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  1. A movie about Harry Potter wouldn’t be the same without Daniel Radcliffe

    1. Loretta Corona

      No i don’t want a Harry Potter movie without Daniel he is Harry

      1. LadyArtria

        Awe. Harry Got Bum hurt over J.K. having opinions? Grow up. I love the movies and the magic, but I am not stuck on Daniel. It’s a job, so do it or be replaced.

      2. Shewanda

        I’m a huge HP fan (my whole house is), but I’d rather replace JK than Daniel.

        1. Nancy Diamond

          Awww are womens voices scary to you? JKR is a hero and her name will live on even longer than the misogynist kid her work made famous.

          1. Karlie

            Nancy, have you heard anything that JKR has said recently? She is not a strong woman if she has to use her platform to bring down trans-women. I’ve been a long time HP fan, but I will not be giving her anymore money unless she comes out and genuinely and unprompted, apologises for her hateful comments.

  2. Alena

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”― Edmund Burke

    I applaud Daniel Radcliffe taking a stand against hate and bigotry. I still hope the others will too, but if not there are those of us who take that kind of thing into account with our use of consumer activism.

    1. Kay

      JK Rowling never said anything wrong and she’s one of the kindest people.

      1. Iva

        She has alienated herself completely from the trans community, a community of whom many found solace in her books that were about finding a place in this world when you’re different. I’m not sure how her very vocal transphobia makes her an either moral or kind human.

        1. EricJ

          Ever hear the expression “Never meet your heroes”? It’s not THEIR fault if you do.

          1. Llisaisa Davis

            I think it is ridiculous to judge someone on the fact that they have not taken part in the trans community. Just because something exists and they find solace in her books does not mean the author has some sort of loyalty to them. This world is fricken ridiculous and over sensitive. Also, just because someone doesn’t actively support something does mot mean they oppose it

          2. Kim E Hall

            I hate it when they don’t include the original characters, I wouldn’t even care to watch it without him.

        2. Q

          Did you actually see what she said? It wasnt transphobic. She’s done alot to show her kindness and if your to childish to see that and see she wasnt actually transphobic instead of hopping on the hate J.K train. That’s your own fault.

          1. Kathryn Hildebrandt

            Separate the writer from her work. What if there were no Wagner, Henry Ford, Alfred Hitchcock? These were all jerks, and I mean real ones, who also happened to make big contributions to music, society, and film making. The list of such people is astonishingly long.

  3. Honestly I’m going to be heartbroken if Daniel doesn’t come back but he has the right to make his own desision.and another thing that really annoys me is that they spelled hermione wrong that’s how you know hat whoever wrote this article has never really read thouroughly through Harry potter

    1. Darth Speller

      Really? Take a look at your own post before complaining about other people spelling things wrong.

    2. Kim

      I hate it when they don’t include the original characters. I wouldn’t be inclined to watch a new film without the original “Harry Potter” .So let’s all put it aside and get our characters back..

  4. EricJ

    So, it’s publicly not so much taking the trans community’s side against JK, so much as “Warner…it’s over. Give it up.”
    Which is pretty much what the rest of us said after the second Fantastic Beasts movie.

    Still, the lack of Grown-Up Radcliffe pretty much took the air out of any hopes for a Warner cast-reunion version of “Cursed Child”.

  5. luna Lovegood

    It just wouldn’t be the same. I am a HUGE fan of the movies and Daniel was a big part of that. Although I would love to see a new HP film, I’m not sure it would be worth it without him. I hope everyone can work things out and move forward with production for Harry Potter fans all over the world because the world could use a little magic ❤

  6. Brandon

    Daniel said years ago that he was completely done with Potter. And that he would never return.
    But He never actually said no because of what JK Rowlings opinions are. So basically this article is completely click bait because there is nother true regarding the title. The author of this article would have an awesome carrier in the main stream media.
    Click bait opinions with no facts.

  7. Deanna

    I hope Daniel changes his mind, J.K. meant nothing mean with what she said. Without Daniel there’s no reunion

  8. Heather

    I don’t think anything Harry Potter would be the same without the original cast. And I think it is terrible how people say that everyone’s opinion matters, but when JK Rowling expresses her opinion those same people cancel her for it just because they don’t agree with her. I also feel that if you like her work then don’t let her opinions deter you from enjoying her writing.

  9. Q

    She never actually said anything transphobic. And it doesn’t ruin the story even if she had those views. “Never meet your heros”

  10. Patricia L Swain

    I just watched the whole series with my 12 year old again. I’m not sure I’d watch it if Daniel didn’t come back. He is the only Harry Potter in my opinion.

  11. Lisa Davis

    Just because someone doesn’t actively support something does not mean they oppose it. This world is becoming so disgusting and over sensitive and narcissistic. Just because people who are trans read her books does not mean the author has to praise them and love them. Love and pride comes from within not from the outside world. People need to stop being so selfish and realize they aren’t the center of the universe. The people labelling the world as discriminatory and as haters are the ones creating a false view of there being discrimination and hate in the world. These things do not exist until someone creates it and makes it a problem. Why can’t we all just mind our own damn business and keep our opinions to ourselves? There wouldn’t be as many problems in the world if people weren’t narcissistic and believed they were justified for thinking everyone should love them and support them and anyone who doesn’t is morally wrong.

