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Hall of Presidents

Credit: Disney (left) ITM (right)


  1. LL

    Keep calm and carry on. Thank goodness the Orange County Register doesn’t operate our theme parks and there’s no need to make sweeping changes highlighting whom our Presidents have been. I have faith most visitors to Magic Kingdom are mature enough to understand it’s simply a display of elected officials. Why make this an issue?

    1. Becky

      This is still America. Walt
      Disney would want it to stay. We need to retain our tradition & history.

      1. Rod Van Gelder

        Get over it. You need to have all presidents or none. Pretty much every president had his faults, certainly Mr Trump did, but “move on”

        1. Rroe

          Agree Rod, just look at Bill Clinton…..His Arkansas and White House Escapades speak for there selves. No President did stuff like this right in the hallways of the White House. They all have their faults. One doesn’t have to dig to deep to find dirt on them all.

      2. K. Cook

        You don’t know what Walt would have wanted since you NEVER MET him like I did. Our tradition does not include treason by a U.S. President. Walt Disney would NEVER have supported such an attack on the freedoms of the USA!

    2. Annie

      You would honestly cancel out an attraction that has made us what we are as Americans?You would cancel the millions of Americans that threw the years have cast their votes for the candidate of their choice? And cancel one president or several presidents just because someone somewhere at Disney did not like their policies? Come on Disney, we spend our hard-earned money to come there we should be duly represented. If you do away with the Hall of Presidents, you will take your place in the list of those who are part of this cancel culture!

      1. Edmond Gosselin,Sr.

        In my opinion history has its highs and lows, to sanitize our path to democracy would be unfair. The people of this Republic have withstood the attacks against our beliefs and sustained our freedoms, don’t paint an inaccurate picture of who we are or who we were it makes no rational sense.

      2. James

        We canceled slavery, communism, segregation, secession and many other ills. We can and should cancel sedition and treason as well.

        1. JennaV

          I don’t understand how you can justify the ignorant position of hiding and white washing the past because it is inconvenient. I don’t like Trump. He is loathsome boar with little morals. We can’t hide him and his legacy or he will be repeated again and again. The Hall of Presidents represents every aspect of American life and history. The good presidents and the ones like Andrew Jackson and Donald Trump that were a stain on history. It is our collected past we are talking about. It glorifies no one. It tells a story. Disney doesn’t use politics with their hall of presidents. No matter what foolish idea you have. He is part of our history and who we are as an imperfect mass of humanity that believes in democracy and freedom enough that we make mistakes and elect people that really shouldn’t have been.

          We need Trump in there is we are going to move past this refuse storm. I didn’t grow up here. I grew up in the tail end of the cold war and Soviet Union. Even in the early days and now really we didn’t have anything that wasn’t approved or cancelled. I didn’t know about Trotsky when I was a little girl. Cuban Missile crisis was a footnote. Most the programs and purges didn’t exist to us. Do you want the US to be that backwards? To control the mind and thoughts of all who live in it? That is what this cancel garbage is. We can’t move on from the past if we can’t see how bad it was.

        2. dumb

          you forgot free speech and fair elections

        3. Susan

          We have not canceled communism – it is very much alive and thriving. And make no mistake, communism has arrived in America.
          Two, if anyone has incited sedition and treason it is the democratic party.
          So either the Hall of Presidents has ALL presidents or none at all as ALL presidents have their faults.

        4. Mike

          Um, acquitted. 😉

    3. Chester Merrifield

      Keep it all the same . I and my wife really enjoyed the hall of presidents the last time we were at Disney. We are no fan of Joe Biden but would not want to see his image removed. It’s all history even if we don’t like some of it.

      1. Jim

        Change the theme to hall of our founders. Have it based on statesmen and women of the Revolution. Include Franklin, Revere, et al

    4. Penny

      I totally agree with your comment! It’s a part of our history and should remain a part of Disney! People can choose to visit this attraction of choose not to. Don’t play into politics.

    5. J. Barnes

      Innocent until proven guilty….in this case acquitted.

  2. Darth Pence

    The solution is simple.

    Have the new Biden robot come out and say, “Thanks to the well thought out arguments and logically reasoned concerns of a few of Qanon devotees, it has become clear to me that I was never truly elected to run this country and therefore, as I was never legitimate, it is impossible for me to resign. This means, on a careful reading of the Constitution as inspired by Allen Dershowitz, Donald Trump is the one and true king of the United States.”

