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epcot canada pavilion

Credit: Disney / castlecake2.0


  1. C

    When did they redo O Canada? Last time I saw it, not that long ago, it was still Martin Short.
    Say what you want about the pavillion bit Le Cellier is one of our favorite restaurants. I miss the days when you could walk in and get a table. Pretzel Bread Sticks!

  2. Nick

    Just cleaning the place up and making it look as intended would be a plus. All of the other, more popular pavilions have had either refurbishments and/or additions, which is a good reason for their popularity and Canada needs to do the same. My opinion is the reason that hasn’t happened is to due to the fact that the Le Cellier was one of the better if not the best steakhouses on property so the other parts of the pavilion were left to neglect because the restaurant was drawing enough visitors. The problem has become twofold, the continued lack of maintenance has become very noticeable to the point of being off-putting, just about every other country in the World Showcase looks better, also, Le Cellier is no longer the best steakhouse on property and hasn’t been for a while.

  3. Shell

    Also of note, is the pavilions are closed because they were previously staffed by CDN students. But I guess since the CDN border is closed..
    I saw the new far and wide and as a long standing Canadian wasn’t overly impressed.
    While the scenery is beautiful it left a lot of the provinces out. Inviting more tourists to Banff is not necessarily a good thing, at least for Canadians.

  4. David Kinsman

    All of EPCOT has needed an overhaul for the last 15 or 20 years , Disney is spending money overseas that should be spent in this country.

  5. Adam

    Now that the NHL is back on ESPN maybe they can incorporate some hockey influenced ideas into the Canada pavilion?

  6. Rae

    Maybe this article will gain Disney’s attention that would help set the refurbishments in place for the pavilion.
    Every pavilion should deserve the proper treatment as representatives of those countries.

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