Comments for When Will Fantasmic! Reopen? A Look at the Amphitheater’s Progress


Credit: Musical Review (YouTube)


  1. Mjmonte

    Please bring back Fantasmic! Aside from the fact that it is a spectacular show and one Disney’s best stage shows ever created IMO, the actors and stage crew have been out of work for almost a year now. My heart goes out to those Disney performers who put their heart and souls into that spectacular every single night. The amphitheater is gigantic and there’s absolutely no reason that by this spring, they couldn’t bring back this show and seat audience members a row (or even 2) apart from one another. If you are worried about the amount of people (even though this show is outdoors) then don’t go. The rest of us can’t wait to see it!

  2. sheila mercuro

    this show is the most fantastic show Disney puts on. Hopefully it will be open by Nov. of this year when we plan on visiting

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