Comments for OpEd: Daniel Radcliffe Should Still Return as Harry Potter


  1. Melanie

    Daniel Radcliffe is not Harry Potter, he is so much more! But Harry Potter is Daniel Radcliffe. Another face in a new movie would be very strange. I hope he changes his mind.

  2. Mia Cavanagh

    Carol, please have an editor review your writing. There is no “transphobic community” that was offended by JK’s comments. It was the trangender community that was offended.
    That out of my hair, the series has evolved that it could easily be written without the physical presence of HP. Glimpsing the back of a head, there is so much that could be done without Radcliff.
    And with that out of my hair, I know she angered a lot of her base that now finds it self in the (LGB)T community, they consider her a TERF, and will have nothing to do with her, her HP empire, or anything that might give her a dime.

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