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Holiday Inn Orlando

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  1. Ryan


  2. GT

    I went once in 2015. It waa horrible. Pool area is cool but rooms had stains and even mold.

    Poor management all around and could never focus a theme.

  3. Dana

    We stayed twice and what a great hotel, close to Disney, lots for family to do onsite without charging extra. I hope make it through the bankruptcy and come back stronger.

    1. Beth

      We loved it when it was the Nick hotel! I think appeal was lost without that theming and activities that went with it. It used to be its own destination.

  4. Christian

    Despite of it, the new Nickelodeon hotel in Riviera Maya, Mex will be opening on June 1st

  5. This is horrible news! They had my girls scout troops deposit for a Labor Day 2020 visit that they never returned. They kept saying that they were working on it…..working on taking $$ from little girls working hard to sell cookies!

  6. Kim

    Sad to hear this! We stayed here in Dec 2016. Great hotel resort, amenities, room set up and location. Hope to see them reopen!

  7. EricJ

    Everything’s “minutes” from WDW, even Kissimee–But I only saw the old Nick hotel on a bus tour to Sea World, and seemed like it was all the way across town.

    Also, is WDW still not too fond of cheapskate car tourists who park at Disney Springs to go to the parks? That’s why they retired the Park/Springs buses for a while, back before the garage, when it was still Downtown Disney.

  8. Mayra M Fuentes

    I visited this hotel while it wore the Nickelodeon brand. It had a character breakfast,”slime pool” and shows. I have great memories with the kids of karaoke, family feud and 4d movies. Once it chanced names, it lost its appeal.

  9. A

    I was there at the end of March and the few employees I encountered were extremely nice and went above and beyond for us during the weekend. Those employees told us that it was their last weekend there and they were uncertain of their future for employment. This “pandemic” has hurt one too many people and keeping the country shut down has killed so many businesses small and large. Even though only one of the restaurants was open on-site, the 3-d movie, and laser game, and the sides were shut down. It was one of the best weekends my family had.

    1. R. C

      Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad you to have been a part of your experience, albeit under the circumstances. Your words are a sight for soar ears.

  10. Brenda Stanton

    Stayed here years ago when it was a holiday inn. It was amazing. Sorry to hear this.

  11. Don Johnson's Beard

    No surprise there. I’m in shock that Lego Land is still running considering they are way worse than nickelodeon. If you plan to go to Orlando and you going anywhere but Disney or universal, you will be in for major disappointment.

    1. Keith

      We went to legoland for the first time last week, staying in the new hotel. It was awesome! The hotel was amazing! My kids liked the rides there more than Disney. I definitely did not, but I liked the price!

    2. Chris

      Not really bro..lol

  12. Josh

    This place sucked. Had a horrible experience there back in 2017.

  13. Mary

    They did it to themselves! After selling to holiday Inn they out priced the rooms. Trying to compete with Disney resorts.

  14. Mark

    I stayed there when it was Family Suites years ago and really liked the original themed suites. Never visited since it changed to Nick and it’s a shame if it went so far downhill.

  15. Malinda

    I am very saddened that they can file bankruptcy leaving thousandths of patrons without there refund due to pandemic my reservation was cancelled since April 15 being refund 7 to 14 days which never happened instead they kept pushing back the dates of reopen newest date of course was a lie January 31st now news from my Google feed tells us this news I contacted mayor’s office months ago which someone left me a lengthy message to contact better buisness bureau just awful to be out of $764.57 during a pandemic

  16. April Badgley

    Make them studio apartments now to help people and families it would help you and families in crisis and they can enjoy park there make memories. All those room perfect for the times we have now. God bless everyone amen.

  17. Robert

    No surprise.

    Went one time. Parking was a mess. It took 45 minutes to check in because they only had one clerk on duty. When we finally got to our room it had a plug in dehumidifier in the middle of the room. It was so damp in there you could feel condensation on everything. The bathroom had visible mold on the walls.
    We didn’t even bother unpacking. Fortunately there is no shortage of other places to stay in the area.

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