hopefully Jon Favreau will step in and defend her.

    1. Tyler Rowan

      Both Jon and Dave have her back. They know that she is a good person because they work with her. If her character was really in question I am sure that they would not be as supportive as they are.

  7. Jim Shultz

    Did Gina do a poor job of acting? No. Did she not play the roles that she was asked to play? No. So, what, exactly, did she do wrong on the job that would draw these demands to fire her? You people need to get a life and realize that her popularity with a large part of the Mandalorian audience is more important than your feelings getting hurt because she doesn’t share your political views.

    1. Chris Kinney

      Right on! So, so sick of this stupid cancel culture crap! Does everyone these simpletons know share their exact same beliefs on every single topic? I’m willing to bet they don’t. What in the actual f#!k is wrong with these people?!?

    2. Anne

      Tolerance is about respecting points of view that differ from your own. The people who want Gina Carrano fired are just a bunch of fascists who think they’re woke.

  8. Charles R Courson

    If Disney or LUcas Films drop her, I will drop the entire Disney franchise……I have lots of t shirts I can burn.

  9. RealMedia

    Total BS article as always!!!

    1. Bub

      Problem is that people even demand to have them say something on matter and then try to cancel when it doesn’t agree with their beliefs.

      I don’t watch fictional shows based on what actors believe. I don’t care what they have to say politically. I watch fictional shows to escape the hyper-political world.

      Most of this nonsense is started by Twitter nuts who probably don’t even care about the show but would rather believe in free speech when it only agrees with them.

  10. The real Mickey

    What is this trash I just read?

  11. Lawfirm77

    Highly acclaimed? She barely has any lines and she’s barely in any episodes. I like how everyone who likes her political point of view makes a big freaking deal about her career even though she’s not a good actress at all. She is no Meryl Streep no matter how much you keep pretending she is. I say use Rhonda Rowsey

    1. Jedijoe

      It seems you are one of the peaches who got hurt with someone else opinion. She is great, end of story

    2. Harley

      Screw you pal

    3. James

      Well nobody wants to see some Meryl Streep type person in that role – and you are right I don’t think she would be good at acting dramatic and hysterical and crying on cue. But fans love her screen presence… and she could easily break Meryl Streep in half with one arm and choke you out with the other.

    4. DSM

      If they let her go it would be a mistake. The left wing Twitter mop thinks she is an extremist and the right wing thinks that the left wing Twitter mob are extremists. The first amendment was made for extremists. And while it may be true that it’s designed to restrict the power of the government it is also true that I will cancel my Disney subscription immediately after she is fired and I hope millions of others will too. And I wouldn’t even do that because Gina Carano is good. I would do it because Disney and lucasfilm would have proven they are bad.

  12. Jeff

    This is so dumb. No one wants her out. Except non-fans

  13. bob the hope

    trump monkeys trigger easier!

  14. Ghost Writer

    Read this article again. Every time the phrase “that being said” is used, take a shot.

  15. jeff cowen

    Illiberalism’s cancel culture.

  16. H

    What a travesty.

  17. Nance

    I’m sick and tired of this crap. If they get rid of her I will get rid of DISNEY!
    She is the most amazing female representative in star wars sagas that we have now.
    She is not racist at all. My God are all of you morons so obtuse that you think everyone that has a different opinion or viewpoint than you means they are racist.
    Grow up and grow a pair.
    She is a STRONG woman and has independent thought so by all means we have to get rid of that…God forbid a strong female has an opinion or actual thoughts!

    1. Harley

      Theyll never stop now

  18. Mark

    It’s not as if she said something like ‘How do we deprogram the cult of Democrats.’

  19. Steve

    Why? It’s scary that if someone doesn’t have the same or popular view a few Twitter trolls can ruin them. Free Speech is dying-she should be able to speak her mind. I hope they don’t replace her

  20. Paul R Davis

    I thought Freedom of Speech or Opinion is Guaranteed in the Constitution . I Guess not so much if you say something the other side does not like. They can call for your dismissal from your job because of it which I thought was illegal to do. Everyone should stop and think “What if This was Happening to me”. I may not support her for what she said but she has the Right to that Opinion.

    1. Skippy Justice

      That is not what freedom of speech covers. Basically freedom of speech allows you to say whatever about the government without the government being able to punish you for it.

      1. Kev

        Smh… that’s the 1st Amendment.

        Freedom of speech is a concept.

  21. Joanne

    Oh no! News flash! Gina Carano has an opinion!!! For the love of Pete… STOP. Enough already. I’m so sick and tired of hearing about it. The woke liberals hate her opinion, but refuse to shut up about it!

