Comments for Jon Favreau Reportedly Stops Disney From Firing ‘Mandalorian’ Star Gina Carano

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  1. André Leal

    I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

    Evelyn Beatrice Hall

    1. Bluesun

      ” I detest what you write, but I would give my life to make it possible for you to continue to write.”

      – François-Marie Arouet 1778.

      1. Cheryl Reich

        I don’t want her gone, I just want her to stop spreading misinformation.

        1. Billy Bob Jimmy Jam

          Amen to that. She needs to be challenged on these dangerous falsehoods.

          1. Ellen

            Such as … ??

            I’ve been following this closely, and I have yet to see her post any statements, only questioning the information we are being given – as is her right. We should all be questioning much of this, rather than just accept what we are being told like blind sheep.

          2. Jim

            @Ellen, she was telling people not to get the vaccine. That’s very irresponsible. I feel the same about her with Jim Carey. I wish they just stfu, but won’t deter me from watch the flicks..

          3. blahbloy

            Dangerous falsehoods? Like collusion, or when Pelosi said the 2016 election wasn’t legitimate?

            Stop thinking you are right.

            Just shut up and watch the show.

          4. Arano

            @Jim you are one of the hypocrites that try and put words into someone’s mouth. She made a satire based tweet about mail in voting in conjunction with the vaccine. She didn’t tell people not to take it or anything that blatant.

            It might be a subtle questioning of the status quo at worst but in no way did she state what you say she did.

            Personally I am also glad I live somewhere that won’t need the vaccine for a while. I am by no means an anti-vaxer and take my flu shot every year. However I am nervous about taking the quickest vaccine ever developed. Nervousness is a far cry from telling people not to take it.

        2. R Davis

          Sure. We have the right of free speech. The right comes with responsibility. Those that might disagree might be OK yelling fire in a crowd when there’s no fire. Just because someone CAN say it, doesn’t mean they should.

          There is plenty of information available to read on your own, but if you’re not a doctor, speak with your trusted medical professional if you have concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine. Get real facts not just what you heard someone say or jump on a bandwagon because you’re part of a certain group. Think for yourself. Rather than take time to speak negatively about the COVID-19 vaccine or mail-in voting, maybe take that same energy and volunteer to feed the homeless or assist a non-profit. There’s so much negativity, hate, and anger. Hopefully, we can all get to a point where we could care less about what anyone says. Some people even like controversy to stroke their egos. Don’t give anyone that power.

        3. Franciszek Banek

          Why do you care?

          She can do whatever she wants, and so can you.

          Grow up and get over it.

          1. Jim

            The truth, you tell.

          2. Raul

            You are asking stupid democrats (face it, they are all as dumb as AOC dirt) to think above a second grade level.

        4. Clayton GARNER

          What Information is she mis spreading

        5. Clayton GARNER

          If you people thi n a mask is gonna keep you from getting a microscopic virus then your misinformed.

        6. Jim

          Its funny how the left claims to respect strong willed, outspoken women, UNTIL the women have a dissimilar viewpoint. Gina stay strong and fight back

          1. Ed

            This is the way. Well said.

        7. Jim

          Its called free speech, what you want is irrelevant. If you don’t like what she says don’t listen.

          1. Jim C

            That’s not how free speech works.

        8. Brandon

          She wasn’t spreading mis information. She was just giving her opinion. Learn the facts. This isn’t communist russia. Its communist america.

        9. Scott

          According to who? You? Who made you God?

        10. Blabbloy

          You didn’t care about collusion.

          This is why people should just shut up and dance. Or shut up and watch a show.

          Mainly just shut up.

        11. Julia Thompson


      2. Russian dogshit

        The tolerant left is not very tolerant. Unless you agree with them. So they can go fuck off in a galaxy far away!

        1. Tina

          And the tolerant right just plant bombs when they don’t get their way.

