Comments for Kevin Feige is Reportedly Eying Jim Carrey to Join the MCU

jim carrey

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  1. Quietone

    Just no.

    1. John Pagr

      OH HELL NO

  2. brian

    please Kevin Feige do not ever consider jim Carrey for any marvel movies. the last time he was in a comic book movie he refused to promote the movie on talk shows before its release. his reputation precedes him. he does not deserve a spot in the biggest movie franchise ever. please consider his failure to promote kick ass 2 after he agreed to be paid to costar in the movie. if he were so against the movie he should have turned down the role and refused any pay for it.

  3. Curtis

    He sucks

  4. Laura

    Washed up has been. That’s a hard no.

  5. masha

    Do you have anything else to do beides silly talks on website?

  6. Jim

    Maybe he could redeem himself from playing the Riddler jacked up on adderall…

  7. EMcG

    Jim Carey is a whack job anymore. If you want to run into problems (because he will do or say something crazy) then add him to MCU.

  8. Marsha

    Absolutely not. He is not a stable actor nor is he worthy of such a position.

  9. Bryan Dawson

    Old Man Loki

  10. KenR

    No. A big no. He is a toxic and insulting man who disparages anyone who does not follow his political views. With all of the talent available, why does anyone feel the need to overpay this guy? I will not be seein any movie he is in.

  11. Wally

    HARD NO!

  12. Christen Jones

    YES DO IT!

    I bet he’d pull it off..
    It would challenge him I’m sure but he steps up to a challenge and nails it as we’ve seen in the wide scope of characters he’s played thus far.

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