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mara jade with lightsaber

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. John

    Like Ray wasn’t enough ?

    1. Hdhd

      There is nothing wrong with adding more characters and Mara Jade is a good character. Your Rey comment made no sense.

  2. J

    Girls are lovers and not fighters…!

    1. Reina

      Yea…totally not sexist comment at all. Some women like Rey are the issue, but there have been awesome women in films too, example Ripley from Aliens. Shouldn’t judge based on penis or no penis lol

  3. Correction: I believe Obi Wan Kenobi was voiced by James Arnold Taylor in The Clone Wars series, not Ewan McGregor.

  4. Ryus

    Mara Jade is one of the best characters Star Wars ever had and a great foil and later confidant for Luke.

    I just hope they dont ruin her or fridge her like they did in Legends.

    1. Ben

      Ewan McGregor didn’t voice Obi-wan on the Clone Wars series. James Arnold Taylor did.

    2. Donnie F Dresselhaus

      Totally agree. She was also his wife and mother to Ben. After her death, luke used her ship jade shadow on adventures. Not sure the article does luke or her justice. She was a total badass and remember she was from the dark side and luke wasn’t so tight in jedi rules he couldn’t end up partnering up w her and eventually marrying. Hope these guys read more than a book or two?

  5. Hahahahahahahahahahah!!! You’ve gotta be kidding me right?? Disney thinks they can unmake 20 something years of star wars canon just cause they say so?? Cause they bought out Lucas?? Are they gonna make all the books and george lucas’ word that all that came before disney is canon disappear?? Id like to see that trick!! What a joke!!! Disney garbage distributed as new canon is a joke to the entire world. Good luck with ur “canon” crusade disney..??????????

    1. Jason Soler

      That is typically how ownership of an intellectual property works, sorry your not educated enough to know this.

    2. Lou

      Mara Jade is legit one of the bad ass female characters they made in the EU (before Disney made them non canon).

  6. Rodimal

    Yes, Mara should have been introduced already! As to the romance, It took Mara like 5 years or something to finally get over the Emperor’s last command
    and Luke a similar amount of time to admit his feelings for her in the legends Canon, no reason they couldn’t use that here.

  7. Corran Jorg

    Please cast Amy Adams as Mara Jade

  8. Mr K

    I consider Mara, Luke’s equal in many ways. She is his other half, the one he didn’t know he was missing. I would love to see a live action adaptation.

  9. Bring in Kyle Katarn as well. He trained with Mara for a time before joining Luke at the massassi temple. Could be used to repair the damage done by the recent movies by making and using better stories that already exist.

  10. Jay

    this is the problem with introducing Luke; he cant me a regular character and it creates a giant hole in the canon that needs to be retconned. If luke had another student, they should have introd that character and not Luke. this is all so stupid and the nostalgic fanbois cant see past the lightsabers in their pants and how bringing Luke into the Mando story MAKES 0 SENSE, CAUSES MORE PROBLEMS.

  11. VCAST77

    I don’t recall either Obi-wan or Yoda teaching Luke to shun emotional attachments in the original movies. Their focus, at that time was to train him to defeat Vader. However, I’ve never read any of the novels, except two, Labyrinth of Evil, and Dark Disciple. Unfortunately, as much as I like to read, I just simply don’t have enough time to myself. My husband has EVERY pre-Disney SW novel and comics in his collection, and he happily tells me about all of their stories. From what he’s told me about Mara Jade, I’d love to see her return, as is, back to canon.

  12. Nobody special

    Saying they de-aged Mark Hamill is to imply that he played the part and cgi made him look younger. Mark lended his voice and nothing more. The cgi affected actor playing Luke in the Mandalorian was Max Lloyd Jones. They simply drew Luke over him.

  13. Gary

    Yes bring Mara into canon. She is one of the best female characters alongside Leia, Mon Mothma, Rey, Jyn Erso, and Padma. She is Luke’s equal in the Force, and since they brought in Grand Admiral Thrawn, they need to bring Mara in.

    1. Lou

      Take Rey out of there. Therw were PLENTY of amazing women in the EU books they could have used

  14. Donovan

    YESS!! Do it please!! I’ve been waiting so long for anything regarding Mara Jade! See if Karen Gillian is up for it!?

  15. It will never be canon to me even If they do make it happen. This Disney-era canon Is about as worthless as it’s former President. I know that with the company in charge of Star Wars can change the canon, but i seriously refuse to accept it. I would much rather take the EU anytime over what we’re getting now.

  16. Jason

    Why?? Why does this HAVE to be a thing??? Can’t sting people exist without a spouse??

  17. Robert

    Come on, Luke is gay; indeed, it’s why Mark Hamill was perfect for the role.

  18. Richard Erickson

    Rachele Brooke Smith would be perfect in this part.

  19. Richard E

    Rachele Brooke Smith would be perfect in this part.

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