    Then have the Donald Trump robot come out by itself and say, “You’ve seen me. You don’t have to see the robots on the stage. Be glad you came. This is a much better attraction than Small World, which is really such a small ride. You’re welcome.”

    And play the Imperial Theme song as we exit.

    Problem solved!

    1. Vickie

      Stop people! You are making a bigger deal out it than it should be! Leave it alone and move on.

  3. Dana Vossen

    Leave it. We must know our history in order to not repeat it.

  4. EricJ

    It’s not about THE president (thankfully), it’s about Presidents.
    At one point, the Imagineers were trying to pull an “Oops, we forgot to record audio for Trump! 😉 “, but now, for the first time in four years, he’s silent.

    The only reason we have the current president speak at all was the new Clinton-era reboot of the show to keep Paul Pressler from closing more Walt-era antiques, it was the 90’s Constitution bicentennial, and there was a big Clinton-era push for “People, appreciate your Constitution!”
    And then George W. Bush came along in time for ’01’s Pressler-era park troubles, and rather than record him, the execs were initially thinking, “Um, maybe we just shouldn’t re-open?”

  5. EricJ

    Hamilton is SO last year.
    But then, they can’t turn it into a Mandalorian attraction either.

    1. Amber

      You can’t/shouldn’t change history no matter what! We shouldn’t judge people’s past actions based on laws/morals of their time period, even if contrary to our time. Time will change us, but we can’t change time! DB

    2. Anna

      This is beyond ridiculous. History is history. No one can erase it. Move on. I think there are more important things to worry about than statues at a theme park. Honestly, people really need to grow the f*** up already.

      1. Darth Pence

        Thank you!

        We should worry more about Confederate statues down at the local city park.

        Finally, somebody speaking sense!

  6. JS

    Put him in a back corner behind someone else.

  7. Denzil Jackson

    They should keep Donald, he is part of History (thankfully). Just have him about to speak, then President Biden shush (or slap) him with an open palm before speaking.

    1. Kim

      This is the Hall of Presidents Trump was our President.
      We can’t keep erasing history because people don’t agree.
      Leave it alone.

  8. Dana

    The Biden animatronic needs a girl to sniff and touch uncomfortably in order for it to be realistic.

    1. Matthew Lee

      Oh while we’re at it lets get a woman in there for trump to grab by the pu$$y

    2. Kiyo

      Sounds more like trump and his daughter ivanka

      1. Diane

        The Hall of Presidents has always been one of my favorites…

    3. James

      Simple just let him be behind the children’s seating

  9. Shay

    Should leave it alone! Trump was our President just like all the others. It is a classic. Kids should learn and be educated of our history, the good and the bad. Think Walt would be disappointed.

  10. Deidre Rawson

    History is history. Trump was the president for 4 years and should be kept in the attraction. My family visits this attraction every time we go to Disney. It is a tradition especially since I saw this as a child at the worlds fair. Leave it alone. Just add Biden and call it a day. Removing someone who was the president for 4 years would allow Disney to make a political statement which is something they usually avoid. In the words of the Beatles, LET IT BE!

  11. Stephanie Hillman

    I think the Disney company should keep the hall of Presidents
    Exhibit because its a
    part of American History

  12. Christopher Martin

    Good grief the Hall of Presidents has lost of this long because people have been mature enough to accept the ebbs and flows of elections. Don’t give into the cancel culture. Agree or disagree with whoever was president at the time we must know our history and this is such an innovative magical experience don’t ruin it. People stop being so easily offended. If you truly believe what you believe the confident enough to accept political discourse. Shutting down people you don’t agree with is fascism and Un-American. Our country was founded on Free speech, which means you may be offended sometimes, but they won’t cut your head off for it here.

  13. JB

    Is this a joke? Removing the 45th President, a sitting president that half the country voted to re-elect from the hall of presidents because you don’t agree with his rhetoric and policies – grow a backbone.

    1. Matthew Lee

      Calm down dude, they aren’t talking about removing trump, they’re talking about removing the entire attraction.

