Comments for ‘Star Wars’ Was “Luxury Jail” According to Actor John Boyega

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Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney


  1. Joe

    Ungrateful moron, best friend’s with the director and part of the best franchise in the whole world. Mate seriously stfu and off yourself, people would kill to play your role without pay and enjoy every moment of “luxury jail”.

    1. Pete

      I would never tell someone to kill them self, but yes it would be a role of a lifetime. And to bring up the race card is B.S. where would he be if he hadn’t got the role?

      1. Aren

        He is the Kaepernick of Movies

  2. Mike

    I hope they digitally cut him out of the film’s entirely, or digitally transpose jar jars face on him, if they did it wouldn’t even change the story ?.

    1. Anon

      Which clearly is the whole problem. He was supposed to be a main character and got relegated to the side because those films have no clear direction.

      1. B Pearl

        So exhausted listening to this baby. He wasn’t used because his main line is “Reeeeeeeeeeyyyyyy!!!!” Has nothing to do with skin color, has everything to do with the fact he wasn’t critical to the plot. Never was. He’s griping about skim color and privilege, look at the privilege he had to be in the franchise, an appearance of a lifetime, and all he’s done is whine about it. Let me give you a reality check: my kid wants the Kylo Ren toy, not the Finn action figure.

        1. Kristineth

          It has nothing to do with race. The movies were mediocre and his acting was even worse. No wonder they made him a sidekick, he couldn’t carry a single scene with his one note, whiny acting.

  3. Kenny

    Say what you want about Boyega, whether you believe him, think he’s disingenuous, or think he’s a ungrateful moron, all of this reflects very poorly on a studio and studio head who claims to be all about diversity and minority respect etc. It’s ALL a bunch of bs.

  4. Zack

    Another entitled douche bag. Gonna have to have, yet, another conversation with my daughters about gratitude, and how we won’t be supporting anything actors or celebrities, like John B, are involved in.

  5. Kevin

    It does sound rather silly to say a company used you in a racist way when as an actor you were allowed to show your face and not wear a mask. You could have turned down the opportunity, nobody forced you to take it. And now you chose to take advantage the platform this roll afforded you to tear down the company that gave you a dream roll as an actor. Once again some actors believe the public cares about their opinion when all we want is for them to play their roll well and make it believable. Make us cry make us laugh thats it.

  6. Joe

    What a spoiled entitled little brat. Diversity has become cancer.

    1. Lefty

      John Boyega had worked hard for his movie roles. I saw his career. Sorry…we cant say the SAME for your scummy arse ??

  7. Ray

    I guess he should’ve never took the job and let someone else had it. He was a nobody until he joined star wars. The race card is just overplayed.

  8. Jcp

    Comments on are fire!!

  9. Ernest G

    No one even knew who he was before Star Wars and with his ungrateful attitude I doubt he’ll be in much more. He should be thanking them for giving him the role which will probably turn out to be his last now. I have no desire to see him in anything including additional Star Wars stuff. I have spoken.

  10. BiiSin

    And oh my, ugh, and please remove his Sarco figure from the Rise of the Resistance ride at the Galaxy’s Edge lands at Disney! Ungrateful indeed, an annoying performance, anyone else could have played it. Hope he fades away. He and his ‘wide-hips’ were as distracting as could be. Worst casting since Jar Jar.

    1. Lana

      Right, any actor would be grateful to be employed for 5 years but this one complains about not being able to stretch his acting muscles, what????. Total douche.

    2. Kristineth

      It has nothing to do with race. The movies were mediocre and his acting was even worse. No wonder they made him a sidekick, he couldn’t carry a single scene with his one note, whiny acting.

  11. Ralph Clark

    This guy was a bumbling fool through most of his work on those films that must no be named. How stupid do you have to be to continually attack the company that’s buying up everything? Why would the company ever hire you again? Continue destroying what’s left of your career become full time BLM whiner.