  22. Frank

    So as long as your opinions are against the Right, you can smear whoever you want. But if you voice your opinion about against the Left, you are blacklisted? I’m cancelling Disney + and their ridiculous views!!!

    1. Unspokenrespect

      Um I’m pretty sure you got that backwards. She’s basically a right wing nut job.

      1. The only nut job here is you moronic buffoon.

      2. Nosyone

        To people like you anyone who has an opinion different to your own is a “right wing nut job”.

  23. Matt

    What ever happened to free speech. We’ve become a pathetic shell of a people when someone with opposing views as yours is silenced for no other reason than being different.
    People died so we can have the right to free speech. Nothing else needs to be said
    Take note all you Gina haters. You best not say anything to upset your echo chamber.

  24. Dsn

    Listen mrs Alessa Dufresne, the outrage are not caused by fans, but by SJWs who can’t tolerate different opinion rather e their own political/racist narrative. Fans don’t give a s$!7 about what she writes on Twitter, and are very pleased with her roll in the show.

  25. Skippy Justice

    It would be a shame to remove her since she is clearly on a path to play the role of Jabba. Great tie in for old star wars fans.

  26. Wayne

    Hmm getting fired over some political views well I won’t be watching the mandalorian if she’s fired and ill be cancelling my subscription for disney plus, gina YNWA

  27. Skippy Justice

    It is amazing how few people understand what freedom of speech actually covers regardless of where you land on this particular issue…

    1. She is technically speakin bout the govmnt skippy, so listen peanut butter boy, why don’t u go grab some and fill ur mouth with it and shut urself up ya jamoke, vafagul!!

  28. Robert

    Take a chill pill…

  29. Trump

    This editorial is utter nonsense. Disney is not going to do any of this and that is a FACT!

  30. Tech

    WOW, our founding fathers fought to leave us this great nation so we could speak our mind and have our own opinions without any backlash. Come on people, have some tolerance. That has and always will be what it takes to live in America. And disney, have the balls not to cave to the few that lack tolerance. I mean seriously, do we really want to try and ruin peoples careers just because we may not agree with there views or beliefs? You are only on this planet for so long. Use it to help others, not destroy them. You might actually feel better about yourself.

  31. Jack

    Why cant people quit whining? Go have your diapers changed!! Shes done a great job on set, leave her alone!!!!!!

  32. El

    I love Gina! A strong woman my daughter can look up to. I teach my daughter forgiveness and that people can admit their mistakes. Let it Go Disney! Mando needs her!

    1. Billy Bob Jimmy Jam

      But she hasn’t admitted any mistakes.

  33. Pat Riot

    Disney is sexist and hates strong independent women with independent thoughts and opinions.

  34. Pat Riot

    Disney is ***IST and hates strong independent women with independent thoughts and opinions

  35. Jason

    So much for the first amendment. Way to go lucasfilms taking peoples freedom of speech away from them you should be ashamed of yourself. Typical liberal cry about everything.

  36. Christina S Pataky

    Don’t recast her. Don’t let the politics ruin the magic of an amazing series.

  37. Josh

    So…. I believe that many people who want Gina fired probably don’t really pay for the streaming service and mooch off another account, maybe disney should look at the ratings and success of the show and listen to the people who have made it a success. Just a free business tip. Also, being a keyboard warrior is the least productive thing I have done all year. I’m kinda sad I spent time typing all of this out, but sometimes I just want to be heard.

  38. John B

    It’s writers like this who perpetuate this nonsense. Stop trying to get people cancelled because you disagree with them politically. Grow up.

  39. Dave

    Cancel these idiots fans, who are an insane minority.

  40. ErO

    I’d be ok with the character being removed or written out, Cara Dune is a rather bland character that holds no purpose other than she was asked to be there. She never should have been a recurring character, better as a one off.

  41. Fidencio Herrera

    Leave her alone! I thither was the land of the free ? Grow a spine some one will always get pissed at what someone says or does, especially with a group looking for anything that might piss people off and exaggerate or put a spin on it where we’re these people #45 said the crap he and much worse than Gina said , she can do no wrong leave her alone….

  42. Mike

    If they get rid of her. Like many others I know Disney films as well as parks better get ready for a backlash

  43. Bulpkom

    Cancel culture is terrible. Her being a trump conspiracy theorist and treason supporter is cringe, but that’s up to twitter to ban.

    On the other hand, she does work for a company and has representation so Disney can fire her for whatever reason they wish. People trying to petition is also stupid. Basically everyone is stupid. There is no right answer.