      1. Adam C Bryant

        Removing trump was 1 idea that ppl were suggesting that Disney do.

      2. Jason

        Yeah thats an even worse idea. Basically misguided people saying if they dont remove 45 then shut the whole thing down. Ridiculous.

  14. Van Hamlin

    Even Disney needs to avoid creating alternate history. Just add Biden and move on. The show doesn’t dwell on most of these president’s very long anyway.
    Maybe accurate depiction of their looks is more important than worrying about their politics.

    1. Sharon Foulon

      We should continue with tradition and add the new president and go on. Many citizens from other countries also go to this attraction. They enjoy seeing our history as I enjoy seeing theirs when I visit their country.

  15. Matthew Leee

    Uh, maybe if the attraction bothers you so much, don’t go in it. And to say the hall of presidents has no connection to Walt is ridiculous. The hall of Presidents is the natural evolution of great times with Mr. Lincoln. Get over yourself.

  16. The artisan who made the Donald Trump should be forced to fix it to resemble him. It is obvious to everyone the artist started a Hillary Clinton, and at the last minute made changes without changing the face. It’s disgraceful that Disney did not hold the artist to a higher standard.

  17. Am

    I agree we shouldn’t change history. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I don’t understand the concept of going around erasing every bit of life. These things are what make us people what makes us complex. I feel like the problem is relying and embrassing feelings and emotions instead of saying ok that happened in strong enough to move on.

  18. Kiyo

    This attraction bores me anyway. They should just make a new attraction with some nostalgic vibes. I mean they can leave trump we just usually laugh at the part he comes out anyway. Add Biden now too. But again this attraction not one for me to get worked about

  19. Hall of presidents is for famous historical figures, not todays popular leader. Remove all presidents from after year 2000. Give it time ( decades) before adding new ones.

  20. Glen m

    Lin-Manuel Miranda has no business working with Disney. His history of intolerance for others while demanding it is laughable.
    For a company wanting to avoid political statements, you sure are moving in a contrary direction.

  21. Edmond Gosselin,Sr.

    In my opinion history has its highs and lows, to sanitize our path to democracy would be unfair. The people of this Republic have withstood the attacks against our beliefs and sustained our freedoms, don’t paint an inaccurate picture of who we are or who we were it makes no rational sense.

  22. John Lawrence

    I hate to break the hearts of all the liberal Disney fans, but Walt Disney was a conservative and a friend of Ronald Reagan.

    Any discussion involving the Hall of Presidents should address how Biden rigged the vote in 4 states to cheat his way in, and how his son is a disgrace to the presidency.

    Disney World is a great place because of America and capitalism. I really wish you liberals would just shut up for once.

    1. CarolineRN

      Yea John Lawrence!
      Thank you.

      1. James

        Walt Disney was a true Republican, not one of the modern day seditionist-traitor versions.

    2. Darth Pence

      If Biden was so smart, how come he didn’t rig himself at least one more seat in the Senate?

      If they did four, ONE more seat couldn’t have been that hard.

  23. I think the hall of presidents needs to be updated. As the world evolves, it becomes a more controversial attraction. If it went back to a few founding fathers and Abe Lincoln, it could work. Lincoln’s narrative should change to… How our country and democracy began, how it’s changing, how’s it’s a work in progress, how’s there good and bad elements, but it’s those challenges that make this country different, what it is, a great nation.

    1. Cole M Jenkins

      I actually love the idea of having a couple of them debate. They could randomize which presidents decide to debate. Imagine they each introduce themselves, and then 43 figures fade to the background as the spotlights fall on two. Maybe Daniel Webster or Ben Franklin or Freeman Douglas or something rises up to moderate. Then apply some of that Disney innovation and use AI to make the debates at least somewhat dynamic!

  24. Donna

    You could do a tribute to Stan Lee & George Lucas since you have bought out both franchises. But you can’t just remove Trump because he is controversial, that would be picking sides & as a corporation you must stay neutral. Either leave him in or remove the hall of presidents all together.

  25. John

    This is my favorite attraction at Walt Disney because no matter who the president is it is a clear display of what has occurred historically in our country. It highlights more good than bad but most importantly, it’s not apologetic when it shows a true history of what happened. Don’t hide it, don’t take it down, don’t cover it up. This is what makes the Hall of Presidents and our country so great. Anyone who calls for an attraction to be shut down that in no way represents a single terrible current event is misguided and terribly immature.

