Comments for This Disney World Experience Has Ended, and Fans Aren’t Happy

sorcerers of magic kingdom

Credit: Disney


  1. Sherry Martinez

    My special needs son loves this experience it was his reward for dealing with his anxiety when at the parks. Now I don’t know what I can promise him. It was such a great tool to help him have a great vacation. I cried to learn it’s gone I hope disney will reconsider this decision.

  2. Evelyn Cassaday

    I agree with many others here. Loved the Disney Experience. Many visitors don’t have the time to invest in this type of activity when they take a short vacation, but those who have experienced it never forget their new discoveries and the magical powers of making things move and making volcanoes erupt, etc. We go to the parks to detach from our phones and enjoy and experience what is actually around us. We can do virtual from our living rooms.

  3. BJ

    We have been season passholders for over 10 years and had no idea this was even there. We were there the end of November 2020 and saw it for the first time while leaving the park. Today 1/22/21 we played it for the first time and my 2 young kids loved it. Another player told us Disney was shutting it down. My kids are so sad. They asked if they could go tomorrow to play the game again before it was gone for good.

  4. Bj

    When we went back on 1/23/20. The lines for Sorcerer’s of the magic kingdoms lines we longer than almost ever other experience. Only the mine train and space mountain was longer. Disney you need to bring this back.

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