Comments for Industry Figures Call On Marvel to Retire “Corrupted” ‘Punisher’ Amid Capitol Riots

Marvel's The Punisher

Credit: Netflix/Marvel


  1. Jbeast

    Unbelievable. Im willing to bet 99% of the people wearing that logo have never picked up a Punisher comic book. Also “retiring” the character will change nothing. A very small number of jackasses (small compared to the actual number of people that showed up to the rally) throw a tantrum and now the Punisher needs to go. Ridiculous. I imagine that if the left terrorist groups who destroyed cities all summer long were using the symbol it would be celebrated. What a world.

    1. Ck

      Agreed man,100 percent on point!!!

      1. Bluesun

        Purple that say “in point” need to be hit in the head with a tack hammer because they are morons

    2. Bluesun

      I bet neither have you

  2. Hypocrite

    This is such a joke. If the shoe had been on the other foot no one would have said a word. I cannot believe the sheer hypocrisy that has come out of these riots. First I say this I am deeply saddened that people were killed. But this is not the first government building to be attacked in the last 6 months by rioters. And it is also not the first riot that people have died or been hurt. Especially if they are police officers. But the fact is the people support the orange man so there for they have no right to protest or riot? Everyone has condemned and demanded massive action against these people. Where were these out cry’s for other causes when the protests turned violent. Both sides need to wake up and see they are fighting the same system. The punisher logo has been used by people as a sign of strength for decades but after one riot he should be retired? This is a joke that our country demands cancellation when someone who you don’t agree with uses literally anything.

  3. Grant Hackney

    I saw some men on blue jeans in the riots. Levi Strauss has some recalls to do as well.

    1. James Dawley

      I was going to add my distain over the ignorant desires to retire a mere symbol. However, after reading the comments below. Looks to be my thoughts were well covered.

  4. Nicholas

    Also the American flag. We should do away with that too i guess.

    1. Art

      It’s a stupid idea put forth by the weak.

      1. Ed Ross Ross

        “Put forth by the weak”? I’m sorry, are you a comic book character? Let me translate your statement into real-person: “It’s a dumb idea by people I disagree with online.”

        I agree, Lord Thanos. It is a dumb idea. To let obnoxious fringe groups take our cultural symbols from us is to give them more importance than they deserve.

      2. PanBantheWoman

        Not a superhero fan to begin with, BUT what was described, admittedly by the article, is that the Punisher is an antihero. Someone who doesn’t mind breaking the law to ‘get the job done’ which makes him little more than criminal… And therefore is the PERFECT logo for the short-sighted anarchist mentality shown on Capitol Hill last week.
        Retire? I think not. This is a teachable moment in which the drooling masses can be shown what happens to anarchists…
        He should serve his sentence in his universe, to remind the infatuated superhero squadron about real life.

        1. Covid66

          PanBantheWoman, are you retarded?
          Are you going to call those antifa and blm muppets anarchists as well?
          They might be short sighted but you are small minded, now go away and bury your head in the sand until this nonsense is sorted out.

  5. Ray Ruiz

    Really?? You want to retire assemble just because somebody used it for a bad action? That’s like saying a robber uses a Miami dolphins hat and now the dolphins need a change their name. Quit being such a social justice snowflake, the symbol is still good for any future use for The punisher. People are just getting ridiculous nowadays.

  6. Mike

    Let’s just cancel evening that has the slightest bit of violence. Remember Heaths joker. people dressed like him and did a lot of bad things. Can’t wait for cancelling marvel’s thanos….. We don’t see anime bring cancelled. They are way more violent. We as Americans don’t like to take responsibility. It’s the person that did it not a fictional character…. Take the baby gloves off…. Stop blaming video games fictional characters music……

    1. charles


    2. A.simmons

      So the BLM fist needs to be retired as it was used by terrorists last summer, and antifa’s symbol since its been nothing but hate and violence from that group.

  7. Frank Lloyd Wright

    There were people wearing hats too!! I was so offended by their hats!!! Free Hat!!

    It also reminded me of Call of Duty!! Let’s ban/recall them too!!

    Is this what we have come to?? This country is going down the drain

    1. Joe biden

      Wow. Are you people playing dumb or are you just stupid? Nobody is trying to cancel everything. The punisher symbol has become a hate symbol. So get rid of it. I can’t believe the stupid remarks on here. No one wants to cancel your Levi’s or even your red hat…just the hate symbols.