  26. Nonsnowflake

    Not supporting trump here at all. We all need to grow up and worry about bigger problems in America right now. It is horrible that this is what is trending right now instead of more pressing matters. It’s an attraction at an amusement park. Enough complaining about every possible thing and let’s fix this country. Grow up America

  27. Dawson

    Muppet ? Hamilton ?

    That is all.

  28. Bill Gall

    Erasing history is a very dangerous thing. Everything noteworthy that happened in 2020 has happened before. Many times. Yet people acted like it was the first time. Why? People don’t pay attention to history. If we are being realistic, nobody should have any statue, bust or marker dedicated to them. Nobody should have their name honored in the Hall of Fame. Not one person that has walked this Earth has ever been holier than thou. Maybe if people spent their time worrying about real, current issues, then this world could be a somewhat better place instead of pretending the world was some fantasy land of peace and love forever. People are so easily offended by history yet are ok with the explicitness of today’s “music” scene and overly sexualized culture and thinking people with tattoos on their face are cool? Look how we are conditioning future generations. Embarrassing.

    There is even a petition to remove Walt Disney’s statue and replace it with Stan Lee and George Lucas. Not surprised as many of the original rides have been replaced and for over a decade Disney has transitioned into Marvel and Star Wars. The writing is on the wall.

  29. Dawn

    Leave it be! If you don’t like it, you don’t need to go in there. This Cancel Culture is trying to get rid of history. That is not the way things work & it isn’t fair to the people who can be mature adults & understand that not everyone has to have the same beliefs or opinions. You think Trump is the only President represented that has controversy or people who didn’t like him?! It is especially disgusting that this is even a topic as they are planning to add the new President who is coming in with some questionable controversy which no one yet knows how it will pan out. Some people want to come to Disney & enjoy the original concept Walt created. Not everyone is interested in Star Wars. Also, don’t remove The Hall of Presidnts or remove the Presidents that are deemed controversial to some. Disney has no problem taking the money that has some of those same President’s faces on it!

  30. M

    Maybe send Hall of Presidents to WADC for an exhibit.

  31. Reina

    Let it be! This is our history, American History! When I go in there, I’m proud of who we are and how we have overcome many good and bad things through the years. There are presidents that did some bad things but they are part of history. We are ALL flawed…. no one is perfect! Don’t bow to that whole cancel culture.

  32. Kimberly

    Exactly what I was thinking!!

  33. Daniel

    These supposed “fans” need to shut the hell up. Clearly they missed the introduction to the Hall of Presidents show which clearly states Walt Disney‘s intentions behind the show. It isn’t about individual presidents, but about the presidency that defines America. Clearly they aren’t fans if they don’t know this.

  34. Mary S.

    Leave it be. This is our history and should not be changed. Our family likes this attraction. Add Biden and proceed as normal.

    1. James

      9/11 was our history too, but we don’t have statues of Bin laden and the 9/11 hijackers and insist we do so because “history!”

      1. Jo

        Add Biden and Let It Go.. there’s several presidents I haven’t liked but they are a part of our history. If you take 1 you have to take them all because someone is going to be offended. I’m planning on visiting Disney in the next year and would love to sit and watch this display.

  35. Louis John Dole III

    Hall of Presidents should stay and all Presidents should be represented. Trump was and always will be a former President and a Great Legacy will last after him, the things he did to make our country better will last forever. Trump might be President again in 2024, does he have Two statues. LOVE THE SHOW, LOVE THE HISTORY. Get Over it. Don’t like, Don’t go. HE WAS PRESIDENT AND HE WAS GREAT FOR AMERICA..

    1. Darth Pence

      They just polled 400,000 people to find out how great Trump was, but they were all dead.

      1. MAGA

        Their deaths were because of a Chinese virus that was always out of everyone’s control.

        Why do you act like Trump as an omioscent figure who can stop diseases with a mere thought? The presidency doesn’t come with supernatural powers, I promise.

        Besides why do you people act like death by diseases was never a thing until Trump came along?

  36. James

    If Disney can keep out Khruschev, they can keep out other people who threatened the existence of our country like Benedict Donald. No one will be claiming he was never president, they will be saying we only honor those who don’t try to violently dispute a legitimate election.

