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Gina Carano

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  1. Matt

    I’m getting sick of the amount of nothing articles that this site writes about Gina. There is at least one article per week about her. She has literally done nothing besides being in Mandalorian and being a monster troll on Twitter. That should be two articles, three tops on her.

    1. Camillo Monaco

      I just find her unbelievable hot. All women in every way. Wish I was famous too then she would be my wife for certain!

      1. Doug

        Amen! I’m a life long MMA fan, trained for 20 years, but many MMA fighters have completely ignorant and dangerous positions on these issues – Gina included. Dont share or better yet don’t even have these moronic, vapid notions and you won’t be criticized!

        1. Azza

          Retarded, Low IQ, soyboy, beta male SJWs like yourself are what’s wrong with society.
          Her opinions are 100% correct and just because people like yourself are too dumb, gullible and naive to see what’s really going on in the world, GOOD people like Gina get bullied and kicked off social media platforms and lose their jobs.
          Ironically her firing prove her political point about dehumanising and persecuting those you deem different and how this happened to the Jews leading up to the holocaust.
          She was factually, objectively correct.
          Why don’t you mask up, take another vaccine, buy some carbon credits and make love to your boyfriend?

      2. Scott

        You’re only “divisive” if you speak out against progressive “groupthink’. Thank God for the First Amendment, at least until the Left cancels it.

        1. Doug

          Well well, her latest comment likens Republicans to the Jews during the holocaust.. This latest ridiculous comment is the result of her receiving support for her inane thoughts . Unfortunately, sadly – #fireginacarano

          1. Jan K.

            Show your cancel culture thinking! At least at this point in time we have a free speech right and she has a right to speak what she choses and I don’t have to agree with her but, I agree with her right to speak it as I do for you! Her job should not be threatened for her choice of thinking different than others.

  2. Force

    People are allowed to have different opinions and yearly and them and discuss. But we’re not talking about liking yellow and not green, or a favourite character or story. We’re talking about opinions that could get someone killed.

    1. Mark

      Your the living embodiment of why this world is failing so badly. You perceive her to have power over people enough to kill them? Really, so you listen to celebrities that voice opinions that you align with and follow them precisely? No, of course you dont becuase that would make you an idiot, but other people who hold different opinions to you will follow her, becuase wait for it thier idiots right? No the actual reality is that you an over reacting, soft, weak minded person with no back bone but your projecting your own flaws onto other people. It’s a great show that’s it. Calm down, open the curtains, take a look outside and try and reconnect with yourself as you sound like you might be losing the plot.

      1. Chris

        Dude, anti-maskers get people killed, period, and pushing the narrative that the election was stolen hot people killed.

        This isn’t even a debatable question.

        Did her words directly kill someone? Of course not, she’s not a magical banshee with a death wail, but denying that her rhetoric has contributed to both the situation with the virus and the situation at the capitol is being purposefully obtuse.

        1. Doug Hayes

          Using that logic, everyone should shut up. Over 30 people have died in the BLM/anti police riots this year, cheered on by the left with no concern about masks or billions in property loss. The right does the same crap and suddenly it’s the end of the world? No,you just don’t like the message.

        2. Eugene

          Democrats toed the line that the election was stolen…

          When they themselves stole it(forget the dnc and bernie already)

          Please stop parroting. You’re a hypocrite after the last 4 years of media hysteria

        3. Lee Steward

          I like her character on the show even if I don’t believe in her political opinion which will not stop me from watching. I think this show is better than anything Lucas films has ever done

    2. Cb

      How does her having an opinion get someone killed. She is just like the rest of us Americans. Entitled to her own opinion. This is a free country after all. If your of the right opinion i guess.

      1. MandoAddict

        People need to calm down, & consider the source. She’s a frigging actor, not the Secretary of State! Make your own choices based on the science, not politics. She is entitled to her opinions even if they’re based on unproven facts. She delivers good performances, & we care about her character. That’s her job, & she does it well. I really like Cara Dune. Who cares what an ex-MMA fighter believes?