  44. Miles Ramstein

    I have a better idea. #firekathleenkennedy

    1. She is technically speakin bout the govmnt skippy, so listen peanut butter boy, why don’t u go grab some and fill ur mouth with it and shut urself up ya jamoke, vafagul!!

  45. Scott

    When they cancel Gina, I cancel my subscription

  46. David J Smith

    They just won back some of the fan base with Luke’s appearance. Removing her over the blue checkmark hate mob on Twitter would kill it for them. Twitter SJW’s don’t get to decode who jas a job and who don’t. Not to mention its all bs they made up. Putting words in someone’s mouth they never said.

  47. Slappyx

    Where are all the people that want her gone? I dont see a single fan that cares about her views.

  48. Eli

    I guess Disney and all the plebs don’t want to see a strong female character after all. If Disney gets rid of Gina Carano, then they obviously don’t care about my business. I can’t speak for everyone else, but I refuse to enable cancel culture with my hard earned money.

  49. Eric

    Unless I’m looking for advice on how to beat up a girl in a steel cage, I couldn’t possibly give less of a damn about what Gina Carano thinks about anything. Maybe if she was running for Congress, joining the FBI, or applying to take the bar exam, I’d be worried about the mounting evidence that she might be a stone-cold idiot. But she’s an actress. Let the idiot act.

  50. Just shut up. All this “controversy” is just 5 misogynistic haters who can’t stand to see a strong, woman who thinks for herself succeed (with great admiration) on her own terms.

    You make me sick.

  51. Mickey Sellout mouse

    I’m cancelling Disney… to much non-sence coming from that double standard corporation. They should’ve taken a stand and backed their talent. Selling out to vocal minority, should’ve ended. of course this article is probably worse.

  52. Mike

    I stand with Gina Carano. Let her exercise her “freedom of speech”. Does Disney realize that people have faught and even died so people could say what
    is really on their minds? I can’t “hate” Carano just for expressing an opinion.

  53. PK

    I don’t care about her views! She is entitled to her opinions as is everyone else!
    I am a 68 year old lady. My kids were and still are big Star Wars fans. Me, not so much until Gina Carano. Now I want to watch all Star Wars! I fantasize about being as strong as Cara Dune!
    DO NOT FIRE HER! I will not watch another Disney thing if she is fired. If others don’t like her tweets, well, boo hoo!

  54. Tyler Rowan

    I don’t care about her politics. She was hired to act not deal in politics. If they fire her I will be pissed because she is an awesome actress and she fits the character. Just because she has a different political opinion then you does not mean she should be fired. I will be less likely to watch mandolorian going forward without her in it because she is a vital part of the lore.


    If they remove her because she speaks her mind and exercise her 1st amendment right, I will exercise my 1st amendment right tell you to f#@k off and will stop watching.

  56. Becky Stephens

    No! I think that’s absolutely BullSh**!!!!

  57. Kev

    Smh… left wingers.

  58. cro

    Let’s do it, write her off or recast her

  59. Mike

    All for her opinion? Only an elite group get to have their free speech defended I guess. The left is getting more and more nazi.

  60. Sidthasloth

    If they cancel her, I will drop the mando from things to watch, which will mean I wont pay for Disney plus any more. So keep making choices based political games, I will do the same. I already dont use Walmart, amazon and starbucks along with Netflix and many other stores, keep it up and watch your other companies die too. I can play cancel culture with my wallet and believe me that hurts way worse than someones political beliefs!

  61. Joe Page

    This article and anyone that agrees with this type of bs- are garbage. This type of constant demonization of any white or person that says anything short of complete idolization about anything a black person does or says, is branded a rayciss. It seems like these weirdos feel that blacks are incapable of living up to the same standards that are set for others. SJWs always set the bar so low for black people and so high for whites. Almost like they expect poor behavior from them? They’ve are clearly one set of standards and rules for blacks and another for others, especially white people. SJWs are absolutely TERRIFIED of black people and being called rayciss

    1. RA

      Somebody’s white privilege feels threatened.

  62. Willliam L Kennedy

    Loved the first two seasons. If Gina is removed I will be canceling my Disney + subscription.

  63. J

    Is the writer of this article some kind of idiot?

    1. David Fawcett

      Most of us did not have to ask, we knew.

  64. Vilder

    No, she is good in the role. She is entitled to her honest opinion. If someone is fired from work for having an opinion a democratic right its pathetic.

  65. Vilder

    Why are some people so misogynistic, Gina and the character she plays is such a strong female character i want to see it.

