Comments for Amid Controversy, J.K. Rowling Still Earned $60 Million in 2020


  1. Sarah

    She really hasn’t alienated the trans community – even amongst genuine transgender individuals, many support Rowling. Do not confuse those who claim to support transgender individuals with transgender individuals themselves.

  2. David

    Her views aren’t controversial. Trans women biologically are men and devalue the the actual problems of feminist issues that they will never understand themselves. J.K. rolling isn’t spouting anything insensitive, it’s just that the lgbtq community is toxic, and poorly represents actual trans people.

  3. Kay

    At this point I don’t care what controversial thing she said because you’ll just be stressing yourself out over it….also as stated her works are amazing and people love it. Im not going to go bashing on her like most of these people do because at least I have some decency to try to understand her way of thinking about it and not joining the angry mob about every single little thing someone does….let people enjoy whatever she makes…

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