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Comments for ‘Mandalorian’ Star Pedro Pascal Use ‘Bedroom Voice’ For Din Djarin

Pedro Pascal, Pedro Pascal looking at the camera

Credit: @pascalispunk (Instagram) / Danielle Kosann from The New Potato


  1. tom

    perfect idea for natural voice bathroom sound fx…brutal actor

  2. MandoAddict

    Pedro is such a wonderful person, & actor. Simply gorgeous. It’s so funny how he describes his voice, which is why zillons of women have fallen for it. Keep it coming, please!!

  3. I think Pedro Pascal’s voice is very normal for a hot blooded male perhaps he has a softer gentle voice and doesn’t realize it moms must think he’s adorable.

  4. Ana

    What’s not seductive about gorgeous Pedro? I couldn’t care less about what type of vice he uses, he’s still a charmer to me. I liked him way before portraying Din.

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