  66. Adam

    Plain and simple…if she’s wrongfully fired or replaced for for speaking her mind and exercising her 1st Amendment rights, The Mandolorian will lose millions of viewers. Stop all this cancel culture b.s.!! People are tired of all of this P.C. , virtue signaling nonsense. It’s killed professional sports and now it’s gonna kill the Star Wars franchise.

  67. me

    Hope not, kinda sick of the whole idea that everyone has to fall into line with your political ideology or have their name tarnished and good work ignored. The intolerance is astounding.

  68. T

    What made America great is the ability to say we can agree to disagree about anything. This new culture where you want someone to get fired and lose income and financially affect someone’s life is actually ridiculous and horrible. How about you kindly say I disagree with you and then block her. But to try and get someone fired is ridiculous. How about someone does that to you in your job. Do you want to be fired from your job and have you and your family and your kids suffer for yout opinions? It won’t seem so just and right then will it?

  69. Nobody

    So… People want to remove an actor from a role because … Feelings. Okay. I get it. Feelings. Must be very difficult to not have control of your feelings.

  70. Tony

    Disney is ok with a blatantly racist woman hawking the High Republic and nothing but support for her, but the Left calls for Gina, who is a key part of The Mandalorian, ousted because her political beliefs are not the same as hers? Hypocrisy at best.

  71. Wayne Stover

    She goes I go

  72. Rudy Ram

    Unfortunately the former president and his followers created this toxic environment that at the end of his administration 5 lives were lost as a consequence. Disney is a family oriented company, Gina Carano’s support of violent rioters where lives were lost is terribly offensive to families who do not support violence. She can speak all she wants but a company has rules and regulations that need to be followed. Gina Carano must go.

    1. Darth Paul

      More than 30 lives were lost during the BLM riot which were supported by hundreds of politicians and celebrities. When they are sacked I’ll listen. Until then their and your hypocrisy should be ignored

  73. That Guy

    I don’t agree with 100% of what she says… but it is an absolute abomination that we are all being shamed and punished for exercising our right to freedom of speech. History is repeating itself… just ask the Europeans.

  74. Kristin T

    It’s America. You don’t have to like what people say but if you care about your own free speech you better be prepared to defend others’ freedom of speech. When you start approving stifling free speech then you’re effectively giving the approval to silence yourself one day. She has her opinions and is entitled to voice them. Suck it up buttercups.

  75. Raygn Leisure

    If they fire her for expressing herself with an authentic voice then I am not interested in listening to or viewing these stories that disney is producing.

    I am tired of the hypocritical message to speak your truth unless we dont like what yout truth is..

    1. Scott

      The BEST and ONLY thing we, she, and others should be doing is to STOP posting or commenting on social media and on articles like this. Others won’t know how to react, they’ll go into a frenzy and have their anxiety and panic attacks because they won’t have anything to complain about and their lives will be turned upside down. Simple as that.

  76. CjB

    Rumours are not Truths, but here is something truthful – Disney Star Wars Lucasfilm didn’t have the decency to wish “the voice of Darth Vader” James Earl Jones Happy Birthday!

    Let that sink in for a while if you’re a true Star Wars Fan!

  77. lol

    Imagine having this as your career where you write total garbage articles that only get noticed because Google forces this garbage site as a suggested article to my phone. What a winner you are. Probably super fun to be around at parties I’m sure ROFL

  78. Mike

    Get a life and leave Gina alone. Not everyone has to have the same political views. Grow up losers!

  79. BS is reaL

    I hope they are not dumb enough to bend the knee for the weirdos on Twitter. If they fire her for having an opinion then they don’t need my money. What they should do is fire themselves for being racist with John Boyega on the Force Awakens poster in China.

  80. Mike Lorrey

    The only people pushing this fire Gina narrative are a handful of SJW Kennedy hires inside the Story Group and her “High Republic” fiasco who are far bigger PR nightmares for Disney, and their co-conspirators in the leftist entertainment media. “The Bobs” Iger and Chapek need to clean house and get rid of Kennedy and her cabal who dont care about Star Wars or its fans, they just want to use it as a vehicle for their politics. This political depersonation cancel culture is the sort of totalitarian tactic that says that if this was the Star Wars universe we lived in, Carano WOULD be the Resistance, and Darth Kennedy would be with the Empire.

  81. HoraceLivingston

    Biden won the election fair and square. He won it by the same margin that Trump called a landslide in 2016. People have had enough of the bigot-in-chief and his incompetency. Now the bigots are willing to lie, cheat, steal, and even kill, to try to keep their bigotry front and center.

    Fire all bigots.