    3. Jon

      So by that logic, we should only have opinions about ‘safe’ topics? No religious, political, racial, or anything else serious because they could get someone killed? Important issues usually are dangerous ones, but we shouldn’t shy away from them out of fear. If we did that, this country.. heck, every country, would not exist.

  3. Jon

    Personally I don’t think celebs should use their platform for political opinion, but liberals do this constantly and have literally been trashing businesses and cities all year. BLM is far more dangerous due to it’s hidden agenda. She has the balls to not be a sheep and say what she thinks. Disney better not pander to the snowflakes who can’t handle a differing opinion. Favreau won’t let it happen though, he laughs at the SJW, wokey dokeys.

    1. Bunko Baggins

      Liberals are pussies plain and simple. They whine all day in the internet bc they have no life and and zero future.

      1. Christopher Yurgal

        No life, and zero future? You must not be familiar with the red states.

  4. Sinister

    Woman speak your mind.F#@$ the haters..They don’t like beautiful women to speak especially one that could whoop their ass….Stay strong in all your beautiful ways!

  5. Ck

    Love that she is beautiful and strong,I am glad that she hasn’t back down!!

  6. She is an excellent actress and makes the show worth while to watch. Disney would be stupid take her off. She empowers people to have their own opinions. There are plenty of people that think and say stuff on twitter or social platforms. No one bashes them! Just because she’s a actress why should she be bashed?

  7. Christopher Yurgal

    Hang in there, Gina. We need at least a few crazy people out there, so that we can better appreciate the sane.

  8. Myname

    This really goes back to trying to force her into the ((pro verbs?) Lgbtq community) trash of social media. If those are your views and not hers, why does she have to show favor to you? Why does it hurt your feelings when someone is different? I wear a mask and do right by me. To hell with liberals and conservatives. Yall are the reason the country flounders and is made the laughing stock of the world.

  9. Shocked

    I am once again shocked at the misogyny employed against women in entertainment biz, especially those in hero movies. Disney fans suck and it is disheartening that everyone female gets this kind of abuse. Amber Heard, the actress who played Captain Marvel and now Gina. What is WRONG with you guys!? You are sending us back to the Stone Age with this stuff!

  10. Scott

    She has done nothing wrong. If you disagree with something she says then walk away and don’t go having a fit. Go smoke some weed or whatever and relax.

  11. Bloodless

    Society in general has become MUCH too sensitive to absolutely EVERYTHING.
    No matter what is said or believed by a person, it will rub someone in the world the wrong way, and then these simpletons who need a “cause” to feel good about themselves, take to social media, to create a bigger stink about things that they should simply ignore and move one with their own life !
    I am sick of what this world is becoming, with such out of control OVER-reacting to almost everything.
    Be who you want.
    Believe what you want.
    Let others do the same.
    Mind your own business.
    Don’t take everything as a personal attack where you feel the need to create your own method of punishment.
    Get off the Internet, if you cannot control your urges to constantly stir up small things into big ones.
    Get a life, and live it.
    Geez, people.

  12. Ian Carnel

    it’s not about being intolerant of differing opinions.
    it’s about being intolerant of disgusting and irresponsible opinions, and opinions filled with hate and bigotry.

    1. Cb

      You know Ian, there’s a lot of disgusting intolerance of differing opinion coming from you. Thats irresponsible.

  13. Philip Stanton

    Opinions have been around since day one and opinions are not illegal. Opinions have been around a hell of a lot longer than social media. There were a lot less “weak” human beings before social media existed. It seems like there are a lot of people that float around social media platforms just so they can cry and whine and throw tantrums when they read an opinion that is not in line with their own. Having human decency has nothing to do with it. If you don’t like the opinions that you are reading then grab a box of tissues and move on.

  14. Snozzz

    Disney should alienate the far right as much as possible. Drop this wannabe actor like a bad habit. They will still make plenty of money, gain the respect of millions for a moment, and reinforce the values of common sense and decency.

