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Credit: Disney/Marvel/Lucasfilm


  1. Shelby

    This is absolutely ridiculous! There’s nothing wrong with this statue. Leave it as is!

    1. Shirley Rill

      I totally agree! This is Disney not Star Wars land. Leave it as it is!!!

    2. R. P.

      Agree. 100% Put up a tribute to their filmmaking in Hollywood Studios, where it belongs. Leave the Partners statue alone. It should stand for all time!

  2. Erik

    THANK YOU!!!
    I opened up the comments specifically to see if anyone was going to point that out lol

    1. Stephen Maxwell

      No I totally disagree with moving the Walt Disney and Mickey mouse statue from in front of Cinderella Castle.

  3. Black Bird

    Well FANS Before you suggest that Walt & Mickey be replaced. It would do All good to remember that “Without Walt Disney aka Bird. none of these Motherfluckers would have a place to work. and as far as the purchase of the Marvel or DC series’ It was Walt Disney MONEY that made the purchase (INVESTMENT). that just as easily could have failed therefore the REAL QUESTION IS How y’all gonna roll up in Walt’s spot, use his money and because y’all made a profit using HIS MONEY all of a sudden y’all want to take down his legacy and put up your own? Ok! TRY IT… Better yet, keep talking about it as if it’s a possibility. A dead Motherflucker can’t ask for Shat. Keeper of the Promise til Death.

    1. Tate

      Exactly right

      1. This is beyond dumb. Leave Walt Disney and Mickey alone. They are the core of what has made Disneyland and Disney World. So stupid to even take a poll on this.

    2. Tamara

      Hahahahaha, some people have too much of nothing to think about.

      1. Amazing the ” woke ” people are at Disney ! First take the statue down , then change the park name and slowly Walt and Mickey disappear !! NO WAY

        1. JustJessee

          Where in the article did it even insinuate that the poll to replace Walt/Mickey with someone else was due to “woke” reasons? Nowhere? Just in your knee-jerk gotta pwn tha libs mind? Right. OK.

          No one suggested the removal of the statue in opposition to moral failures of Walt, nor have they called for the change of the park name to anything else – YOU brought that up yourself and got yourself all double exclamation point worked up over it.

  4. Tate

    As a fan of Marvel and sci-fi, I resoundingly say, “Hell No”!!!!!

  5. Terry

    They shouldn’t replace the Partners statue but I could see the statues of George Lucas and Stan Lee being added somewhere. I don’t think that they would add Lassiter after the inappropriate hugging scandal.

  6. Angie

    “I hope we never lose sight of one thing it was all started by a mouse”..respect your history Disney none of this would be possible without Walt and Mickey, it shouldn’t even be a consideration

    1. E

      What a bunch of morons.

  7. Fay

    Don’t touch the statue. If fans insist on erecting a monument to great contributors of The Walt Disney Company franchise, then might I suggest a Hall of Statues in Hollywood Studios. It should also include Alan Menken, renowned Imagineers, artists, actors, and others. Sort of like the busts that used to be on display in Hollywood Studios. Under no circumstances should the partners statue be removed though.

  8. SirStephenH

    F*** no!!!

    Why you’re using an online poll which closed with only 27 votes (3 of which supported replacement) as evidence of widespread support is beyond me.

  9. Roger

    Are you serious about writing about a poll with SIX votes. Do better.

    1. Stephen


      1. Sharon Baribeault

        Respect Walt….to remove him and Mickey would be a travesty !!!!!!! What are you thinking ????

  10. Wander McMooch

    Nah. They’re gonna replace the statue of Walt and Mickey with Don Bluth and Fievel.

    1. Jennifer Heidel

      Nope. No. Nut uh. Not a chance. Not only no, but h-e double hockey stick NO!
      Please remember WHO started the company and who’s name is used in the name of both parks and animation still stands as the original basis for them.

  11. Stefan

    The mouse and the man need to stay..

    And I don’t think your need to worry about anyone saying what about jj abrams or the other dude… They ruined star wars and almost cost Disney the franchise.
    If it was anyone newer it would be Favreau or Filoni but still not as a replacement for that statue.