    1. anon

      Start with you

    2. As the President I urge you to go soak your head you utter moron. I love telling my moronic cultist supporters to do stupid stuff.

  82. Josh

    Cancel Disney !!!!!!

  83. Sergio Garcia

    If they do that, watch how fast people will cancel thier disney plus accounts…

    Disney if you want to make money fire Kathleen Kennedy she is poisoning the well, infact not even the MAN that made her wants anything to do with her ( steven spielberg)
    Just cut the cancer off .

  84. Pam

    Disney let her do her job what she does after is her business I Love the show but if you do this I will quit watching? she is good in the roll do not get rid of her please!

  85. UTKipp1

    I’m torn apart by this. On the one hand, the Marshal is one of the best TV characters of all time. But on the other hand, it’s really important for transgender rights to make sure Hollywood actors support them without question. I will miss the Marshal but I won’t give any more money to Disney/Lucasfilm/SWTM. Which is a shame because I have a Baby Yoda backpack and almost all the action figures.

    1. Rose

      So, in order to work in the entertainment business, all actors must support transgenderism without question?

      Get over yourself.

      We should all be decent to our fellow human beings, but nowhere is it mandated that we must agree with each other. Some people will have views about gender and sexuality that do not align with yours. Grow up and deal with it.

  86. HG

    Looks like we’re back to the golden age of hollywood when if they had a slight thought you were a communist, you were done. She has a first amendment right to speak. We may not always agree but if you get rid of her to silence her be careful. Tomorrow YOU will be silenced.

  87. Savage Lost Boy

    First of all good job Disney for being an absolutely cowered. Great job letting cancel culture, try to erase a great character. News flash you idiots..we know when a actor is not playing the same character, as much as you might believe us simple people don’t, WE DO. Now just because someone has a different view has nothing to do with their ability to do their job, if you are so afraid of different views no wonder the political landscape is forcing everyone to be the same or else. Not me, if history has anything to.
    say at this time it’s have a voice but use it for good not damage, and if your fearful because someone’s words or hurting your feeling on the internet than stop reading things, it’s your choice at that moment.

  88. Keith

    So, let me get this right. Any opposing opinion needs to be crushed.

    Sounds like a Mussolini problem.

  89. Andrew

    How about, in a country that prides itself on the ideas of individual freedom, and individuality, we respect her opinion. These are her personal beliefs she’s expressing. Who are any of us to force our opinions on others. Maybe we should stop the fighting, race bating, and hatred for those that oppose us and sit down and talk to them. I try and respect both sides of an argument and I try my best to do always display the values my parents instilled in me, respect others and treat them as you want to be treated.

    Its ok someone thinks and feels different than you. Its ok if they voice their opinions and you want to disagree. But to go on an attack and try to get her fired from her job because she doesn’t feel like you do???? Your parents raised you better than that, I would hope.

  90. Benji

    I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of those #FireGinaCarano tweets are from alt accounts.

  91. Darth Sensible

    Here’s what Disney execs are most likely talking about: not whether certain views are unacceptable, but whether they’re willing to give an entire spinoff series to someone who has hijacked the Mandolorian’s press. She’s not a monster, but she’s also not important enough to deal with when she’s teasing controversy to leverage the popularity of the series and her character to get attention. Their question isn’t “does she deserve to be fired?” She’s not fired, she wasn’t cut from any episodes. Their question is going to be “do we want Star Wars to be about Star Wars, or do we want it to be about Gina’s Twitter feed?” They’re going to be deciding whether she’s enough of a brand asset/liability to give her her own series. That’s not censorship. Not giving someone a multi million dollar gig because a pain in your ass isn’t an attack on free speech. Disney is about making money, and dividing your fanbase isn’t a great business strategy. So what they’re evaluating is what course of action keeps the most subscribers in the long run. That’s most likely going to be not addressing it directly, but instead delaying Rangers of the New Republic, and leaving Gina out of the other series.

  92. benji

    On Saturday, January 30, 1PM pacific, all of Gina’s fans will counter with their show of support on Twitter with the hashtag #welovecaradune.

  93. Christopher Martin

    Silencing those you don’t agree with is fascism. Plain and simple. How come some who demand respect for diversity don’t apply it to free speech and political views…? Seems like it comes from a spirit of fear and a lack of self confidence. ?

  94. KeepGinaontheshow!

    This is so upsetting to me!! Gina absolutely makes the show!! I get chills during her fight scenes because of her background in MMA it doesn’t look fake! If she gets removed because of some racist retards than I’m done with the show as well as my many friends and family! If this indeed becomes political than I will retweet this and get everyone to cancel Disney all together!!