  15. Ed

    This has nothing to do with politics, or shouldn’t. She’s going to get it eventually with that attitude… be interesting to see how she feels then.
    She’s a troll, she isnt just saying “yeah I don’t believe in it”.
    If I had to work with her I’d be perturbed, but oh well.
    She’s literally laughing about it in her posts like its it’s just completely inconsiderate.
    So time will tell… how will she feel once she has it? It’s not a joke Gina.. people are spreading it and dying. Maybe contracting it will wise you up… shrug.

  16. Josiah

    Why dose she get cancelled for speaking her political opinions, like she did noting and this needs to stop

  17. CalmDown

    Why does the author of this article continue to write about Mrs Carano? This lady “Rebecca” is stalking her, I swear. Lady get a life! Stop being such a loser.

  18. ILLIA

    Freedom of speech only applies to Liberals.

  19. Not Rebecca

    Rebecca just wants Gina to peg her. Journalism has seriously taken a hard nosedive in the past couple decades. Profess your love for her already Rebecca and move along.

  20. Cheryl

    I’m so tired of this woman. Why is she still here? In all her interviews she has not once said sorry for the things she publicly posted and after what happened on Capitol Hill is still trying to cry poor me because people are pissed she shared such unfounded views. She is more representative of The Empire – not The Resistance and I couldn’t care less if she gets her own show or not. I wouldn’t be watching it.

  21. PrimusGladius

    I love the fact these comments are full of whining about other whiners. Having an opinion is not a crime, but if you have bad opinions then don’t be surprised when people call you out on your BS. I think Gina is a good actress who’s brought an awesome character to life yet that doesn’t negate the fact her personal views and justifications for them suck. Don’t hang me for that though, it’s just my opinion.

  22. Catie

    Well…everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and should be able to share it, just like everyone else who has ever left a comment on anyone’s post…ever. ??
    I..really love her as as actress, and as a person. She’s true, and no holds bar…Love that! ?

  23. Stevieeyez

    Last I checked, no matter what people say, whether it’s good, bad, or outright evil, we do have the freedom of speech, albeit it’s on very thin ice, with all the cry babying going on. Can’t say anything anymore, without fear of backlash, by some piss ants.


  25. Vince

    “What’s wrong with having a different opinion?”
    You do know opinions can be wrong and you are wrong at every turn.
    Dont try and justify being uneducated and wrong by saying “It’s my opinion”, it makes you look like a massive idiot.

  26. Mick Psyphon

    I have a tremendous amount of respect for Gina! Not because she’s a woman, or because she’s beautiful, or any of that bullshit! I respect her, because she’s a strong and unique INDIVIDUAL, who stands up for her identity! She doesn’t subscribe to the bullshit Leftist profiling garbage that tries to pigeon-hole her into Leftist typecasting!

    Full respect for Gina!
    ZERO respect for THE NPC’s who crap all over her!

  27. Steph Laplante

    I can appreciate Gina Carano’s fearless approach to the carona virus, but there is a certain percentage of the population who in actual dyer risk of dying from this virus. The covid restrictions and mask wearing is a way for people to come together and do a small part to protect these people. Now to actively go against these actions and putting someone at risk is deplorable and hateful towards society. As an artist or idol of the people you should want to keep your fans alive not bring death to them by encouraging spreading of a deadly virus.

  28. Rich Allender

    Need more people like Gina to tell the cancel culture group to stuff it. Unfortunately, the media is now controlled by the left so that message won’t get out as companies like Twitt and Amazon are pushing us to a communism type censorship.

  29. Paul

    Gina…. love, love, love. Never seen a minute of the show. Just love any celebrity with the BALLS to stand up for a more balanced conversation. More courage than most.

  30. John Iwe

    I bet all the folks supporting her would change their tune if her opinions were on the “opposite side”.

    She has a platform and should use it responsibly. All celebs should, all politicians should.

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