          1. Lulzi

            Wait. Hold up. Didn’t your side literally burn down cities for MONTHS because they didn’t get their way? Didn’t your liberal media call them “mostly peaceful protests” literally as buildings burn down behind them? Didn’t your party storm the capital building during Kavanaugh’s confirmation? LOL. Didn’t your party shoot up Republicans at a baseball game? Didn’t your party assault a Republican senator? Didn’t your party engage in a 24/7/365 fan fiction display of pretending to murder Trump?

            Your party is responsible for billions of dollars in property damage – damage to small business owners.

            And to that comment. What proof do you have that a right-winger planted a bomb? I want undeniable, empirical proof that the a right-winger planted a bomb? And no, Tina, a CNN article speculating that it was a right-winger doesn’t count.

          2. Kevin

            One of the board members of BLM is a terrorist who planted bombs at the Capitol Building.

            Her name is Susan Rosenberg.

            Bill Clinton gave her a pardon.

          3. Blahbloy

            You mean like Susan Rosenberg, the terrorist who literally planted a bomb at the Capitol and who was pardoned by Democrats? Or the guy in Portland who tried to blow up Federal officers?

        2. Richard

          I totally agree that galaxy is filled with pure Evil Hatred and is doomed to be sucked up by a giant black hole by the name of Bidenpelosi

          1. JasonJ

            Some still a little salty Trump lost?

      3. JustJessee

        All the comments about “I hate what you’re saying but I will defend to the death your right to say them”….. Hi….. Reality calling. She has the RIGHT to say whatever she wants (within the realm of Twitter, a private company, terms of service) without fear of Congress intervening. What she does not have, however, is immunity from the consequences of her words by her employer who I am fairly certain has ‘Morality Clauses’ legally attached to her employment. That’s the issue. Disney has a look and expects their cast members to adhere to that look publicly. Gina is not doing that. She either needs a PR handler, to set her profile to private and keep it friends and family or whatever, or she can continue making controversial remarks and accept the consequences.

        I loved Dune as a character is S1, the idea of her. I thought GC did a good job with the physicality of Dune. I wound up following her social media and immediately regretted it. Did I stop watching the show because of my disappointment that the actor has views so different than my own? No. What it has done is take me out of the enjoyment of the character, which is unfortunate, but it’s not the Cara Dune show…her character is expendable, as is nearly every actor in any high profit, que popular franchise.

        1. Chris Kinney

          Ridiculous. No one should be fired for having different rhpughrs and a belief system from someone else. Noe should anyone apologize for the same. Cancwl culture is stupid, and I hope dianey doesn’t cave in and fire her. “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.” I’m willing to bet all these haters disagree on have a different opinion on something than someone they know has. Absolutwlt ridiculous!

        2. David Ramsey

          If you quit watchina show because an actors view of the world does not match your own than you had better sell your TV right know as I would bet that their is at least one actor in every show whose view does not agree with your own. What a nit wit.

        3. Blahbloy

          The fallacy of your argument is that your hatred and bigotry are “consequences.” You have to exert specific and target retributive force in order for your “consequences” to exist.

          All you are saying is the you are a bully and executor of what people can say and think. That is NOT “consequences.” That is you terrorizing people gleefully.

          Actual consequences are the natural conclusions of applied policy.

          Consequences are not your threatening people you do not agree with.

      4. Ronald H Wall

        Thank you Jon!
        Gina rocks and so do you!

      5. Bob

        Can you not have 25 ads constantly pop up when I’m trying to read your article

    2. Alt

      She has a right to say it and the government isn’t stopping her. The company also has the right to distance themselves from her. She isn’t immune from the consequences of spreading lies.

      1. Jeff

        I support freedom of speech

        1. JudtJessee

          Freedom of speech is exactly what Alt was stating. Freedom of Speech means congress can’t limit your speech, not that you have immunity from the consequences of your words by your employer.

          1. JasonJ

            So then Brigading is a thing that just doesn’t exist?

