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test track


  1. Chris

    Either way, it is a boring ride, Racers at DCA is far better. Put a good dark ride in place of Test Track.

    1. Michael

      Yeah, CARS at DCA is much better, but that’s because it’s the son of TT. Without TT, Racers wouldn’t exist. You gotta respect the evolution a little bit.

  2. Jesse

    Bring back World of Motion and Horizons, please!

  3. I like the original version best. I am also with Jesse. Bring back Horizons!

    1. David c.

      Totally agree Cars at DCA far more entertaining.

  4. Greg


  5. Darth Helpful

    Bring back Version 1.0!! Bring back World of Motion!!!

    Dear Lord, can we please go back to when the land was just a swamp with alligators?!

  6. Adam

    Disney should scrap test track all together and replace it with a ride based on American Graffiti. Like Cars racers but where you race through early 60’s LA instead of Radiator Springs.

  7. Scott

    Who wrote this? A community college dropout? You keep reiterating the lack of storyline and how the old one had a better story line. Lastly, it is not good practice to use lastly. I do agree with you though. The old version is vastly superior and more in line with Epcot’s legacy ideals of discovery and education.

  8. Mike

    I agree with you that the original version was better, but this thought struck me as I was reading the article – has Disney *ever* returned any ride to a previous version?

    I’m seriously asking. I can’t think of one example.

    1. Kevin

      Yes! The enchanted Tiki room was returned to the original version from under new management.

      1. Mike

        Forgot about that, great example! But – would they have reverted back to the original version if Under New Management didn’t literally go up in flames? 🤔

  9. Marie Stevenson

    The old test track was amazing ! The new one is nothing great.

  10. Jake

    The old test track fit with EPCOTS education theme much better. We got to see what testing and engineering goes into something we use everyday and what goes into it. The new ride seems uninspired and bland. Building a car is ok I guess, but I have better and more interactive programs on my phone now. Why go to Disney to look at a screen. If Disney redoes a ride it should be better, but the ride itself now has nothing replacing the bricks, no hot and cold area/environmental area, no bright flash at the wall before you leave. It’s all empty or replaced by screens showing fake numbers and pictures of a 🌿.

  11. Tami Pippin

    Bring back the original version!!! So much more enjoyable to see the different car years! Waiting 4 hours for the soft opening back in the day!

  12. EricJ

    Test Track 2.0, like Stitch’s Great Escape and Frozen Ever After, was an example of Armchair Imagineering, when it escapes the fan chats and somehow makes its way into the design stage–
    Y’know, like when Timekeeper closed down, and all the fans said “Cool, let’s make it a Monsters Inc. Door Coaster!”, and Imagineering couldn’t do that, so we got Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor instead?

    In this case, fans were frustrated that we couldn’t get China’s Tron Lightcycle coaster, and said “Hey, why don’tcha make Test Track a Tron Legacy lightcycle ride instead?” (Yeah, that’s how far this goes back.)
    Imagineering couldn’t do that, of course, so they revamped Test Track to the storyline that cars are now tested inside computer simulations…Y’know, sort of like Tron.
    Well, now we’re GETTING our Tron Lightcycle coaster for real, so, um…I guess that means Test Track 2.0 no longer has any reason to EXIST, does it?

  13. I agree! What happened to the hot/cold temperature testing rooms and the “acid” spraying robots? Those areas are now empty and you car just rides through them. Also most of the time my car doesn’t work and if it does, we cruise by the results board so fast I can’t figure out how my car did!!! The old one is so superior!

  14. SG

    The only part I like is going fast.

  15. SG

    The only part I like is going fast.
    I’ve never been to Disneyland, I’d love to go on the Cars ride.

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