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Jungle cruise

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  1. Historically, fierce natives existed in remote areas in jungles. There are still some tribes that are yet to be discovered. Trader Sam has merchandise and I think a bar at Polynesian. Cancel culture is calling it racist and that it should be removed. We should act like these people did not exist. After they retool Jungle Cruise, they are coming for Peter Pan’s flight. Sad to see cancel culture rewrite history and refurbish Walt Disney World.

  2. Michael

    Rivers Journey? Hmm, the Jungle cruise ride at Hong Kong is called “Jungle river cruise” with the sub title “Rivers of adventure”. I have redden the jungle cruise also at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Anaheim. All are different in there own way but each are well worth the ride.

  3. Lawrence Grimmett

    I have been a Jungle Cruise rider since the 1950s. This is not the first time the ride has been changed. I remember a big change in the sixties and enjoyed the new aspects of the ride. Let’s forget the politics and trust the Imagineers to maintain the fun. It seems to always work when approached from that perspective. As long as the ride keeps “the backside of water,” I will look forward to the new story.

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