          2. Andy

            Right. And you insane people think you are morally superior to anyone you disagree with and it is your job to see her fired for wrong think.

            How is that “free speech” again?

      2. Richard

        like Biden Pelosi Schumer and Schiff you are a corrupt evil minded monster who is in need of a lobotomy

      3. Blahbloy

        Who suffered consequences of spreading lies about “collusion?” Or did Pelosi have any consequence for her claiming the 2016 election wasn’t legitimate?

    3. Stigmadiabolicum

      See, normally I’d completely agree with you. I mean lunatics like the KKK and neo Nazis have the right to their insane views in our country, its the whole point of free speech and public discourse.

      And I’ve never supported firing people just because people don’t like their opinions, if you don’t like it just move on with your life and learn that some people have different opinions haha.

      But when she plays into the whole politicized insanity of people who think masks are infringing their rights, when it’s a public health issue..and exactly what happened in 1918, it’s actually promoting a very harmful viewpoint that actively risks lives, and has contributed to the spread here in the US dramatically.
      Same with perpetuating the voter fraud propaganda that is completely based outside of reality and was thrown out of every court, and led to the terrorist attack.
      Her implied support of the terrorists who attacked the capital is super inflammatory, I mean it’s supporting sedition & felony acts, but she’s allowed to think that if she wants.
      But firing her? Idk. I don’t think it matters, they’re celebrities. They’ve always had wacky ideas.
      Tom Cruise is a scientologist and they’re guilty of horrendous crimes too. Are the catholic actors fired because of the rampant child abuse scandals..?

      It’s a complex issue, but is part of the bizarre duality of our country haha

      1. JasonJ

        Exactly. I think she’s an idiot. I think that like many Trump supporters they are blinded by their zealous hatred of the Left because the Left is guilty of a lot of transgressions.

        If you don’t like her that much, then just stop watching Mandalorian. But demanding she be removed from the show because it offends your sensibilities is the reason the Left were called snowflakes to begin with.

    4. Definitely not a fan of hers nor of trump,anyone with values like them ,I have no problem turning off. The Mandalorian is becoming part of “our Star wars canon” ,I may continue to watch it,or just turn it off.

    5. Kevin Bedel

      Why are people forgetting that it’s our right to have different opinions? This discrimination of beliefs is a plague on our country. People need to realize truth isn’t black and white.

    6. Noah

      Gina Carano is an American citizen with freedom of speech. Yall need to let her live the way she wants. Thats her American right

      1. Dee

        freedom of speech isnt freedom of consequences for said speech. We’re in the middle of a pandemic and shes supporting ignoring it.

        1. Pete

          And the CCP just sits back and watches how their virus brings the West to its knees.

    7. Laura

      shes not bringing harm to anyone and not leading an insurrection.
      if she doesnt agree about the COVID vaccination… fine- then she doesnt agree. what’s that have to do with Disney, her career, or anything about you?

    8. Ak

      Thank you, Jon!

    9. Hotnuke

      She has every right to say it. No one is stopping her. There are consequences for what you say, though. I will NEVER watch or pay a penny for ANYTHING connected with Disney or Favreau again. EVER. SEDITIOUS TERRORISM is the bridge too far

    10. Gary Boisseau

      Why are her “right wing” views so controversial and those who believe differently than her blameless? What a complete bunch of hypocrites.

  2. Heather Warner

    There is no substantial evidence to any of this. It is entirely rumors on all fronts. The very idea that ALL SW fans want Gina gone is a total fallacy. I honestly don’t give jack about what an actor’s political views are as long as they entertain me in character. Dear old Walt Disney himself was a far right leaning misogynist…that doesn’t keep me from loving the stories he created.

  3. Will

    Tolerance isn’t just praising what you agree with, it’s protecting what you don’t. If you want diversity you need to support a diversity of opinions as well. Shouting down voices you disagree with isn’t the way you change minds, it is how you push people further into their beliefs.

