Comments for #IStandWithGinaCarano Trends as Talk of ‘Mandalorian’ Spinoffs Heats Up

gina carano as cara dune

Credit: Gina Carano Instagram


  1. Hellothere

    I’d recommend staying neutral in this, like you should. Don’t try to get involved with this kind of stuff.

    Or don’t take a random stranger’s advice, your choice.

    1. Backcountry164

      I’d say that you can defend someone’s right to say something without agreeing with what’s being said…

  2. tom

    she have right to say own opinion about political lies or any other theme that have nothing with acting or to destroy carrere because of political liars last 2000 y..you reporters are fuking morons…

    1. Rickthedik

      Let’s not act that these Twitter users are all SW fans. I mean the best character ever to be added to the SW universe? I mean really? Most likely they’re Trump supporters who can’t be taken seriously.

    2. Super sad

      Thanks for the spoiler warning

  3. R3

    There is zero reason for the season finale synopsis, and spoilers dropped within, to exist in this news article.

    Another outlet to blacklist on discover due to blatant spoilers.

    1. Claire Outdoors

      I don’t watch her show. Star Wars does not interest me at all. But her beep/ bop/ bloop thing was hilarious. Nothing wrong with poking fun at P.C., which is getting waaaay out of hand. For people to get offended by that, it just shows how weak many have become. She is awesome. Kudos for standing your ground and refusing to go along with the rest of HollyWeird.

    2. Backcountry164

      If you don’t want spoilers TWO WEEKS LATER you should obviously “blacklist” any articles about the show. Duh

  4. Bendem

    Freedom of speach wins always .

    1. Grammarsmob

      It only should if you can actually spell speech

      1. Claire Outdoors

        Ok, grammarsmob. If you are going to berate someone for a misspelling, perhaps you should ask the mob to teach you about punctuation, first.

        1. Matthew Ferrante

          Ur opinion doesn’t matter, woman

    2. Sheldon

      She has freedom of speech, but not when that speech harms others by telling them not to wear a mask and not to get a Vaccine.
      Young people and kids might follow her as a Disney star, and don’t fully understand.

      1. 1st Amendment Fan

        Yes she STILL has Freedom of Speech to voice her opinion. It doesn’t say the speech has to be popular or even liked or positive. Have you had a civics lesson?

      2. Luna

        I love Cara Dune Gina does a good job. I say keep her because people have the right to free speech. I don’t agree with all that she says but that’s no reason to fire her. Her personal life her is pererogative. Just as long as she does good work and get along with others on set. Disney should not fire her. I think a lot of people would be disappointed if she was gone. She makes the character.

      3. Joe America

        You don’t have the freedom to force others to wear masks that don’t work…..
        freaking woke idiots

  5. Kay

    Gina is a talented actress and I think she is great in her role. She has a right to her opinion. I hope she gets her own series. Thanks for sharing!

    1. DC

      😂 No she’s not. She’s good as an action star who has minimal dialog and that’s it. She’s shown very little depth in any of her acting.

      1. Bloodvixen

        Which will become glarinly obvious the first ep of her spinoff show.

  6. Trip

    People who endanger public health with their celebrity do not deserve the privilege of an acting career. And that’s what acting is… A privilege not a right.
    Disney has a responsibility to scrutinize what their hired actors do and say in the public eye.
    When you sew the seeds of sedition and spread misinformation that can get impressionable fans killed then you no longer deserve your celebrity status.


    1. Rachel

      Last I knew, America was a free country. You sound like a Nazi. I stand with Gina. People should be able to express their views. I don’t agree with a lot of views that actresses and actors have now a days but I’m not going to try to fight nobody over their views. This woman is an amazing actress and she is very convincing.#Istand withGinaCarano

    2. First Amendment

      Trip, you’re trippin’!
      That not how things work with the First Amendment. You should study more

  7. Nick

    Honestly have no idea what she originally did to piss people off, that being said I liked her first appearance on The Mandalorian but every time after she got worse. Her acting is atrocious and she is so stiff and just makes the same expression for everything. Also how do people still not understand free speech does NOT protect you from consequences from the private sector only that the government will not persecute you?

  8. LS

    I know Paul Marsh. I don’t give a fork about his opinion in real life, why would I care what he says on Twitter? He’s nobody, as are all of these other Twitter randoms. This is not news.

  9. Starlord

    Public Relations exercise in damage control for ‘far right’ Gina, pure and simple. People like sheep, as usual, aim to be in sync with majority. This is paid advertising disguised as news. Johnny Depp, take notes, be a neo-nazi, get back in top!

  10. Hayourmad

    It’s funny because I see a lot of women standing with her just on the soul fact that she’s a woman. sorry you guys are sexist and would rather support a racist actor that can’t even act good and is horrible at her own job

  11. Rob

    The liberals will try anything to degrade and keep people quiet. Freedom of speech is for everyone not just the deplorable liberals.

    1. MBaldwin

      Spoken like a typical republican idiot. #FireGinaCarano

    2. Bloodvixen

      The far right does something and act like victims. Both far right and left should have their freedom of speech taken away. Besides it’s not liberals. It’s far lefties get it right wouldjya?

  12. Jark

    Correction: Pablo Hidalgo of Lucasfilm sarcastically/humorously responded to a “fan” who derided the streamer for emoting in during the live stream reactions. In other words, Hidalgo was defending the streamer, but the latter was either misinterpreting him, or affecting a false drama to generate clicks. Looks like it works, as too many second-hand and third-hand reports can’t get the story straight (let alone correct).

    1. Bobsyouruncle

      At will employment, a thing pushed by union-busting republicans for decades, means she can be fired for ANY REASON.

      And nowhere does the first ammendment say anything about the boss having to keep paying you even after you make a fool of yourself putting your foot in your mouth.

  13. Mud

    Or spend there time more wisely and read the constitution instead of being a c_ck

  14. Nishi

    If she gets any fatter she won’t be able to stand for too long.

  15. Lawrenceofmacadamianuts


  16. Lawrenceofmacadamianuts

    Hundreds of black athletes silently kneel to protest systemic police racism. Right wingers call for boycots, call for them to be fired, and generally lose their collective minds.

    Lefties call for boycot of bigot, and suddenly right wingers cry that boycots are an attack of free speech.

    To be a right winger is to be a hypocrit

  17. Mariela p.

    We love your character. Stay true to yourself. You are a great addition to the mandalorian series

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