  37. Alexandra Tychnowitz

    Walt Disney ment his parks to be a getaway from reality. Not for crazy people making everything a political issue. The Hall of the Presidents is a landmark attraction, because people can’t keep there stupid ? comments without bringing prejudices into everything keep quiet. Keep the park gentlemen the way WALT DISNEY himself wanted it to be magical and fun. Not a political ball field to destroy it. Thanks

  38. Adam C Bryant

    So…they don’t like trump being in the hall of presidents??? Then don’t go in the hall of presidents??? wow! That was a difficult decision.

  39. Brooklyn

    I say keep the attraction open, just don’t let Trump speak.

  40. Jenny

    Seems to me like people just want something to complain about and control. Leave the ride and it’s history alone, just because these last few years have been suckish d it does not have anything to do with that attraction. Be mature and let it be what it is, an attraction at Disney World displaying a bit of history. And simply, if you have such a problem with such overwhelming feelings then do go into it or better yet, stay out Disney World.

  41. Spencer

    Tweets from a few loudmouth ‘intellectuals’ does not constitute a controversy or that there is a conversation going on about this. I highly doubt that anyone is actually outraged that Trump, who did in fact serve 4 years as president, appears in the attraction.

  42. Kelly

    If you don’t want to see the current president, skip the attraction. I do not like Trump, I went to see it once while he was President. If you can’t do that, go right Space Mountain.

    1. Tamara Dowd

      The good the bad and the ugly, it’s all history. Leave it alone. I wish this was all the turmoil we had to deal with. Don’t like it don’t go, simple as that.

  43. Barrett keathley

    I propose that they replace all the presidents except the current one, and have characters in scenes from other important historical political events. Every 4 years you replace, unless reelected, the outgoing president with the newly elected president. Problem solved?

  44. Hunter B Stanky

    Rotten Disney Corp put a terrible representation of Trump in place. Now the rats want to remove it and put in a Biden dummy (just use the real person.) I wonder if old Stinky Joe is going to be stuttering.

  45. Janice E. Jones

    Continue the Hall of Presidents accurately and unbiased, as you did with Andrew Johnson, Andrew Jackson, and Richard Nixon. President Trump accomplished many positive changes for our country. He is, after all, a verifiable part of our history. For those who object : Don’t go to it. There are many other attractions to see.

  46. Barrett

    I propose they broaden the theme by replacing all the presidents, except the most recently elected, with scenes from american political history, maybe the signing of the declaration of independence, lincoln delivering the gettysburg address, kennedys ” we choose to go to the moon ” , or reagans ” tear down this wall speeches. They can still use the old presidents and rotate old scenes periodically. I don’t think in years to come there will be any great clamor for a scene of presidents that have brought shame to the office.

  47. SirStephenH

    Just replace him with a potted plant.

  48. Michelle

    45 was our president. Personally I can’t stand the man, but I still expect that he would be included in the Hall of presidents because it is our history. I don’t think that 1 man should be able to end of the existence of the ride just because a large percentage of people don’t like him. If it’s too much for you, skip the ride!

  49. David A

    Interesting to read these comments especially those that are against removing something as it is America’s history and yet people want to remove Splash Mountain which is based on tales told by African-Americans and is part of their history. Yes it is linked to the movie Song of the South which was released in 1946 and is set after the Civil War and the abolition of slavery but the ride itself only depicts the old African- American tales of Brer Rabbit and co and makes no reference to the way that black people were enslaved and treated prior to the abolition of slavery. In over 40 visits to the Magic Kingdom I have only visited the Hall of Presidents once and from a personal point of view ( and we are all entitled to that ) it would not bother me if the Hall of Presidents was closed and replaced by a Tiana themed restaurant which would make more sense than retheming a Splash Mountain.

    1. Allison

      love this! Or even better, Disney could not replace anything n use their tons of land to expand or build a new park. Instead they literally just build hotel after hotel for more people to stay at n cram into the same amount of parks!!

  50. Kieth Kayman

    Enough with cancel culture, white washing history just moves us closure to socialism and communism. Ask the regular folks in Venezuela, Russia and China how that worked out for them. In order for our democracy to survive it needs opposing view points and debates, not oh I’m so offended so I’m going to make you go away. Grow up folks, it’s called being a responsible adult.