  95. Floyd

    How about we let everyone believe what they want & everyone else stop getting butt hurt because they don’t agree with you! This is still a free country.

  96. J

    Disney should know that it isnt the social justice warriors that are paying their bills..
    They dont even have jobs..
    They have fake degrees and no life but to sit around searching for perceived faux manufactured injustices..
    Disney needs to grow a pair and tell these fruitcakes “NO”
    Disney must know that more people want to see her than dont and not to bow to the indoctrinated mindless rabble.

  97. Lars Tennyson

    This is inflammatory “journalism”. The people complaining are a vocal minority of “woke’ losers. Disney had already said they’re not going to entertain this nonsense. I hope her show does spectacular and shuts these morons up. Gina is a decent actor, and her personal life and politics have no bearing on a fictional universe.

  98. J

    I bet if a democratic actor did this everything would be fine.. right..


  99. John Brown

    Who cares what the opinions are of an actor or actress? They get paid to pretend to be other people. The cancel-culture-virtue-signal-gestapo is completely mental.

  100. Monica Torres

    No, she should not be fired.

  101. RJ

    Just leave her alone and let her do her job! She does a good job, and she’s good looking. just like you Hollywood types to take everything to an extreme and try to destroy someone’s career! Just leave her alone let her do her job

  102. Joseph Lobosco

    Get Woke, Go Broke!

    If Disney wants to cater to a minority, they can save allot of time by just flushing all of their $$$ down the toilet!!

  103. William Power

    If they recast her or fire her, I’ll cancel my Sub to Disney.

  104. Jack

    I’m so tired of hearing this story the fact is everyone has the right to their opinion!

  105. Joseph Lobosco

    Get Woke Go Broke!!

  106. LJ

    What a hack author… writing for a worthless rag. Stop with the one sided views and agenda push. Youre pathetic. People like you are the reason these non issues even exist and become something they’re not. No one cares about your opinion. No one.

  107. Bob

    Leave cara dune alone. If you empty suits want to do something productive get rid of kathline kennedy and her hack group, whoops writers group and that train wreck the high republic. Better yet hire Creech and Chong to star as jedi knights on the really high republic

  108. Joe

    If they want to keep my business and those like me they had better not. Get rid of the woke but keep Gina.

  109. Pandora

    My first issue with this is the fact that it’s getting ridiculous in the world lately when you can’t have a personal opinion anymore. Just because not everyone agrees with a person’s opinion these days means you’re “cancelled” I’m sorry but what does someone’s personal opinion have to do with their job performance? Lol. What makes the world a great place is that not everyone has the same opinion…
    Second, this whole cancel culture crap is getting out of hand. It’s ok for Joe Biden’s kid to send sexts to a minor but everyone was up in arms about Trump’s kids going hunting. I have a bigger issue with pedophiles than hunters, my bad. And everyone is mad about what Gina liked for a photo or comment, on some stupid social media platform… Give me a break. Again, pedophilia is accepted but liking a photo on instagram isn’t.

    do you all realize how ludicrously stupid the majority of you all are acting as of late… ???
    Have a wonderful day haters.

  110. Griveous With His Lightsabers

    I hope Disney don’t listen those Twitter mobs.

  111. B-Ray

    I don’t like what she said and I do not agree with her at all. Honestly I was insulated by some of it. BUT this cancel culture has to stop. No one should be fired for having an opinion! We don’t have to agree on everything. I’m sick of people trying to oppress any opinions that don’t fall perfectly inline with their own!

  112. Reau

    Omg people who cares. She played an awesome role I don’t GAF what she does or do not does on twitter. Just let me enjoy a movie.

  113. Bill

    I’m sick and tired of this crap from the “woke” crowd. The left wants to silence anyone who refuses to join their mob. I will stop watching this show if they remove her. Hollywood is too stupid to notice that everytime they try to push their agenda down our throats in a new show, no-one watches it. Designated survivor, charmed and many other agenda laden programs failed. Shows like star trek discovery, will be next.

  114. Tyler Colford

    I’m not going to watch if she’s dumped or recast

  115. Eng

    I am sick of these articles trying to manufacture a mob to lynch this actress and the character. I went and read all of her “controversial” tweets, and they aren’t even remotely over any lines. She isn’t a covid denier and she isn’t an election conspiracy theorist, and she isn’t even political. She doesn’t have any agenda, and that’s not good enough for you… she isn’t in service of YOURS so you don’t want her to exist. What a psychopath.

