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  1. Mike

    $$$$$ And they still continue to raise prices & court economically challenged minorities by “repainting” their past hoping that somehow reparations will raise up these people & create a new market. Sad reality is that WDW is not for poor folks !

  2. KenG

    I think at least for now, the decision is about $$$.
    I cannot see WDW beginning their own bus system to the airport simply because it is more cost-effective to contract that out as they have been. (Let Mears handle benefits, 401ks, etc. – Disney just pays a flat yearly fee for it all!).

    There is of course the talk of the Brightline train and I’m sure that plays into it. And perhaps they will work out a deal with them, but it could be travelers will have to go back to picking up there own luggage and hauling it onto the train. Then doing that all over again once they get to Disney Springs and connecting to a resort bus. Who knows?

    But as I said before, I think this could hurt Disney because with Magical Express you were sort of captive on their property for your entire stay. I could go back years ago when we would rent a car at the airport and drive to WDW hotel, but having a car meant we would also go to Sea World, or Busch Gardens Tampa, or NASA on day trips (this was before Universal). But on our last couple of trips with Magical Express those day trips ended – we were firmly planted at Disney for the entire stay.

  3. Stephen Eleyet

    It makes no sense to think that Disney would develop their own Airport transfer service to the increased expenses involved. In Orlando, however, they may work with the proposed Brightline train service to Disney Springs projected for 2023.

  4. Fedor

    You forget to look at the high speed rail that is slated between Orlando international Airport and Disney springs… added traffic to their shopping destination with bus services already in place for their resorts.

  5. Tonya

    I am really sick of hearing about Disney slicing more and more of the magic away from the vacation packages but not more of the price from the packages. Can someone please get a memo to the executives over at Disney to let them know that WE, THE “GUESTS”, are also victims of this “pandemic” and it has significantly impacted our bottom line as well? No? They don’t care? Well, they will soon enough when all of the regulars have lost the love for the (not so) Magic Kingdom!

  6. Waldolf

    Brightline is under construction of high speed train service. There is a proposal to have a stop at Disney Springs. It’s possible that will take the place of the bus. I could even see special cars wrapped as ZTA cars (Zootopia Transit) running .

  7. Joe Foss

    The magic just made another retreat. As one who, over the years, has purchased 4 Disney Vacation club contracts, I’m not doing summersaults. Time to look at the budget and decide is DVC is still worth it. For the price of a WDW vacation, I can nearly go to Paris – and still have a Disney vacation plus other stuff.

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