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Donald Trump and Macaulay Culkin

HOME ALONE 2: LOST IN NEW YORK, from left: Macaulay Culkin, Donald Trump, 1992. TM & copyright © Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved. / courtesy Everett Collection


  1. John Sullivan

    Please stop this nonsense. What a joke of an article.

  2. Maddox Cox

    And then the DVD sales will rise if it gets censored. It’s easier and cheaper just to add a “all events are coincidental” warning at the beginning.

  3. A CGi characterization ((Of)) ((The)) sixteenth((0))16th president ((Of)) Both ((the)) northern And & Southern states of America Through out the Civil War era time Period M r Mister a b r a h a m l i n c o l n – S i r.

    1. K

      WTF is this comment supposed to be? Do you not know how to speak? Or read and write, for that matter…

  4. Michael Eastham

    Another ignorant muppet.
    How about cutting yourself you little pathetic prick.

    1. Mr Andrew

      That the best comment ever

  5. MessyJess

    I didn’t even read this because it’s nonsense. No one cares about what hollywood thinks about politics accept people incapable of forming thier own opinions. If we cut Trump out of Home Alone then we need to go back and cut anyone who has ever been offensive or had a differing thought from the masses out of any movie. Stop trying to censor everything to benefit your agenda.

  6. Stan

    Cancel culture at work. What a great way to start the “healing.”

  7. Tamara

    Hahahahaha, he’s one to talk.

  8. lmariel

    You have just insulted 74 MILLION people out there with this type of nonsense. Politics has no place here and I am sick and tired of the Cancel Culture. The liberals have been trying to rewrite history for years and trying to make people believe their lies are truths. Whatever a lying liberal democRAT accuses someone of you can believe its exactly what “they” have been doing and their trying to pawn it off on someone else.

  9. Daniel

    The tolerant left at it again. Don’t know if the author of this article wrote this crap to get views or thinks it’s newsworthy. What a joke.
    The article says production got ‘strong armed’ to use Trump.. yeah, ok. They could have used any other hotel. I think they got a pretty good deal of using the hotel and getting someone famous at the time like Trump to do a cameo.

  10. Carol

    Thank you! I’m so very sick and tired of Hollywood. Honestly, who cares what they think?!?! I surely don’t.

  11. WoW

    Agree … nothing to do with theme parks.

    Personally, I’m just happy to see him leave 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I care less about his cameo.

  12. Chris

    Oh for God’s sake let it go already!

  13. George

    Be weary of cancel culture. You might be next!
    It has to stop.

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