Comments for Hall of Presidents Closes For Refurb, President Biden to Be Added

hall of presidents

Credit: Disney


  1. Random Guy

    The last time I visited the Hall of Presidents Obama was president. I’ll be sure to promptly visit the attraction once Biden’s persona is established and the door reopen.

  2. Peter T. Mitros

    Well, we will NEVER go back to the Hall of Presidents while Bite-me Biden is there……….NO WAY! That is our personal opinion.

    1. Manny

      Now you can move Trump to the back with the other failed presidents.

  3. Roger Stevens

    I was there last summer and will be there again this April. I enjoy the Hall. it seems to be getting crowed up on that stage.

  4. Nachtwulf

    I feel like this attraction needs some kind of functional redesign. There are a -lot- of figures, it has to be shut down and fiddled with every 4/8 years… but it also isn’t really making the subject as engaging as it could be.

    I’m sure Imagineering is working on some kind of new presentation; I don’t have any real answers… but when it comes to kids wanting to ride Frozen or sit in a hall and listen to a Social Studies lecture… even if it does give you 15m to sit down in the AC, I don’t think it’s as practical, informative, or entertaining as it could be. Maybe instead of focusing on the ‘people’ end, it could be changed to speak to the actual role and duties of the President and how their actions can change the country…

  5. Tad

    Better do it quick, you’ll probably be adding Ms. Harris in the next year or so when 78 year old Joe Biden is declared incompetent (I didn’t say incontinent 🙂 ) by his peers.

  6. Hillel

    They should introduce new technology where robot Joe trips and falls on his ass.

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