Comments for Disneyland Launches ‘Magical Extras’ for Legacy Passholders

disneyland legacy passholders

Credit: Disney (Left and Right)


  1. Elena

    really? to find out what Disneyland has to say I need a Twitter account?

  2. Josh

    Now if they would just release information about Walt Disney World Annual passes that would be great. As a new DVC member this stings a little

  3. Nick

    They’ve launched absolutely nothing thus far except for a new name.

  4. Tamara Dowd

    It’s time for Florida to sell new annual passes again.

  5. Winkie Sanderson

    I am grateful they gave us a name, rather than I use to be a passholder. Do I like what they are offering as far as AP Passes, no, I don’t ride the rides, I only go for the entertainment, and not going during the summer to see AACB really sucks. I wait all year for summer.

    I hope Disneyland gives us better options.

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