    1. Frank

      Tolerance isn’t trying to change people to do anything.

      Get over it

  4. Mikel

    Wow, imagine hating someone who doesn’t believe the same things you do. I hope they keep her around because this leftist sjw cancel culture witch hunt era needs to come to an end and people with power need to start putting their foot down to all the Twitter mob noise. I hope she doesn’t apologize, it’s probably the only reason she hasn’t been burned at the stake yet – give the mob an inch, they’ll take a mile.

    1. Billy Bob Jimmy Jam

      You mean like the Right Wing mob that came armed with pipe bombs and guns that tried to overthrow a Democratically elected government. But the Left are the bad ones for calling her out for supporting these violent insurrectionists. Having a disagreement is fine spreading lies which are dangerous isn’t. I don’t really care so much about Gina Carano, thought she was ok in The Mandalorian but I am not so cool about those defending her like she’s some saintly martyr. And cancel culture isn’t just confined to the left or have we forgotten about Kap, Nike etc. I’m not going to call her out to be fired but when you come out with views like hers, she deserves to be questioned, scrutinized and challenged. She doesn’t get a free pass and no consequences. Whether she should be fired or not is a matter for Disney and whether she is in breach of the contract she signed. If not, she should not get fired, but if so then she should. She’s peddling lies, dangerous ones, so we all have a right to challenge her on those views.

      1. Andy

        And a left-wing mob caused DC (and most large cities )to be literally on fire during the summer where over 30 people were killed as a result.. They’re both dangerous and stupid.

        But the idea that only one of the two sides (and I don’t care which) knows what is morally superior and then therefore gets to forebear the wrong think is an insanely elitist and privileged position. Because you disagree with someone doesn’t give you the right to remove them from their job.

        Do you even remember Mccarthyism and how it destroyed lives? And for the record, the left started the firestorm of cancel culture. The right stupidly adopted it, but never with the same efficiency or gusto.

        It also isn’t protected free speech if you can brigade someone and get them fired and silenced for wrong-think just because it isn’t congress doing it. Dangerous and stupid.

    2. Ken

      You forgot that conservatives started the “cancel culture” by telling NFL players that they couldn’t express their views.

      1. Phil

        You forgot the players were dissing our flag while they cashed multi million dollar checks. Big difference

    3. Tina

      LOL yes because the right is not a cancel culture when they just tried to bomb the capital because they wanted to cancel the electoral votes.

  5. Good. She is the best part of this show, one of the only canon characters I like and she wouldn’t be if she were played by someone else.

    Cause she’s hot

  6. Bruno Silveira

    Your freedom ends when it hurts/KILL other people.

    Quote as many beautiful phrases you want, just knowing that what you want is good for YOU or for US?

    1. Joe

      Having opinions doesn’t kill people. Stfu, the only person spreading lies is you.

  7. Kim

    My money is on a small group of crackpots trolling Disney. Normal people do not give a damn about this kind of stuff.

    We need to start ignoring these obnoxious trolls.

  8. Daniel

    The Twitter mob are just a small minority of dissenters. They only appear large and loud because the rest of us don’t care what her political beliefs are and what she says, so we don’t waste our time on writing on Twitter and throwing childish tantrums. If this story is true, then good on Filoni and Favreau for looking at the entire picture, and not just the smudge in the corner.

  9. Paul

    Her opinion is hers. My opinion is mine. She plays a character in a show I watch. She does not sway my beliefs in the real world. If people can’t create their own beliefs and listen to an actor whom plays a fictional character in a make believe world for their information then they should probably educate themselves just a little more on the real world.

  10. Rynn

    Is that the same blog that reported that Favreau, Filoni, and George Lucas were literally storming the Lucasfilm offices to overthrow Kathleen Kennedy? Yeah, no. It’s even less credible than WGTC and that’s saying a lot.