    1. Allison

      So true, even more scarier are the Holocaust deniers and all the evidence that was destroyed from that in Europe! Also part of remembering slavery and the civil war is remembering that it was so normalized in society at the time the even certain presidents had them. It shows that it was some type of trafficking on the down low thing like having illegal workers today. Back in those days for a white man with land not to have slaves they honestly woulda been seen as outcast n treated differently. It’s one of the many disgusting times in history where social norms n group think tortured a minority group. It’s unfair though to put the weight of that on Presidents that did a lot of good for our country. Instead why not try n help a another country where right now there’s huge human rights violations n ppl are being tortured and enslaved or trafficked so they don’t have to live like your ancestors did.

  51. Patti

    Just move him to a corner and don’t have him speak. You can not remove him since he was a part of history. After awhile we will forget all about him.

  52. Christine

    I have visited Disney over 30 times. It’s supposed to be a carefree place to visit, albeit doning masks and the thousands of Disney employees whom have lost there jobs due to the pandemic.The political upheaval over this past election was a disgrace. It was a “he said, she said” story. Noone will ever agree with either candidate 100% and to bring Disney into the mess would start a political battle for either side. Let’s keep Disney as the magical, forget your worries, place that it was meant to be!

  53. Thomas Januszewski

    It is American history. All presidents need to be included.

  54. Disgusted

    What do I think? I think America is full of whiney little wusses that throw tantrums every time they don’t get their way or someone calls them out. Example, all the fat people who claim being fat is health. Just people who feel so entitled they mentality find a way to always be right, even when they’re clearly wrong. People see President they didn’t elect to up and they complain. They act like America was the only country that had slaves back then. China still has slaves today. People need to learn to work together for things that actually matter. Not just piss about things they don’t like, or makes them feel uncomfortable. Nobody makes you go on that presidential ride, so why the hell are you trying to force everyone to follow your rules? F*** you.

  55. Cliff Christie

    There’s no need to eliminate the attraction or, conversely, radically alter it in a way that just creates ill will and more adverse reactions. A redesign and reimagining could split the difference and still preserve a dignified and appropriate presentation. Among the possible changes:
    Maintain all the presidential figures but eliminate the roll call to avoid any reaction, positive or negative, at the mention of any one name. Reshuffle the placement of the figures, highlighting only Lincoln, who would still speak, and the current president, who may or may not. Mention specific presidents by name only in the filmed prologue, in reference to particular events during their term but with no imperative to name all of the presidents. Address more openly the more unpleasant aspects and events of American history up to the present – because I think the audience can handle it. And, admitting that I personally had no problem with what I took to be an intentional attempt to present a deliberately unflattering effigy of the 45th president, I would still recommend, strictly in the interest of accuracy, creating a new, more true-to-life ( if no more dignified ) version.

  56. Hall of Presidents

    Keep the Hall of Presidents. It’s cool. If the Senate votes to convict Trump, remove him. If the Senate votes to acquit Trump, keep him. This doesn’t need to be political.

    1. No, that would be still changing history. He was the president so he stays in.

  57. Diane

    The Hall of Presidents has always been one of my favorites…

  58. Jim Shultz

    It seems like since we just inaugurated a new president (regardless of whether it was legitimate or not), you would do what you have done every previous time and add the new president to the stage. What else would you do?

  59. Maryanna

    Don’t ruin a good thing. Represent all of the presidents. No one likes all 45 presidents, yet we enjoy and learn from the show. Disney needs to stop being so political and do what Walt wanted. Entertain the guests. If someone doesn’t like the Hall of Presidents he can go to another attraction. Have a Magical Day!

  60. SG

    Qiut trying to erase history! He was the president, and not the first one to face impeachment. Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton and let’s not forget about Nixon. To many butt hurt people in this country. Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

  61. KathyP

    One of my favorite attractions at WDW since I was A child visiting the magic kingdom. All presidents need to be represented. Leave this alone.

