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coco gran fiesta tour

Credit: Pixar/Disney


  1. Larry

    It’s a no brainer. While Grand Fiesta highlighted many of the touristy areas of Mexico it’s very dated. A Coco based ride will likely be popular as well as showcasing one of Mexico’s cultural aspects.
    There are some logistical hurdles, namely, the entrance would have to be moved (possibly) outdoors so lines don’t interfere with the vendors.

  2. EricJ

    “It has the shortest wait time, clearly meaning it’s not popular”.

    OR, that it’s a boat ride, with continuous loading and no safety harnesses to double-check, and has the same short waiting time as Living With the Land.
    Just that it doesn’t have the cult audience of Frozen Ever After, or the sentimental-parent push of Pirates or It’s a Small World.

  3. Darth Updates

    Why don’t they just give in already and rename all the countries to what really makes them popular anymore?

    1) Coco-Land
    2) Frozen-Land
    3) Mulan-Land
    4) Snow White-Land
    5) Pinnochio-Land
    6) God Bless ‘Merica!
    7) Guess there really isn’t anything for Japan, um, Sanrio Shop-Land?
    8) Aladdin-Land
    9) Ratatouille-Land
    10) Mary Poppins & Friends-Land
    11) Brother Bear-Land

    There. Done.
    Epcot. Fixed.

    1. LL

      Too funny. You’re a genius!

    2. PastorJoe Staffa

      Wouldn’t Japan be Big Hero 6?

  4. Ken G

    I loved the movie “Coco” and the stunning visuals would certainly be great in a makeover of the Gran Fiesta ride.

    On the other hand…. It would be too bad to see a link to the Disney past, namely Donald and the film “Three Caballeros” no longer part of it. I understand that now days most people, and certainly the “under 30’s” have very little knowledge of these past Disney characters and films (except for Donald of course), and I get and agree that a “Coco” makeover would really do well to pull in the guests as the “Frozen” makeover did in Norway. But it still would be sad to see that all cast aside.

    As for this attraction not getting crowded…. Well I was at Epcot literally on day one – Oct. 1, 1982 and even back then this ride was never as crowded as others.

    Why? Because it’s tucked away inside the pavilion and even when you walk in there you can’t really see it at first since the entrance is obstructed by all the shop stands and the restaurant.

    ——A little history: Mexico pavilion closely follows one of the original concepts of World Showcase where all the country’s pavilions would be inside as Mexico is – They would only have an outside facade that you would enter into a simulated “outdoor” space, just a Mexico is. And all those indoor spaces would be as if it was a night all the time – again, just like Mexico and in some way as is the Germany restaurant and as the entrance to Frozen (“Malstorm” formally) is. Instead though all the other countries ended up having huge entrance spaces that are outdoor courtyards and that separate entry into the shops, attractions and restaurants.

    I love how Mexico pavilion is set up, but basically it’s like an indoor mall, and all the other countries are outdoor malls.

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