Stunning Island Nation Has Actual 'Star Wars' Currency - Inside the Magic

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niue star wars currency

Credit: ABC (background)/New Zealand mint


  1. E

    Lmao this place isn’t a nation, it isn’t a country

    1. Adrian Owen

      It is, but yeah enjoy your ignorance.

  2. Bluphoenicks

    Country or not it would be ridiculous to use them as legal tender and lose all that money making it essentially pointless

  3. Jurassic Blueberries

    Incredible Star Wars coins, all pretty much sold out or difficult to find and then came The Mandalorian coins also from Niue even harder to obtain with very small mintage numbers in relation to worldwide demand by fans.
    Repeat after me, “Grogu, Grogu, Grogu, Niue, Niue, Niue” ,
    (The Child), AKA Baby Yoda.

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