  62. Stephen Freitas

    So many options. First, the Hall of Presidents is an historical reference to all US presidents. It’s really not political. To fix current controversies I would consider:

    1. If Trump is removed by the senate there is a justification for removing the Trump figure. If he is not removed by the senate then he should stay alongside all other ex-presidents.
    2. We need to see and hear far more from the presidents and the film needs to be cut way down or removed. People want to see the presidential figures not the film. Move the current presidents to the back and bring the most prominent presidents to front and center and let them speak: Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, both Roosevelts, Wilson, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Reagan…tell the American story with the figures. WIth their words.
    3. Adding the Muppets is certainly an option that would change the entire spirit of the show. It may work. But remember the Enchanted Tiki Room.

  63. Mary

    Everything has changed in Disney World. The MAGIC IS STRIPPED AWAY. Now POLITICS is added to strip more away. It’s not the magical happy Disney World I used to look forward to visiting. What a shame. It’s not a wish that your heart makes anymore. Even the rooms at the resorts are stripped down . Whimsical decorations are gone, as well as the happy colors on the walls. Shocking to me on my last visit. Parks are dangerously dark. I miss the Old Disney World.

  64. Ok take out Clinton for adultry while in office, Nixon for watergate A. Johnson also impeached, all presidents who had slaves and i’m sure you could find others who did something wrong and then it would be called “the hall of president”, singular.

    1. MAGA

      To these imbeciles, Obama is the only president worth celebrating.

      Funny, how they accuse us Trump supporters of being “cultists” around him, but they completely to fail to notice how they do the same thing to Obama, except way creepier.

  65. Carly Havener

    I honestly don’t think Biden should be there because he really did not win the election. See that spin?! This article is ridiculous. Trump won back in 2016 and he won in 2020. More than half the country voted for him and there’s talk of not having him for this attraction that includes all past presidents??!! You will lose even more revenue than this virus did to you.

  66. Mary

    I feel that anyone not happy living in the greatest free country in the world USA should pick a place in the world and and buy a 1 way ticket and stay there. Stop looking to change what was not broken. If you don’t like where you live move to your better place and stop trying to ruin everyone else’s life. I feel so sorry for the young families that want to enjoy the fruits of their labor in the GREAT USA. Keep politics out of the Disney.

  67. Eric

    Personally, I love the Hall of Presidents since I was a child. But these times are nothing like what it was like when I was young.

    Here is the stark reality. Over the last 30 years, the political climate in this country is so divisive that the Hall of Presidents, rather than being a place inside Liberty Square that respected and honored our country, is now a place of contention and conflict. The last 4 Presidents, and it certainly looks like Biden will be added, have been so divisive that talk of Civil War is now commonplace.

    And any significant changes to the attraction will only continue division rather than end it.

    I fear that the country has moved beyond the Hall of Presidents and it’s just another thing that saddens me about this country.

  68. Hopeful

    It is our US history…the good, the bad and the ugly. We have made our mistakes like humans do. Even our most horrendous mistakes, our most terrible years must be on view so that it never happens again. We all need to learn from our past mistakes and our past achievements.

  69. Kim

    I have just one thought on this, really.. How many families will visit Disney who have lost a loved one to Covid-19?

    We’re now over 415,000 deaths and counting.
    Tragedies have happened during the watch of other presidents, of course. But this is on quite a different level. Not everyone will agree, but it’s obvious that he looked the other way and down played this causing the death toll to skyrocket.

    But just how many families has this tragedy reached?

    I can’t imagine visiting the park and seeing him there, having lost anyone to this.
    Yes, you can probably avoid it… but just the thought.

    It just feels painful to me, and I’ve been lucky enough not to have lost anyone close. I have a very small family though.

    I’m sorry for anyone I may have upset, I just had to share my thoughts. I’m tearing up writing this.

  70. Joan

    President Trump did a lot of good and he was elected and should not be removed from the Hall of Presidents

  71. kl

    History is history. It’s good for kids to learn some history at the parks. It is nice to see all the Presidents on stage. All humans have faults. If we removed every President who said or did something wrong or unpopular, you’d have an empty stage. People need to get a grip.