  12. Nick

    There is a difference between talking for the whole of racism in film production and making it all about you. The dude is just a narcissist.

  13. Darth Ideas

    Finn would’ve been a much cooler and interesting character if he were a clone.

    Like in TFA, when Maz is looking at him, she comments something like, “When you’ve been around as much as I have, you see the same eyes.” That was like perfect moment, like BAM, awyeah, the empire is making clones again and Finn is just some like “morally defective” clone that got through imperial training.

    THAT would have added depth and been cool AND explained how the First Order got such a big army. Opportunity missed. Oh well.

    Boyega should complain.

  14. Fiora

    Before I opened the comments I already knew that they would all be saying that he should be grateful. It really does kind of play right into his point. Of course some “random black boy” should just shut up and be grateful for whatever was handed to him. ? Also, the fact that people say “race card b.s./ overused/whatever” it shows your privilege of never having had to feel that way, so of course it seems like pure myth to you. Thank goodness people don’t care what you think and continue to stand up for themselves.

    1. Doug Starstone

      It’s funny reading all these comments. And sad. The sequels were a total flop. And Finn was a main character who got pushed aside because Kathleen Kennedy only wanted her perfect female heroine to shine. Kennedy and her feminist team has methodically brought Star Wars to the verge of destruction.

      I kind of wish Boyega wasn’t brought in a ms Finn in Awakens, but that he was introduced in the Mandalorian as Finn. He would’ve been so appreciated there. The Favreau/Filoni team know how to treat the “Galaxy Far Far Away”, while Kennedy is hellbent on destroying it. The last episode of Mandalorian gave us back our childhood hero that Kennedy wanted to destroy so badly. I have nothing against feminism, but don’t kill off the old and replace them with the new without doing them justice. Han, Leia, and Luke deserved better. So does Finn, and Rose, and Poe

    2. Dave

      What utter bs.

      If he was white people would say the same.
      You race huslers are pathetic.

      1. Ben

        I like how right wingers use the same tactics when someone has an opinion that’s different Fromm theirs. They lob charges of BLM and race hustling not even knowing what that means or how they’re exposing themselves. ??‍♂️

  15. John Bigboote

    Shut up Jar Jar.

  16. Des

    Well now that I know what he cares about, I will not watch any of his stupid movies. He wasn’t the greatest actor thats for sure.

  17. Baldie

    Sounds like sour grapes to me. He has spoken in recent months about his character being pretty much a one and done, and his anger over not being made a key in the larger story. He wanted his supprting role to be reframed as a lead, and when it didn’t happen, he lashed out at the studio and franchise.

  18. Bxmamipr

    I HATE JOHN BOYEGA!!!! If he continues to do Star Wars, I will stop supporting them even though I am a huge fan. He never stops! The movie was not written about him! He keeps crying about not being a main character and everyone is racist because HE isn’t the main character. Why would you take the role, when you saw it was about Rey!? What an entitled, egotistical POS! I am neither black or white, but Disney is allowing the woman to host the Star Wars show who constantly makes racist comments about white people, and Disney supports her. Racism is racism, and constantly making comments about another race is racism. Between her and John Boyega, I’m starting to distance myself from Disney.

  19. Jay

    What’s interesting is that the headline of this article implies that his “luxury jail” comment is related to race, but it appears to be more about being type cast as a specific character. He clearly has strong opinions on his experience as a black actor, but the comment he made doesn’t seem to be Star Wars specific but rather a general comment about playing a role in a large cinematic franchise.

  20. A Viewer in California

    John Boyega spent four years doing bit parts and guest roles in British tv shows before The Force Awakens came around. That’s how employment works, you get your footing in jobs where you may feel a little abased, do some scut work maybe, and if you have any talent you climb the ladder to bigger and better things and put that stuff behind you. According to IMDB, Boyega currently has one movie in the can, one in production and four — four — to come. I have no idea how many of those jobs would have come about without Star Wars but it may well have been zero.

