Comments for Watch: Tinker Bell Evacuates Cavalcade Float at Magic Kingdom

tinker bell

Credit: Manisha O'Donnell Williams on Facebook


  1. Gary

    Wait… She couldn’t just fly down? What’s up with that?

    1. George Zadorozny

      Ran out of pixie dust!

    2. George Zadorozny

      And boy oh boy is she ever cute!

    3. EricJ

      A good in-character Tink would be miming “hurry up!” and tapping her feet indignantly as CM’s set up the ladder. 😉

      (Every good performer still has to play the emergency shutdowns…)

      1. Ak

        I love the way the guys holding the ladder “avert their eyes” as she descends. Such manners! 🙂

  2. Michael Holt

    I would have gladly helped her down. That is a hot fairy

  3. Mike

    She a thicc Tinker Bell. I don’t remember Tink ever having thighs like that when I was a kid.

    1. EricJ

      Remember Tink’s expression when she looked down at her hips in the mirror?

    2. Joseph Kalista

      You were a kid and didn’t focus on her looks snly her charm

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  5. Can we take a second to appreciate that Tink never broke character, she was still her character!

  6. Colorado Strong

    She would be Kray-Kray in the bed.

  7. MamaMouse1993

    No such thing as “excessive cleanliness” right now. 🤔

    Tink did a wonderful job.

  8. Mickey

    Omg so newswirthy

  9. Alexa

    Lots of pervy guys commenting as usual. Grow up BOYS.

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