      1. Choujikuu

        So has the American flag by these seditionists and insurrectionists.

      2. Bluesun

        I’d ask if you are playing dumb but I don’t think you are. Police officers used the “hate” symbol so let’s cancel them too. Go back to your safe space.


    Why is it that every time some asshats corrupt a symbol, those who established its meaning surrender? I vehemently disagree and instead suggest using the dark force that is Disney Legal for good. Many of these folks have been identified, and the symbol IS a registered Marvel brand. Show some spine, Disney! Sue these mutts

    1. Bluesun

      It’s a skull stupid. You can’t keep people from using skulls… Smh… Should I copyright a star and keep people from using that?


    Don’t ban the symbol. Try suing the yahoos infringing on copyright and tarnishing Disney’s trademark. Sic Disney Legal on them.

    1. Bluesun

      You can’t copyright a skull stupid.

  10. Ronald Jason Allen

    Retire him so my comics will go up in value.. That people are talking about this isn’t surprising what would be surprising is if Marvel actually did kill off a iconic vigilante crime fighter over people being overly sensitive and unrealistic.

  11. Shafton D Crosson

    This is STUPID! I’m waiting for these same people too ban the bible next, go after Christians because they don’t believe in their agendas. I’m not Republican nor Democrat nor far right nor far left I just believe in doing unto others as you will have them do unto you according to God’s word but these far left individuals and liberals I’m sorry if you don’t agree with them and they’re thinking then you should be banned.

    1. Wil

      I agree with you. Sounds like they need to banned

  12. Derek

    This cancel culture garbage is simply going too far now. Why don’t we start canceling out the useless politicians like Pelosi, Schumer, and Newsom who aren’t doing anything for the country or their states and district representation?

    1. Jack

      Don’t forget Cruz, Hawley, Boebert, McConnell, etc. There’s plenty of directions to point fingers in. You want to talk about useless politicians? They’re the worst of the worst. Boebert believes in ridiculous conspiracy theories for crying out loud. Aside from that this whole getting rid of the Punisher stuff is nonsense. Stugats.

  13. Orville

    People need to quit this cancel culture attitude, because someone was wearing it on their clothing doesn’t mean you take away a revenue stream from marvel you act like an adult about it and realize that it’s not the punisher up their its Bob from Abelcurki, and if you think that soilders and police will stop wearing it you’re dusalusional. Just remember it’s not the swastica everyone.

  14. Justin

    You retire Frank Castle then criminals win…..

    1. Tom

      I love how three random creators and a dude with a YouTube channel are enough for an article to include Industry Figures in the title….when you have a couple hundred echoing their sentiment you might have a story….this is not a story..this is b.s. click bait pandering and nothing more…

  15. Glen Bradley

    I heard that Adolph Hitler ate potatoes. Scandals! We should nuke Idaho immediately!

    All joking aside, I am sick to death of these communists.

  16. Mike Hawk


  17. Arkitekt78

    Maybe we should retire corrupted industry officials instead…

  18. Jim

    This is ultimately an easy fix. With the “King in Black” storyline, have Castle come in for a last “hurrah” then be killed by Carnage or even Knull himself.

    1. Bluesun

      This is why no one hired before

  19. Devin Cooper

    Ah yes, the tolerant Left

  20. JB

    Its a fictional character. If you start banning/retiring symbols. Nothing will be safe any more. Just leave it alone.

  21. C

    Has been corrupted for as long as white supremacists have been using it. Nothing new about the corruption, just now it’s on TV, in the Capitol of the United States…which are very Un-United…very disparate right now.

    1. Bluesun

      You are an idiot. STFU now

  22. Ck

    If you are going to do something about the punisher then do away with the BLM symbol as well as it has caused violence,rioting and looting throughout the summer!! Only fair!!!

    1. Shawn

      If y’all go through with dropping the punisher because off all the bs going on in the world then i have 3 words to say dmf. The punisher has nuthing to do with real world politics. Just because people were wearing the logo.if thats the kace mite as well shut down Hollywood i can go on and on but i don’t have time for stupidity.

      1. Bluesun

        Nor the time to use spell check either it seems

  23. Covid66

    PanBantheWoman, are you retarded?
    Are you going to call those antifa and blm muppets anarchists as well?
    They might be short sighted but you are small minded, now go away and bury your head in the sand until this nonsense is sorted out.

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