Comments for Mark Hamill Writes to ‘Mandalorian’ Director, Fans Have Poignant Reactions

hamill peyton reed

Credit: Peyton Reed Twitter/Lucasfilm


  1. This is a clear indictment on Rian Johnson and Hamill’s whole TLJ experience, he was glad to return to the charater when “Luke was still a symbol for hope and optimism” something that was clearly taken away and clearly bothered Hamill, as it bothers many of us and always will.

  2. Melinda Taylor

    We desperately need a redo of Luke Skywalker’s fate. The sequel trilogy should be permanently deleted. At the very least give us a spinoff with him in this timeline. We want more Luke Skywalker!

  3. Michael

    Only took 40 years to actually see Luke Skywalker the way he should have always been after return of the Jedi as a powerful Jedi Master.

    This is the Luke Skywalker we deserved not the crap in the new sequels thanks to the b$tch Kathleen Kennedy, and her ruining Star Wars

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