  72. Connie

    Many of us are grown ups and should set a good example for the young guests because they do watch us. We need to all be respectful and tolerant of other peoples opinions and beliefs and disagree respectfully. This is for both parties. We can all learn something from each other

  73. K. Cook

    The “Hall of Presidents” is NOT one of Walt Disney’s projects. Splash Mountain even though is has NOTHING to do with racism has been canceled, Pirates of the Caribbean has been changed many times because of whining from different groups, I could add more but the point is that too many people want to forget what Walt Disney wanted which was to transport us to a world that had nothing to do with reality. To escape for a bit and enjoy life without controversy. I met Walt Disney one day at Disneyland when I was a small tyke and he asked me if I was having fun and enjoying the Park which I told him yes, of course. He was a very sincere man who cared about what I felt. He would have NOT approved this “attraction” because ALL OF IT is political and NOT what he wanted which was NOT to cause hate, discontent and support of corruption.

  74. Jay Stephens

    How about just don’t listen to the “Twittersphere” at all???? Just put in accurate historical depictions of the presidents,maybe a quote or two from them depicting their policies and or achievements and allow people to draw their conclusions.

  75. Tonya

    You know what’s crazy? Out of all of my visits to WDW, I don’t remember a single time that a gun was held to my head, forcing me to visit the Hall of Presidents attraction.

    I’m pretty sure that would have stuck out in my mind. Nope, fairly certain it never happened.

  76. Disney Duchess

    I don’t think the show should change. If people don’t like it, then don’t do that attraction. It’s really that simple. But… if Disney really has to change it, they should do something similar to Great Moments with Mr Lincoln. The George Washington animatronic could be the story teller and the message could be of what it meant to be president then and what it means to be president now. Disney could pick like a handful of the other presidents ( Jefferson, Lincoln, both the Roosevelts to name a few) and put them in the lobby area with an interactive display. Inside the theatre, they could create opera boxes like in muppets for the other presidents and put Trump above the door the guests enter. That way no one can see him when they enter, and he’s not in anyone’s peripheral vision during the show.

  77. Matthew Brewster

    As I have mentioned suggested on Twitter several times, Diz could simply turn off the spotlight that shines on Trump when his name is given in the roll-call. The same could be done for the others who were just as controversial, such as Franklin Pierce and Andrew Johnson.

  78. Debi Davis

    Leave it alone. Did Disney remove Bill Clinton? He was impeached. He sullied the Oval Office. His about Richard Nixon… he was forced to resign. This should be treated like any other election. Just add Biden. Think of Biden, maybe he always thought it would be cool to be added there. It’s Disney folks, removing it or Trump would be the definition of being political. Just move on…

  79. I haven’t been in it since President Clinton was added He stripped the military and lied to congress. President Trump is a saint in comparison. President Obama also cut the military and President Trump rebuilt it. Sure, keep the Hall and in time the hate will dissipate and history will remain.

  80. Deb Hearon

    This is history. You may update it but it should be kept. All Presidents should be included too. Sorry, but history is history and it should be taught accurately.

  81. HLT

    Trump should be removed if there are enough votes to impeach him from office. I can’t stand Trump & find him despicable but he was the (worst) president so he should be in the Hall of Presidents. Could we just put him in a back corner.

  82. KenR

    People need to tone it down these days. Your candidate and party will not always win. It’s a nice attraction and we are fortunate to be able to vote for the president of our choice and live in a country where anybody can become president. A Muppets re-theme, NO THANK YOU. It’s hard to imagine something more boring and silly.

  83. Elizabeth Klein

    Keep the Hall of Presidents. Have NONE of the presidents speak EXCEPT President Lincoln.

  84. todd

    Put a sign on bidens chest that says I DID NOT WIN THE ELECTION.

  85. John Lawrence

    I’ve just seen the Biden prototype that will go into the Hall of Presidents. It’s pretty lifelike and appears to represent him in a much more accurate way than the foolish Trump model.

    The Biden model slurs a speech made up of idiotic liberal phrases that you cant really understand, just like in real life.

    Those incredible Disney imagineers even managed to perfectly duplicate Biden’s senile blank stare. The detail is amazing!

    Standing next to him was the model of Kamala Harris, which I thought was a bit presumptuous because she’s not a president yet. I guess the liberal Disney board members just wanted to be as realistic as possible since she’s really the one running the White House.

    I must say, I think there might be a controversy when audience members read the pin attached to her business suit. It says “I’ll sleep with anyone that can bring me power”. I mean, it’s true, but it probably wasn’t necessary.

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