    Favreau does not run Disney or even Lucasfilm. There are dozens and dozens in the corporate food chain above him. If the company decides she’s gone, she’s gone. Period.

    1. DE


  11. Glen Nicholsonon

    This isn’t the first time that people in the entertainment world have been oppressed for political opinions. It was called blacklisting. Using heir game to promulgate their political views is unwise. However, if they chose to speak out no one has a right to take their livelihood. EVERYONE has freedom of speech in America. If you don’t like what someone days don’t listen.

  12. Ellen

    Is anyone outraged that Pedro Pascal called people with differing political views Nazis? Are they calling for Disney to fire him? Should he be forced to apologize?

  13. Don

    Almost half the nation is conservative, so to cancel people for their beliefs is un-American and is a sign that people backing cancel culture are the facists they pretend to hate. The best was to fight bad speech is with better speech.

    1. Blake R Lang

      Exactly this cancel culture has gone way to far

  14. MandoAddict

    She is entitled to her opinions. It’s a little sad that her views aren’t supported by facts, or science, but that’s her choice. Maybe she’s not that bright, but she’s a good actor, & I love her as Cara Dune. Leave her alone..

  15. Phil Davis

    Hollywood and the clowns that cancel anyone without their approved opinions don’t seem to understand that they are destroying their own Future. Kennedy almost destroyed Star Wars and Disney. A four billion investment almost flushed down the toilet because the woke writers and producers thought they could force their beliefs down our throats. Disney learned a new lession, Kennedy et al still haven’t. They are working the New Republic story and if they go woke again, which is expected, Disney won’t give them a second chance. We want great story telling not a sermon.

  16. Matthew Miller

    Once upon a time, stars were blacklisted for “Communist” leanings…what would be called “The Left” today. Now, if the aren’t a Socialist, it’s hard to find work. And if you’re Moderate to Rightwing, you’re attacked and berated. Isn’t it about time we stopped characterizing entertainers by who they vote for, or whose tweet they “liked”?! Kudos to Jon Favreau for putting the characters first, and casting the right actors for the roles. And hugs to Gina Carano for having to deal with this.

    1. JasonJ

      Dude the Right vilifies the other side just as bad.
      Terms like Socialist, and Antifa are spouted constantly on the Right to attack their opponents or scaremonger votes out of Americans. The Left is bad, but the Right isn’t any better.

      1. Will

        Right and left are indeed two sides of the same coin. Think its about time the normal folks of the right and left form a new party, and push all these elitists out of office. This tug of war for power, control and money is doing nothing but pulling our country apart. Its really sad.

  17. Joe

    I don’t much care what her political beliefs are, especially since she doesn’t seem to be using her spotlight on Mandalorian to showcase them. Shame on you for belittling others for their opinions, this is supposed to be a free country. If you want to silence other peoples’ voices, then you’re a fascist.

  18. Fklefities

    Think for yourself. Question authority.

    1. DE

      I like you. You are a pragmatist, to the bone. Kudos! Hope your thinking is open to hard, repeatable, verifiable facts, though. Then it’s pure pragmatism.

  19. Tina

    I really love the morons in the comments who scream cancel culture mean while people like Gina just tried to cancel the election result. The hypocrisy is astounding. As a healthcare worker I find heirs about this virus disgusting and it’s clear she can care less about us being overwhelmed by it.

    1. Sandman10372

      You signed up for the job. Go do it. You don’t hear construction crews bitching about “being overwhelmed” every time there’s a tornado or earthquake. Get to work or find a new job. “Hero’s” don’t bitch about adversity.

  20. Ssmith0710

    So does this mean that it’s ok to advocate firing of the person in the cubicle or checkout line next to them if their opinions or views differ from them? Or is that rule just for those in the public eye? “Cancel Culture” has got to stop! Please!

  21. Isiah

    Definitely not a fan of hers nor of trump,anyone with values like them ,I have no problem turning off. The Mandalorian is becoming part of “our Star wars canon” ,I may continue to watch it,or just turn it off.

