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sparrow and hook

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  1. Angela bender

    No johnny depp no body will watch i boycott any film production company who dose not stick up for the real victim johnny depp.. We dont care what actor you put in the movie no johnny we ant watching

  2. Jessica

    I say the same as the previous comment! I wont support a Pirates movie without Johnny Simple as that I dont care if Captain Hook is making a cameo! No Johnny no pirates listen to the petition already! We dont care about pirates without Johnny thats it! You wont succed getting viewers, we want Captain Jack Sparrow, its thanks to Johnny Depp that people are even intrested in POFC!!

  3. Karen Adams

    Not interested

  4. Sollen die doch ihren Hook mit reinbringen. Mir ist es egal! Disney hat seine Entscheidung getroffen und deshalb interessiert es mich nicht mehr!

  5. Anthony Emiliani

    Is Don Rafael the same Don Rafael from the Mask of Zorro? 3 way crossover?

  6. Michi

    This has nothing to do with the domestic or legal situation Depp is currently facing (I intentionally don’t follow that stuff; none of my business), but as a aficionado of pirate and swashbuckling tales long before the POTC movies, I would actually LIKE to see a movie without Depp in it, just for a change of pace. Unpopular opinion, I suppose. But I like pirate movies for the overall story and not for their comical caricatures. Those are fun, but they can get old. I honestly doubt much care for the sequels beyond the first movie.

    As for Hook, I was under the impression that Disney already had a new Peter Pan film in the works, with rumors that Jude Law is to play Hook. Would they really bother to put him in a new POTC movie, too? Doesn’t seem likely. And as much as I love Captain Hook, I think I’d prefer him to stay in Neverland and out of the Carribean.

    1. Richard

      I completely agree with the change if pace comment. In my opinion when a character is icon as Depp playing Sparrow.. I see him not coming back untill 15-20 years from now and all the domestic pools is all over and he’s redeemed himself if he’s guilty or not to make a cameo or a part in a future or remake.
      But it’s hard to know what disney will do in the end.

    2. Danijela

      I don’t care about these pirats unless Johny Depp is in the film.

  7. Ali

    “no matter how accidental his successes are…

    Why do you think a talented man is accidental? Why do you hate Johnny Depp so much? Can’t you see the world craving for him? What do you think potc would be if johnny depp didn’t played a role in it?

    1. Jessica

      I don’t think the writer meant Johnny Depp’s successes, he was referring to his character’s successes at being a pirate.

    2. The Emperor

      I have no intention of watching a PotC movie that is woke and without Johnny as Jack Sparrow.
      Here is another thing the author needs to seriously touch if they truly are a Pirate fan and that is the presence of the greatest literary pirate ever made, Long John Silver.
      If Hook is confirmed to exist in PotC, then so is Silver.
      The author of “Treasure Island,” Robert Louis Stevenson and JM Barrie of “Peter Pan” were friends and Barrie makes Treasure Island references in his novel.
      When the children arrive to Neverland, Michael and John spy the pirate Bill Jukes, who is covered in tattoos. He received every tattoo when he crewed on The Walrus.
      The Walrus is the ship of Flint and it is Flint’s treasure that the novel is centered on.
      When Hook is trying to get the children to join him, Wendy stares down Hook and Hook says to himself why is he afraid of a girl? Flint feared only one man and that was Barbecue and you were the only man Barbecue feared. The crew of the Hispaniola called Silver Barbecue.

  8. Hook or not, I’m turning my back on these new films . Disney won’t get a dollar from me anymore! To me, these films are a product Amber Heard’s lies and Disney’s naivete. Whitout me!!!

  9. Hook or not, I’m turning these films my back. Disney won’t get a dollar from me anymore. To me, these films are a product of Amber Heard’s lies and Disney’s naivete. Whitout me!!!

  10. Danijela

    I don’t care about these pirats unless Johny Depp is in the film.

  11. Brian

    What a bad story trying to cover up Johnny Deep, does not change that without Depp you are totaly killing the series for a lot of fans.

  12. Bernardine Yantz

    You should leave Depp as Sparrow, he makes Pirates of the Caribbean! Always has, always will be. He is an excellent actor who immerses himself in whatever role he plays. Children all over the world recognize him so, he even has taken time to visit sick children in costume in the hospital just to make them feel better.

  13. VCAST77

    It’s time to just “Let it Gooooo!”
    Let it end. Without Johnny it’s just no good.

  14. Izzy

    If Depp isn’t going to be in the franchise, nor many of the other original cast, is it really the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise anymore?

    I believe if they want to make another pirate movie, then make another pirate movie as part of a different franchise. It could still be in the same universe or have little Easter eggs for fans, but another POC movie without any of the original characters isn’t a POC movie.

  15. Tracey

    No Johnny Depp,No Watch. Simple…
    Amber Heard, I will not watch at all. She attacked and cut his finger, but Johnny Depp is being punished and she walks.

  16. Tracey

    No Johnny Depp. Are you lot serious. Johnny Depp… Victim.
    Amber Heard attacker.
    I want to know, how is it she can physically cut his finger ,and yet he is being punished, but she walks free. Get it right. I will not watch any movie with heard, again.

  17. Scott

    No matter what they do if Depp isn’t in it it’s going to flop. I’m not even a Depp fan and potc was out a few years before I even watched, in fact I didn’t even know which of the two was the first, even though I’ve seen some of his movies before but never got that into him or his acting from the first time I saw the first movie I became hooked and had to see everything concerning pirates of the Caribbean just because of the energy and character he has brought to the movie

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