Comments for Petition Calls on Disney to Replace Trump ‘Home Alone’ Cameo With Biden

trump home alone cameo

Credit: Disney


  1. Thomas

    If people are that bothered by a 2 second moment in an otherwise awesome movie it beggars belief. I don’t like Trump and what happened last week was nothing short of terrifying, but you can’t edit a scene to include Biden instead. It’s not even an important scene, just cut the 2 seconds out from the movie if they need to edit it.

  2. Matt

    I’d rather have Trump replaced with CG Luke skywalker and baby grogu

    1. SG

      Ha, yes!

  3. Chalee

    I think you should leave the movie as it is. It’s a wonderful movie that people have always loved with that scene! No need to change it now. If they are all the sudden offended now then don’t watch it. This is so silly. There are way more important things to worry about. Don’t change it.

  4. nobody cares

    whiny leftists

  5. Sue

    Give me a break. People are so crazy and stupid. I don’t even want to get into it. But if someone doesn’t like something or someone now we have to change things to make them happy. . Go stick you head in the ground bc I heard s—- is good fertilizer . That’s liberals need to get a life. And anyone who blame trump of what happed people forget in 2016 when Obama was president and the blm went and shot cops and destroyed cities. But that was ok. Bc we where told don’t blame one person for the acts of others. How soon the Democrats forget that.

    1. Toni

      Absolute stupidity. Go volunteer somewhere if you have nothing better to do than whine about a scene in a movie. What the uncle calling the kid a little jerk or kids using profanity doesn’t bother you but this scene does, really? Hey here’s an idea, don’t watch the movie if it bothers you, wow, problem solved.

    2. Mark Kaplan

      This really proves which side lacked intelligence and tolerance. You don’t see conservatives petition a boycott against Disney or petition to delete both an episode of the sitcom Jessie and episode “Doc Mcstuffins Goes To Washington” from Doc Mcstuffins be deleted because Michelle Obama gets 1+ hour of screen time for her guest appearances.

      Or what about all the times a non Disney kids series like Animaniacs and Freakazoid made the Clinton administration the center of their humor? I hear no boycott then. We all laughed as Bill played his sax in the 1993 intro regardless of how he ran our country. And don’t forget Freakazoid depicted Hillary Clinton getting into a catfight with Barbara Streisand on board Airforce One.

      How quickly people forget about that since they’re so quick to skin Donald Trump alive…..

  6. Karen OHara

    OMG. Do people really believe racism will disappear by censorship? It seems to me that suppression of feelings (good, bad, indifferent) would only intensify and could become dangerous. This unfortunately has been proven to be true throughout the existence of humans.

  7. The Cancel Culture has gotten to the point way past absurdly ridiculous!! They don’t like Trump. so they want to erase him to “spare” future generations!! But they are okay to let those future generations be exposed to Caulkin through the entire movie. Because pretty much destroying your life and career with drugs is totally ok because he’s an actor!! Right! Leave Trump alone. here and in the Hall of Presidents. I mean. you put Obama, the “Divider in chief” in there!!

    1. Tina

      WOW! Perfectly said.APPLAUSE.

  8. CH

    Really? Stop with the political infighting. Stop with the hate.


  9. Tad

    Ok, if they want something realistic to replace the Trump scene, insert the President-elect sitting in an overstuffed armchair, chin resting on his chest sleeping while he quietly snores. Kevin (Culkin) stops and stares at him, before running down the hallway.

  10. Tina

    It has everything to do with running into the owner of the Hotel, Trump Towers Biden has nothing to do with a Hotel or that scene.It would be the same as running into Mr. Walt Disney at the Disneyland Hotel we wouldn’t cut him out and add Conrad Hilton because of an upset.The movie has to stay untouched.

  11. Em

    Give me a break! Get over it.

  12. Kathy

    OMG. Quit trying to rewrite history/cinema! One of our best presidents was an actor long before he got into politics. So would we now delete Ronald Reagan out of all his movies? Leave the movie alone!

  13. Ed

    We’d all be better off if this idiotic “Cancel Culture “ would cancel themselves!

  14. CarolineRN

    I wish Walt Disney was still here when we need him?

  15. CarolineRN

    I don’t think any changes should happen to Home Alone 2. I left a comment earlier and it wasn’t put on here. Not sure

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