Comments for Jungle Cruise Reimagined: Disney Announces Ride Retheme!

jungle cruise

Credit: Disney


  1. Nic B

    I don’t mind this too much! Though I don’t think there is any name change. It just mentions the journey of the river, and the end of the video has a new logo for Jungle Cruise.

  2. Kk

    I just hope they still have the eighth wonder of the world in it. I’ve heard it 1000 times and I still laugh every time

  3. Darth Analysis

    Cancel culture wins again!

    All that Disney gobbledygook was just code for “We’re taking out the racism.”

    Fans of racism will be sorely disappointed at this news. At least they still have Splash Mountain for a little while longer.

  4. So much better than the Splash Mountain re theme

  5. Tamara Dowd

    Are they sure they won’t offend the monkeys?

    1. Hmmm

      Darth won’t mind…

  6. Michael

    You can find the “Mekong Maiden” at Disneyland Hong Kong, rode that boot in 2011. Have picture of her.

  7. Kirk

    As long as one of them doesn’t look like the Rock I think it will be fine. I just wish they would remove Johnny Depp from pirates it’s not needed.

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