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Chris Pratt Indiana Jones

Credit: Lucasfilm, Marvel


  1. Pdadders

    You wisely pointed out Chris Pratt already is too old. Also, for those who care, were it to occur,, his timeline as Indu would overlap that of Harrison Ford’s films, and they look rather different. A timeframe ripe for exploration would be the one between teenage Indy, portrayed by the late River Phoenix, and Ford’s earliest, in IJ and the Temple of Doom. The actor would have to be young, look like he would grow and age – more the mileage than the years – to be Ford. It could include young Indy and young Marion – though that sounded age-inappropriate as described in Raiders of the Lost Ark, if not worse. By the way, the actor will need the scar. Here’s yet ANOTHER idea: stories about the guy who gave Indy his hat. Of course, however unique he may be, he would wind up somewhat like Indy, wouldn’t he ? Apparently, at least once, he worked for a Bad Guy. Interestingly, his lifetime would include some time prior to 1900.

    1. Matthew

      Years? Temple of Doom takes place one year before Raiders.

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