  21. Astro

    I never found Boyega a compelling nor a charismatic actor. He was there to fill in the Disney formula. For a brief second the crazy success of FA made him seem like a marketable star. He even got a starring vehicle in the Pacific Rim sequel, which went no where. The guy is just not a star and auduences do not like him. So he is going the whole woke victim route despite the movie star equivalent of being handed a slam dunk. Who knows? Maybe it will pay off. Would be it a sensible act of rebranding. Because movie star he will never be.

  22. Doug Starstone

    Rey was created to be a stronger version of the “Chosen One”. She’s so perfect she can learn Force abilities without a master and without years and years of training. She got a strong push. Everyone else got a push back. Finn and Poe were pretty big in Awakens. After that they were pushed to the shadows. Including Luke Skywalker, the greatest hero in Star Wars!

    Kathleen Kennedy has no idea how to handle Star Wars because she is not a Star Wars fan. Heck she didn’t even know who or what a Mandalorian is, and didn’t like that as the show’s name initially. They’ve appeared much in the Clone Wars and Rebels, so she can’t say they didn’t have any backstory to pull from with regards to how to tell the story of the sequels. The Favreau/Filoni era has begun! Seeing Luke Skywalker get his hallway scene was unbelievable.

    The focus shouldn’t be on “Why is Boyega complaining?!”, he has every right to. So does every Star Wars fan. But there’s – new hope… with all the success of Mandalorian and the new stories rising from it, there is a world in a galaxy far far away, and Kennedy didn’t completely destroy it

    1. J

      This was one of the only logical comments in this entire forum.

  23. HonestCritic

    If it wasn’t for star wars nobody would know who you are. Fact is you cant act, thats why nobody is knocking down your door to be their leading man.

  24. Pat

    I believe what has his nose in a joint is he was a very big part of 7 and 8, and not so much 9. But if anybodies role was simply to put an ethnic in there it would be Tran IMHO. History is loaded with singers and actors who signed the contract and then spent the majority of their career whining and b’n about it. So he and Ray are just the latest little b’s. Now go be a good little b’s and get paid massive amounts of money to play dress up pretend.

  25. Pat

    Everywhere I look I see people who got ahead in the modern entertainment field who wouldn’t have gotten anywhere even just 20 years ago not because of prejudice but because they just don’t have the talent. But we’re supposed to over praise and like them because they’re a certain race, or have a certain outspoken politic view or sexual orientation. So Hollywood hands them roles that should have gone to 100’s of more talented actors instead. And are they grateful? When they PR the crap out of these people, put them in movies that bomb, is it ever this type of actors fault? No its the public for being racist!! Nobody ever sticks a Mic in these blow hands mouths and says “explain The Rocks success then? ” or Elton Johns? Or …any of 1000 people who are ethnic, gay, or outspoken who are successful? Maybe you just suck? Just saying.

  26. Dan Litrento

    Omg this guy needs to just shut up his acting was absolutely garbage, stop playing the race card especially when they gave you your stardom not there fault your a terrible actor and a crybaby
    Hopefully nobody casts you again

  27. Pricella

    Boyega is not that great of an actor to begin with …. so big deal, I personally could care less is he leaves the industry all together! I’m so tired of BASIC entertainers acting like we should all be hanging on their every word because they are in show business (insert … hard eye roll). Don’t get me wrong … I enjoy a good movie, drama or sitcom like the next person. But actors don’t get to tell me how to believe and where my values should be!! Most actors are good at following directions…. go stand here and look scared ?.
    The citizens who should have a voice heard are Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Professors, Mothers and Fathers, Spiritual Leaders and Emergency personal …. they make a difference in our lives. Mediocre actors like Boyega just make us chuckle for a few seconds, like our puppy would. No I will not be watching Small Axe!

  28. Ben

    Who else yelled out “REEEEEYYYYYYY!!!!” When the first image loaded?

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