Comments for Katee Sackhoff Thought Scarlett Johansson Would Play Bo-Katan Instead of Her

scarlett johansson katee sackhoff bo katan

Credit: Marvel Studios/Lucasfilm


  1. Kate

    It would have been monumentally stupid for anybody else to play her, she pretty much is the character.

  2. Jim

    Does anyone proofread the typos? Or use spell check? Flackback? That’s not even a word

  3. Cj Brown

    So glad the Mandalorian Team made the right decision and brought in Katie Sackoff (hope to see her in Season 3!)

    1. Laundru Patton

      Meh. They couldn’t pay Scarlett Johansson enough to play that part. That’s like asking Chris Hemsworth to reprise his part as Captain Kirk father from the 2009 Star Trek movie

  4. Pete

    Honestly, there would be no good reason not to hire her for the job. She has proven live action acting chops going into TCW and Rebels. Heck the animation was already drawn around her features to start. It’s a no brainer that she’d be tapped to do a live action job.

  5. Mark

    ScarJo couldn’t do it because she’s not Mandolarian.

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