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George Lucas Prequels

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  1. Urarummy

    It’s Episode III: Return of the Sith.
    It’s Episode I-III

    1. Aaron

      Thank you. I’m appalled at the apparent lack of proofreading and spelling/grammatical errors that get printed by professional news outlets. The deterioration of the rules and structure of grammar saddens me

  2. Richard

    I saw I, II, & III when the opened in LA. I liked all three. That was enough for me so I haven’t seen any of the other ones.

    1. Lucy

      I like all the movies and I am a big fan. Everyone has their own opinion. They are great in my opinion and would like to see the movie or movies.

  3. Jessica Nicoll

    I saw the original Star Wars movies as a kid, when they first were in theaters. My brother used certain phases to keep me centered, and focused.
    When I saw the prequels, a lot of my questions were answered. I read the books, to get an epiphany, into one way, of leading a good life. Episode1 The Phantom Menace, is my favorite book. The movie is perfect. To me, Star Wars, is a brilliant story, with many life lessons. I love Queen Amidala, in her Theed costume.

  4. Jsn

    The prequels are trash. All the rationalizing by Lucas about how people just didn’t get it, it was a personal project that he had to make knowing people wouldn’t like it, blah blah ..BS. Lucas isn’t a strong story teller. The characters were weak and unrelatable and the story was diluted by excessively unnecessary cgi effects. The action scenes were too busy and so over choreographed it was like watching a video game. However Lucas wants to explain their failures away, they are failures as good movies. Watch Red Letter Media’s YouTube takes on them to get the definitive deconstruction.

    1. Noah

      Do you like the sequels?

    2. Noah

      Then you are lost

    3. Mark

      They were ok. Obviously the original trilogy was a hard act to follow but I enjoyed them enough that I immediately bought the DVDs and watch them from time to time. I can’t say the same for those Disney dumpster fires known as the sequel trilogy.

  5. Kevin

    I love them all, fav prequel is Rogue One

    1. Eric

      Yes, its the one Disney movie that felt like the old Lucas SW.

  6. Rob

    The prequels were never as bad as some thought. Ep 1 was a bit of a struggle, no doubt, but 2 got things back on track and 3 is one of the best of the entire franchise.

    And I think, they are now getting another look, after the sequel trilogy turned into, what I can only describe as, a major disappointment with the release of Ep 9.

  7. Eric

    The prequels, overall, were good. It was worth some of the bad elements(Jar Jar, bad romance lead up, Hayden Christian acting, and small Anakin), to see Qui Gon, Obi wan young, the Fall of the republic, and the rise of Vader. Ray Park as Maul was awesome, as was Jango Fetts character. The origin of Vader is the one we wanted to see and we got it. No regrets.

  8. John

    I loved all three. Episodes I, II and III, all helped to set the stage for IV. If it wasn’t told you’d always have questions. Great work Mr. Lucas. Thanks for sticking with your ideas and not being swayed.

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