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kylo ren

Credit: Instagram SPDRMNKYXXIII


  1. Mike

    This is just bad Photoshop, not art of any kind. What part of ‘fanart’ don’t you understand?

  2. Lily

    No Grogu will be saved by the Mandalorian from Kylo and escapes with him after being hurt by Kylo and is in hiding till the end of Rise Of Skywalker. He will be back in the next trilogy training Rey as Yoda did with Luke

  3. Mac Sintes

    In the canon comic The Rise of Kylo Ren, Ben/Kylo is proven innocent of the Academy massacre, as well as participating in the destruction of Hosnia Prime. Kylo was never fully dark. For reasons of his own, he may have sheltered the Child.

  4. Elijah

    Lol why are ppl so mad over someones art? Go back to ur part time job at gamestop

  5. Jim

    The Mandalorian is doing what should’ve been done a long time ago. Decanonizing the sequel trilogy because they are terrible.

  6. Jmoney

    Dont do it…just dont do it!
    Dont involve all the good stars wars your making with the sequel trilogy. Get rid of the sequel trilogy. Bunch of garbage that was. Remake the franchise with the platform of the mandalorian. Even the disney parks are replacing the sequel starwars characters for the real ones that matter like Ahsoka, mando, and grogu. Bring back the luke we all wanted. Let the sequel trilogy disappear like the bad dream it was.

  7. Mike

    Cool, but if Grogu was in the Jedi temple when Ben freaked out, Grogu would be well into his Jedi Knightship and would have wrecked Ben, based on what we see if him as a “child.”

  8. Mica Reed

    FACT: Ben NEVER KILLED THOSE STUDENTS, Palpatine/Snoke caused lightening to explode the jedi temple which killed most of the students. BUT YES……Grogu can still die in the explosion. Read “The Rise of Kylo Ren” (ITS A CANON COMIC BOOK).

  9. A Friend

    The JJ trilogy is going to be erased from canon, so we don’t need to even consider this.

  10. A Friend

    The Force is strong in you.

  11. Jedi Chris

    Grogu will save us from the sequels when it is revealed they were just force visions Grogu has of the possible future.

  12. Ur boi Roland

    Help us Grogu, you are our only hope( also you can destroy one on one combat with Ren, also Ren was Luke’s first student, but group never appeared in comics, now Grogu is the first student, he will be the salvation of all Star Wars and the destructor of the Sequel Trilogy, long live baby Yoda!!!!)

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