  22. ivy

    This is about Disney’s Ice Age Movie and the Stolen Scrat Cartoon by Blue Sky Studios Director Chris Wedge. Read

    March 11, 2020 #Disney abandoned all #IceAgeMovie #Scrat #Trademarks. #WaltDisney acquired 15 Marks March 20, 2019 in the $85 Billion Acquisition. Currently they own 0 Registered marks & 0 Intent to Use Marks. They announced #IceAge 6 in their Investor meeting Dec 10 #Stocks went up.

  23. Joe Matthews

    Eat your own cancel culture…. Favreau for imperial Senate

  24. John Rosario

    Alessa Dufresne, I think you are gorgeous, and I will be happy to chat with you on insta @_thatdisgirl!

  25. JC

    Sorry to have to part ways with my love for star wars after 40 years because of Gina and her politics in supporing anti maskers and conspiracy theorist BS. Favreau, you LOST my support by keeping her from being FIRED. I will not normalize crazy or dangerous thinking, especially for my kids. They will be diappointed. A new emperor is among us hiding in plain sight. My loyalty is to the old regime anyways. Love Mark, Harrison and Carrie.

  26. Joseph Lobosco

    I have a really radical idea , why doesn’t everyone just shut their pie hole and enjoy the show? I happen to hate Peanut Butter and Banana fried chicken.So please don’t force me to eat it.The world will not blow up and if everyone doesn’t eat Peanut Butter and Banana fried chicken ok? You got presidential Biden now stop complaining.Everyone doesn’t have to agree with you just like no one is forcing you to agree with them.(Not Yet Anyway)I thought this was still a free country? (Well apparently it isn’t.)

  27. RocketMan

    Disney has rules and expectations. IF you work for the mouse, there is an ethics clause, just like their are rules you must abide to for any employer. As a veteran, I can tell that most of the commenters do not understand that freedom of speech DOES NOT include false information that incites violence or overthrow of the government. I place my life in front of the Constitution to protect it and this country. I will never understand you facist snowflakes hiding behind insults, threats, and propaganda. And unfortunately Ms. Carano has been brainwashed into that cult. As others have said, I still watch Mando, but Carano’s bitter public divisiveness and anti-government stance has definitely made it difficult to watch episodes with her in it. I truly hope she does not get s spin-off :((

    1. Toni Bourlon

      I think if she were TRULY in violation of any ethics clause, they would have done something about it. Perhaps liking tweets isn’t considered a violation???

  28. Joseph Lobosco

    I have a radical idea ?Why doesn’t everyone just enjoy the show and shut their pie holes?I don’t like peanut butter and banana fried Chicken so please don’t force me to eat it!! because you like peanut butter and fried banana fried Chicken doesn’t mean everyone is supposed to like it! You have President Biden, that doesn’t mean everyone has to like it.So much for the left being so “tolerant.”

  29. Joe

    Lame she is a stupid right winger but I loved her character. I want her to crush my neck and kill me with those big smooth arms.

  30. Suzy

    controversial right-wing belief

    I quit reading here.
    Sunriver is Still trying to divide the world and I won’t partake of it.

    1. Scott


  31. Jordan

    Funny thing is, they’re actors. We as a society USED to say “shut up and act, we don’t want your opinions” and the world kept turning as actors spouted whatever stupid nonsense was the craze of the day. Social media is a cancer we really need to remove from our lives, people let it carry far too much weight on both sides. When an actor’s on screen, they’re just the character not themselves. Anything they do offscreen? Ignore em, actors are freaking insane, ALL of them.

  32. d0x360

    She’s center right on the political spectrum.. omg so controversial! People need to relax about politics, stop fighting each other and pay attention to what elected officials on both sides of the aisle are doing.

    Clearly neither side is 100% right. Just look at CA and it’s cities… Full of homeless people with poo all over the streets. These are all Democrat run cities in a very blue state… So clearly not all their policies work and not all the politicians are on the up and up.

