Comments for George Lucas Reportedly “Heavily Involved” in ‘Mandalorian’ Season 3

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Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Ax1464

    Is this the OT George Lucas or the special edition & prequels George Lucas? Big difference. ;

    1. Alex

      Prequels were even better than OT. Deal with ig

  2. Tremendous Trev

    Less Kathleen Kennedy and more Lucas can only be a good thing

  3. brandon

    Fantastic ugh. Now we’re gonna get Mando season 3 that looks and feels like those god Aweful prequels. No down and dirty western feel. Its going to urn into a live action cartoon.
    Do I see Jar Jar off in the distance?

  4. Manny

    The Star War movies recently has been JJ Abrahams screwing things up he doesn’t understand or researches at all, as opposed to Lucas.

    Lucas looking over Favreau’s shoulder might not be a bad thing. Little more cinematic less TV showy with B actors.

  5. DrC.

    I haven’t found “We’ve Got This Covered” a good source of information about anything. They take one small fact and spin it into a wild theory.

  6. Nah

    No pleasing star wars babies

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