  12. Rich

    OMG! I’m gonna go postal if they touch that statue of Walt and Mickey! What a bunch morons! Stan Lee screwed up Marvel buy selling off bits and pieces of it to the highest bidder. George Lucas screwed up buy selling Disney Star Wars. Disney has screwed up Star Wars with the exception of Rogue One and the Mandalorian. So they better not touch that statue it is sacred!

    1. Mary Licausi

      Yes and yes

  13. Mary Licausi

    Replace this iconic , beloved statue , one of the top photo op spots in the parks? Ridiculous. Put up one of Lucas somewhere else , maybe in Hollywood Studios , leave Walt and Mickey alone.

    1. Jennifeller Leah Stasyshyn

      I agree! Leave Walt and Mickey alone and put Lucas’ statue in hollywood studios. Remember who’s dream and who’s the reason it is all there on the first place. Show some respect!!


    If such statues were to be erected Hollywood Studios would be a more appropriate location

  15. JayB

    Old saying….It’s nice to want and here hold your hand out and let us see what happens first

  16. Stephen

    Ummm. No. Walt is the founder. Full stop.

  17. Dennis Crose

    I don’t think so,Walt and Mickey are the foundation of this company
    don’t touch these statues.

  18. Gina

    It was suggested by a fan forum, everyone take a breath. I doubt Disney would ever take down the statue we all love!

  19. Bob

    Just another indication that WDW is being set up to be sold. Disney park management, has lost their focus on the value of Disney. Disney is eliminating all of the extra valued perks of being a park guest. It is a sham.

  20. Sheri DeOrio

    Ridiculous! This is so disrespectful to Walt’s legacy.

  21. Rhonda

    This is so absurd that I consider it click bait!!! Walt deserves the respect of past, present, and future generations. Honor these other people’s contributions if you like, but they are not in the same league as Walt. Replacement is an antagonistic and cheap attention grabbing proposal.

  22. Tonya

    Running out of things to write about, I see…?

  23. Ed Dart

    It is “Disney”land, not Marveland. Never forget your roots

  24. More and more it seems the new administration of Disney are trying their best to get Disney out of Disney, how sad!

  25. Gina

    Walt and Mickey should always remain where they are.

  26. Joe Foss

    Walt and Mickey are close to immortal. Leave them alone. Put a bust or a statue in Hollywood Studios. Keep your hands off Walt & Mickey~

  27. David A

    Me and my family just held a poll as to whether or not the top executives of Disney should be fired and someone take over the running of Disney who actually gives a damn about the Disney fans who effectively pay their wages. The result was 10 votes to 0 in favour of firing them. Would you care to write an article about this as the poll had more votes than the one this article is based on

  28. This did not share the same success as the Tower of Terror re theme or even the Paradise Pire re theme did. Not just in terms of reception and for 2020 being a weird year but the amount of money that the Walt Disney Company has lost. Disney has lost a lot over 1.4 Billion Dollars during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Also during the Pandemic 28,000 Disney cast members got layoff because of this virus that’s been going on since March. On the other hand. The other mountains be size Splash Mountain like Thunder, Space and Matterhorn that are over 30, 40, 50, or 60 years old are just to expensive to be re themed into something else. Do you remember The Tower of Terror re theme to Mission Breakout along with the Paradise Pire re theme to Pixar Pire at Disney’s California Adventure. Well after 10 or 15 years of being in operation and after those two got their re theme they made 3 times it’s reviews. So the Splash Mountain re theme to Princess and the Frog was definitely a step back. Protesting is probability the new years revolution in 2021 that is going to happen. Because by then COVID-19 will be over and the racism will be forgotten. Hopefully after the new year of 2021 this Splash Mountain re theme will get canceled and best be forgotten. Everyone is selling Save Splash Mountain T Shirts right now.

  29. Matt

    Disney cant erect a Statue to Stan Lee. Genius Brands International (gnus) owns his likeness and all his “Stan Lee Universe” creations coming will take marketshare from Disney.

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