    People really so have TDS but what will be their excuse when he’s gone?

  33. thomas

    Once again the communist left wants to silence anyone with an opposing opinion.
    Last time I looked looked it was not a crime to be a conservative.

    This is just tiring. I live the damn tilight zone.
    Just FYI. What people are trying to do to her is called Facism by definition.
    Silencing people through threat of violence or soal ruin to force them to believe what you do.

  34. Percy


  35. James

    Unfair…. and not accurate to state that she has “controversial right wing beliefs”. The writer is a participant in a smear job run by left wing nut cases. Asking questions that are on the minds of many, espousing freedom of speech, liberty and standing up to the cancel culture is not “right wing” …. it just seems to piss off left wingers for some reason.

    1. T

      The writer isn’t even American… she should stay out of anything involving US politics, but you know the “left” always has to butt in where they don’t belong… lol

  36. Consumed left? I happen to come from a Political family who accepts and loves those of different races and faiths, gender or orientation. Gena has a PARLER account. Nazis aren’t okay. Homophobia isn’t okay. Anti Semitism is not okay.

    Learning that Favresu embraces all of this is very sad for us as we were fans of his. I love the Mandalorian, but he is putting it all in jeopardy as he forces me to choose whether liking his work is enough to ignore that he is a Nazi sympathizer. I love the show. I live the Grogu character. Pedro Pascal is a brilliant actor. But I am trying to face the fact that I can’t be a part of this world anymore. I have a no tolerance for Nazis and I have gay family members. I will not associate with these kind of people. Frankly it tarnished the entire Disney Brand.
    If Mandalorian ratings start to falter while everything is still being done with the same quality, it will be because of this.
    I heard Arnold Schwarzenegger’s speech about what his family went through with the Nazis, while his dad was a Nazi. The guilt they felt for the horrors they caused. He was warning us to stay away from it here and to preserve our Democracy.
    I just cannot condone this – Cancel Vulture should happen when Nazis and Homophobes are involved. Nazi philosophy would take the very lives, kill, genocide, of the lbgtq community, the disabled, the non “Aryan”, etc. No room in my heart for hatred and mass murder, and those who advocate for it. Someone needs to go see Gena’s association with Parker, and what comments she left, who she followed. I’m italian and have a cousin named Gena. She is a Lesbian. I want to be entertained, not compromise on these heinous principles.

  37. Dan

    I don’t agree with some of what Gina has to say, but it’s her right to say it!!
    Now, I’m sick and tired of this cancel culture that if you’re offended or disagree with someone’s opinion, they should be fired!! Stop please!!!
    You people are no better than a schoolyard bully!! Except you hide behind a computer/phone screen. I got an idea, if you disagree, either ignore it or gave an actual conversation about the topic!!
    Wow… civility!! Novel idea.

    1. Mpdarkly

      Thank God for people that still have a backbone, not needing to have their thoughts and opinions placed inside their heads to regurgitate. In a perfect world, cancel culture realizes how wrong they are and cancel themselves.
      … When I first saw “swingers”, I knew I’d be a fan of Favreau for life… Keep up the great work of creating art, as well as taking on the idiocracy in fighting for free-thinkers!

  38. Media Quest

    Is it really fair to say Gina has “right wing” beliefs?

    How do you know this?

    She hasn’t publicly stated that ever.

  39. Patrick McLaren

    I’am done with it if she stays!

  40. Just Me

    “Believe our left-wing ideas or have your career ruined, your voice silenced, and your personhood dehumanized”

    – The Ministry of Truth and Totally Not Fascism

  41. Scott

    Apparently Disney, like other Leftists, doesn’t believe in freedom of speech and the first amendment to the constitution.

  42. Martin Kennedy

    Thanks for the spoilers at the end…. I was about to start watching the mandalorian this week….

