New Gourmet Donut Location in Disney Springs Sets Opening Date

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Credit: Everglazed Donuts

Disney Springs is one of the go-to locations I, personally, suggest for anyone visiting Disney World for the 1st, 2nd, or 100th time if you are looking for something good to eat.

From sweet to savory — Disney Springs has got you covered. And if you are someone like me, and your palette sways to the sweet side of the spectrum more often than not, get ready because Disney Springs is bringing Guests an official gourmet donut location.

Credit: Everglazed Donuts

Everglazed Donuts has, in my personal opinion, what will be the best-looking donuts on Walt Disney World property. If you need convincing on that stance, take a look at the Disney Springs Instagram photo below as we see our first look at what to expect from Everglazed Donuts.

Personally, my mouth is dripping at the sight of these perfectly crafted sugar-filled donuts. Cookies and cream, Fruit Loops, sprinkles, Reece’s, chocolate dip — and that’s just from the first glance. It’s a good thing calories don’t count when you are at Disney World.

And the best part is we don’t have to wait long to get a taste of one of these donuts. In fact, Everglazed Donuts reached out to Inside the Magic to let us know that the donut location will be opening on Wednesday, January 6th, 2021, although the opening-day menu is still a secret.

But if the donuts look anything like what was pictured above (or below), anything Everglazed chooses to display and sell will likely be delicious! Plus, if you are a coffee lover, you can get the perfect cold brew here as well — talk about the perfect Orlando breakfast. 

Previously, Disney explained a little about Everglazed regarding its location, design, and what to expect from the deep-fried circles from heaven:

Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew will be located adjacent to Splitsville and near the west entrance and exit of the Orange Parking Garage. The overall design of this sweet spot will have a unique spin on a classic donut shop featuring graphic pops of color, iconic signage, and a beautiful outdoor seating area in the “donut garden.” Before guests enter the venue, they may catch a glimpse of a culinary experience unfolding through the windows of the exposed kitchen where hot and fresh donuts will bake daily.

“We like to say our little oasis of indulgences is going to be where ‘Happiness is Glazed Daily,’” says Mark Gibson, co-owner of Everglazed. “The menu will be full of sweet surprises and a unique spot for guests wanting a quick treat, cold brew or nitro-infused chilled coffee.” Everglazed will specialize in hand-crafted donuts featuring mouthwatering yeast and cake donuts with an assortment of cold brew lattes and coffee cocktails and a few sweet-yet-savory sandwich bites.

“The humble donut has truly become a global phenomenon. The fried circle of dough is a simple concoction with the ability to showcase chef-inspired flavors and toppings,” says Guy Revelle, co-owner of Everglazed. “We can’t wait to offer guests at Disney Springs our robust menu of sweet delights, but you are officially warned: We spoke to your diet – and it’s taking some time off when we open our doors.”

Interestingly enough, Evergalzed Donuts, a sweet-treat location at Disney Springs, is opening at the perfect moment. Gideon’s Bakehouse, a delicious cookie and cake eatery at Disney Springs recently soft-opened to 3+ hour lines but has now temporarily closed with no hint as to when it will be back for its grand opening. That being the case, many Disney Guests are now left craving a homemade one-of-a-kind surgery desert, and Everglazed Donuts will be there to save the day.

Now, it looks like I am going to be getting donuts from Joffrey’s and Evergalzed when I visit Disney Springs!

Are you going to be headed to Disney Springs in the next few days to try Everglazed Donuts and grab a coffee? What would your perfect donut be?

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