    1. T

      A. MEN. People just literally sit around and wait for something new to be “offended” by, these days. It has gotten beyond ridiculous, and so are the people who cater to it. The biggest problem with the world is how self-absorbed people are, and the ones who preach “love and tolerance and acceptance” are the biggest hypocrites of all…

    2. Shewanda

      “ This world is becoming so disgusting and over sensitive and narcissistic.” I had the exact same thought reading your post, Karen. How dare you attempt to explain another person’s life experiences to them. That is positively the height of narcissism to think 1. that you’ve seen all that exists in the world AND 2. that you know what every individual’s existence is like.
      God, compassion is free. FREE.

  12. Beth Richardson

    Man, this is a hard one. I do believe that if they filmed another movie featuring the main characters, it would be severely lacking without the original actors.

    That being said, they’ve all spoken out against JKR’s transphobic views, and I would completely support them choosing not to work on any of her projects for that reason.

  13. J

    Some people think women’s rights are being threatened by including trans women in sports or other competitive fields. JK took a stand for biological women.

    Trans women are dominating female sports.
    If the whole Olympic team was made of trans women (not that it’s anyone business what’s between your legs). Where does that leave the biological women, who have a clear physical disadvantage?

    It’s a catch 22.
    It’s not intersectional it’s a ducking car accident.

    1. Razzle Dazzle

      Except that whole talking point is just transphobic dogwhistling that has no place in reality. However, with your nonsensical argument, let’s put transmen in there with ciswomen and we’ll see if you change your tune. Will you still be so eager to define gender by genitals when you have the likes of Buck Angel competing with ciswomen? Oh, let me guess, your solution would just be to ban all transfolk from anything competitive no matter their gender.

      1. Not OP

        Reality is that people born as men, from a long-established evolutionary/biological standpoint, have wider frames, more powerful body structure and overall greater physical advantages over women. It’s the reason caveMEN were hunters and caveWOMEN weren’t. The fact that you call science a dog whistle is disturbing. You know who also oppose science in defense of their beliefs? Radical conservatives and Christians. You’re putting yourself in their corner.

        Its this kind of shutting down of any kind of discussion about it being moral or right or sensical as “transphobic dogwhistling” that makes it impossible for people to communicate, understand, and move both the trans rights movement forward as well as help people on both sides understand where the hell the other side is coming from.

        It would make more sense biologically for trans men to participate in women’s sports unless they have undergone a lot of hormone therapy, and I also don’t think it would be comfortable for them considering they now define themselves as men.

        It’s a sticky and difficult thing to figure out and none of us netizens are qualified to say what should or shouldn’t be but simply saying that biological advantages do not exist is stupid.

    2. Jja

      Trans women are not dominating women’s sports? Who told you that stupidity? The most famous trans woman athlete was Fallon Fox. The very first time she faced someone who was UFC caliber she got her ass handed to her. Yiu have no idea what you are talking about.

  14. I’m 62 years old. I literally watched these kids grow up with a couple of mine. It wouldn’t be a Harry Potter movie if Daniel wasn’t in it. But I do understand his point. I would ask Daniel to sit down with J.K. and see if they could come to an agreement.

  15. Thomas

    There are no more HP books to put on screen anyway, and he hasn’t appeared as Harry in the play. He’s too old to play a 12 year old wizard!

  16. Razzle Dazzle

    It would mostly just be disappointing to see the actors that claimed to support the trans community work with such a bigoted piece of garbage as JK Rowling again. I get that a lot of white people have a lot of nostalgia for the series, but it’s time to move on, the series is filled with racism, homophobia, transphobia, and garbage status quo worshipping ideology. Your nostalgia has blinded you.

  17. Andre D

    Daniel has before stated that he has no interested in revisiting the character. As an actor, he has worked hard to distance himself from the one role and has shown his versatility. Even to the point that he has little to no involvement in the theme park attractions. Personally I think the franchise needs to be out to bed at this point. Especially after the misguided writing of The Cursed Child story as well as The disappointing Ret-Coning taking place in the lackluster Fantastic Beasts franchise.

  18. Nancy Diamond

    I think its fantastic! Why would I want a misogynist to lead the film?

    1. heather

      How is he misogynistic? This is a genuine question, because I’m not sure if I missed something he’s said or done.

  19. heather

    He’s absolutely right. I’m not watching the third Fantastic Beasts movie because of her and because of Warner Bros’ double standards with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. I won’t watch this movie either, Daniel Radcliffe or no. I refuse to like her pockets.

  20. Hi

    Daniel was the perfect person for Harry Potter I hope he says yes

  21. Joanna Callaway

    You just cannot have a reunion without the original Harry Potter.! The thought is just ridiculous!!!

  22. Lita

    She has a right to her personal views. I can separate the two. It would be nice to have them all back. You don’t let personal views stand in the way of success.


    Has the world turned into Nazi Germany??? In a free world a person should be free to express their opinions no matter what someone else thinks about it. They should be be able to do so without fear of reprisal or physical attack. It is ok if another person has a differing opinion than you. At least it should be that way.

  24. Lindsay

    Daniel is free to do as he wishes and I will watch even if he doesnt do the movie.
    I see no need to seperate JK from her work. Stating that biological sex is real isnt wrong. Its completely factual. Just because someone doesn’t want to believe that they are assigned a gender before birth doesnt mean it isnt true. Thats legitimately delusional. Also her saying its offensive to call women uterus havers? Reducing us to our sex organs IS offensive. The whole cancel culture is getting ridiculous and this is almost laughable.

  25. MajorBookworm

    It wouldn’t be the same without him. While JKR has done many good things for people around the world, I’ll admit, I was a bit upset by the transphobia.

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