  116. Mary

    This is America last time I checked. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. The extreme liberal left need to grow up and try to see another side. You are as responsible for the division in this country.
    How dare you try to “ fire” someone because you don’t like their politics !
    Crazy that an actor is threatened because if their political leaning.
    Shame on you Disney !

  117. Stephen Little

    I am an old fan of star wars and all of the programs that have come and it so silly in this day of PC to make somebody’s like hell like you are doing to her.
    She got there with a lot of work. So she tough big and looks amazing.
    Get a grip all you girls saying things about her.

  118. It’s ridiculous politics should be politics and entertainment should be entertainment

  119. Boycott disney for bad and tacky thoughts to ruin a family brand name .. way to go kennedy

  120. Greg

    Uhhh…what’s going on again? Lol.
    1. Y’all need to read what “freedom of speech” is again, capital stormers.
    2. Does anyone even care what her views are? Just watch the damn show.
    3. “I’m gonna cry and not watch Disney!” Go ahead, no one cares. Talk about snowflakes.

  121. Ree

    Gina gets bullied by vile trolls and the media supports them. An actual racist at Disney gets criticized for her hate against white people and the media defends her. Journalists disgust me.

    1. RA

      White supremacists should disgust everybody. Look in the mirror, the troll staring back at you is just as vile.

  122. Mark

    Why the hell are ye pushing this crap leave the girl alone she done nothing wrong. ..has the world gone mad.people need to start putting there phones down and ye need to start wrt about more important stuff….maybe try defending gina .

  123. DJ

    Hypocrites, first all fighting for women’s rights and to have a say now you got that and one has a say yous want to silence them for having an opinion..

  124. GCS

    If they fire her I am cancelling my Disney + account and never looking back. I am tired of cancel culture bullcrap that preaches tolerance as long as it’s what they allow to be tolerated. Grow up you babies.

  125. John Rademacher

    I’ll drop my Disney plus subscription the moment they Drop Gina.

  126. Paul O'Donnell

    I’ve never read such rubbish. The hashtag has not been trending for months. I take it you don’t know how Twitter works? Things trend for a couple of hours then get replaced by something else. We have an expression in the UK, today’s news is tomorrow’s chip shop paper. So, she’s a maga nutjob? So is half of the US. Actors are seldom the smartest of people. Move on and stop being so toxic.

  127. Eva Yates

    No one should get fired for having a political view, religious view, and a different view then “some” of the viewing public. If she does her job well that is all that should be taken into account. Calling a person a racist and having no proof is an excuse to further the hate and divide. Everyone has the right to have an opinion….if you don’t like it grow up and ignore them. BUT to fire someone or “blacklist” them from working is anti-American. Germany and Russia did this pretty much and look where it led. Disney should have some guts and stop satisfying only one group over the other….just produce a good film and hire great actors.

  128. LOC

    Enough already! People think because she’s an actress she can’t have an opinion of her own that not everyone agrees with?!? I’m so sick of everyone thinking they have the ability to monitor what everyone else does because they don’t agree or like it! How about this….If you’re so disturbed by how an individual thinks and feels in their real life don’t watch the show they play a fictional character in!!! Shut up already. There are far more important things you could choose to spend your time on. Get a life and move on already!

  129. Pat

    This ridiculous article did NOTHING to explain the contrversy. Who why what where and when! Wtf!

  130. Joy A Harbour


  131. Van Hamlin

    If you are an entertainer, don’t mix politics or religion in with your persona. If you are a consumer, separate your political and religious beliefs from these entertainer’s performances. You can be a great actor and be ignorant about other subjects. Never idolize public figures of any ilk, they will always let you down!

    Last, Disney needs to stop allowing twitter to determine the content and dialog of their product. Disney needs to pay strict attention to their consumers. These are the people that actually purchase or rent movies, memorabilia, and go to places like Disney World. Disney has fallen into that awoke progressiveness that only appeals to about half of the nation. Survey your actual paying customers and see what they want to buy! It’s called a free market approach. I want to buy so sell me what I want to buy! I suppose this makes too much sense if you are awake and progressive!

  132. Cleve Watson

    If politics drives casting decisions. GOODBYE.

  133. Nathaniel S Chase

    I do not think gina should be replaced. She not only does a fantastic job but she just has the face of a warrior! She should definitely stay. Unless she’s done something to deeply offend millions of people there’s no good reason to replace her!

  134. Rich

    George saw it coming:

    “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day, minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

    George Orwell. 1984

  135. Darth Troll

    You woke jerks better stop before I ram jamoram your Lenox Gayosi

    1. Leave her alone!! She’s great and we don’t need recasting or replacing! Our country is going nuts. Free speech is free speech!!! Stop trying to making things

  136. Annette Dahl

    Yes there should be a new Marshall for the Republic…
    I loved having a strong woman on Mandalorian. Think about all the wives that aren’t necessarily Star Wars fans like their husbands, but love a strong woman with strength and a voice!