  43. Nick Emmons

    I’m ashamed with where our society is and is heading…if you’re okay with silencing one person then you set the precedent of silencing everyone.

  44. None

    Stop circulating these BS lies & rumors. Just rumors being recycled from one blog to another with no actual source. It’s pathetic.

  45. Gharms

    So yet again, we are taking “insider information” from one Twitter account belonging to a self avowed leftist who has proven to be HIGHLY innacurate (this is the same account that was INSISTING she was being fired), and has yet to prove ANY connection to Disney, LucasFilm, or ANYONE associated with the Mandalorian.

    This is like asking for insight for “the squad” from a Qanon account with no political connections.

  46. MO

    Get her off the show, she can’t act… sorry.

  47. Get off my lawn

    (Season 2 spoiler, fair warning) I just read another article from another site alleging that WDW Pro of the Pirates and Princesses site comes up with baseless rumors such as the one about Pedro Pascal potentially getting fired and now another rumor that there is ‘immense pressure’ to drop Luke Skywalker and Baby Yoda from the story line (lolwut).

  48. TheDuck71

    She is great, why would they try to fire her? Oh, she has a different opinion than other folks. I gotcha, Well, if thats not a reason to fire her, then I do not know what is?

  49. Bill

    “I may not agree with what you say, so shut up and g o to your room.”
    My Dad

  50. Grant Seeker

    What We Have Learned:

    Pirates and Princesses does not have access to Twitter, where Favreau is a very vocal liberal.

    DJT does not have access to Twitter.

    DJT runs Pirates and Princesses.

  51. Jason

    Who cares what a persons political beliefs are. If a person is a good actor or actress they should stay on as that character unless they ask to be removed. By wanting to fire her for being to far left than Disney is promoting the far left which is very biased. Thats almost as bad as firing an actor or actress for being black or hispanic or islamic. Politics should stay out of Hollywood. Hollywood is about entertaining and has nothing to do with ones personal point of view on politics or religion. I say leave her on and Disney as well as Lucasfilm need to be more open minded and hire based on the abilities of a peraon and nothing more.

  52. Tim

    This article was co written by Joseph Stalin

  53. Mike

    Can people in this country have an opinion without worrying about losing their livelihood? This cancel culture is beyond ridiculous.

  54. Paul

    Hollywood and MSM need to stop with the punishing of people that don’t tow the “collective-left” line… Wanna know why so many people hate the left? Start there…. You want diversity… guess what? You have to include the other 50% of the world that is NOT you, like it or not. If you don’t, well, stop with the BS about coming together… it’s not going to happen. We don’t want to be like you. We don’t share your values. Tolerate that….

  55. munky82

    This article is terribly written. There are no links or quotes to the “bad things” Gina said. So the reader is told what to think by the article and cannot judge for themselves. This is either bad journalism or a smear attempt.

    I did however click on some of the internal links (so the author is using this publication as source instead of the actual source, which is another terrible journalistic move) and I found ONE quote from Gina’s twitter – a mild, innocuous joke that stabs at the largest political party in the US. And then the article quotes people comparing her to a “white supremacist”. This is quite scary if you think about it: criticize the government and you will be dehumanized and marginalized. This is the kind of stuff you find all over the dark parts in the history books.

  56. Alonso Favela

    Good that the crew is not giving in to the demands of the rabid. Cancel culture needs to die a torturous death.

  57. Lenny



  58. Norman Holder

    Are you really stating that someone should lose their job because they have a different political opinion than yours?


    Unfortunately, Hollywood is control by left wing radicals and actually under the control by the CCP Nazi Party of Mainland China, so freedom of speech in America is no more

  60. Lalee

    Thank you for bringing back my ex lover email Robinsonbuckler11@ gmail com………………”

  61. Catch-2260611

    I’m glad that Favreau is staying neutral and keeping the rest of politicized Lucasfilm out of the Mandalorian.

    “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.”
    ~Senator Padme Amidala

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