  137. C

    Doesn t Disney own ABC?
    If i m right and if Rick Klein of ABC had the opinion about how to cleanes society of Trump supporterss ‘ ideals..see below..then he is the one that should be fired. His thoughts echo words used by by Nazis.
    We should at least boycott ABC and Disney. See below
    ABC News article calling for the “cleansing” of the movement of President Trump’s supporters was stealth-edited after critics questioned the charged word.

    “Even aside from impeachment and 25th Amendment talk, Trump will be an ex-president in 13 days,” ABC’s Rick Klein and MaryAlice Parks wrote for The Note on Thursday. “The fact is that getting rid of Trump is the easy part. Cleansing the movement he commands, or getting rid of what he represents to so many Americans, is going to be something else.”

    This is my opinion!

  138. Paul Christian Jenkins, D.Jur.

    First, Gina Carano didn’t know when to STFU. Period. Second, her role is easy to recast. Michelle Rodriguez is a good choice. Gina Carano didn’t seem like she really WANTED her own series, and wasn’t acting like a true professional. Show business is about addition and multiplication, and not about division and subtraction. A true Super Star knows how to make friends, with any and everyone.

  139. Ronn

    So…. this article mentions something about DISNEY company doesn’t not like to keep those with bad reputations around or employed…. hmmmmmm…. so what about Michael Jackson?!?!? They recently brought Captain EO back for a short time at Disneyland about 4 years ago or so.

  140. ann

    What a crock of $$$$! Firing this actress is wrong based on a tweet similar to what other actors have posted and no firing!! Will boycott this channel !!

  141. Scot

    I thought we had freedom of speech.

  142. aCriticHasNoName

    Lucasfilm is worried about Antisemitism???

    The company that made characters that clearly imitate perpetuate racial stereotypes (Yoda = Asian Sensai speaking broken english while teaching taping into your chi, Watto = Jewish cadence and obsession with money, Dexter Jetter = Italian dialect and cadence plus cook, the Kanjiklub Gang = Triads who cant speak English though all other Star Wars humanoids can, Imperial Troopers/Guard = German Natzi which isn’t the worst of their stereotypes, and good ole Jar Jar Binx = Do I really have to point out his stereotypes consisting of broken down slave English and mannerisms).

    I love Star Wars, but lucasfilm needs to take a good look in the mirror before judging…

    …Or are they just going to wait until more people like myself point this out to them and begin to cancel them in the same way?

  143. Dunbarton High School

    Don’t care.

  144. Tommy

    Pathetic cancel culture bulls**t.
    When I was a kid in the 70’s this crap was unheard of…& most of the whiners are STILL wet behind the ears; being played by Darth Twatwaffle (Kennedy) & Jedi Master(bater) “Lie-Talker” (Hammill) with their SJW bullcrap.

    It’s pathetic how butthurt opinions (99&44/100% of it WRONG anyhow) & political SJW crap has stained as fantastic an entertaining story as Star Wars.

    Get over it! It’s a Space Western FANTASY (much like the SJW opinions spouted everywhere)…OR ATLEAST IT WAS a “space western”.

    Most of the upright apes on this planet have forsaken reason for emotional insanity.

    “Beam me up, Scotty. There doesn’t seem to be any signs of intelligent life here.”

    ~Captain Kirk

  145. James B Summerlin

    WOW, soooooooo many snowflakes on this comment thread. Look here you overgrown babies, if an employer tells you to not do something, but you do it anyway, then you get fired for that disobedience, you should not be surprised. Oh my God how coddles you whiners must be to think that you can do as you please and not have to be accountable for your actions. GROW UP!

    1. Heather

      Thank you! These hypocrites whine about being attacked, “cancel culture” and being silenced, then they attack others, say they are cancelling their subscriptions, and order others to be silenced and fired! They’re too dense to see that they are no different. I’ve made up my mind to keep watching; these morons are not going to taint my love of all things Disney and Star Wars.

  146. C.M.

    “Gina Carano is not currently employed by Lucasfilm and there are no plans for her to be in the future,” a Lucasfilm spokesperson said in a widely distributed statement. “Nevertheless, her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable.”

    Gina: goes on to be hired by Ben Shapiro, the most ultra-Orthadox Jewish alternate news presenter of this century. Yes, I can clearly see how she offended Jewish people, for sure.

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