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disneyland food and rides

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  1. Ben Scott

    Food: corn dog
    Attraction: Incredicoaster

  2. I have only been to Disneyland once. In Anaheim California..there was no Disney World at the time I was 10 at the time and totally amazed. Favorite rides were It’s A Small World and the flying elephants. I’m 65 now and have never been to A Disney park since. Favorite food ….everything.

    1. Natalie Yancey

      Food: fried chicken from plaza inn
      Attraction: storybook canal boats or the railroad

  3. Have only been to Disneyland once.in Anaheim CA. I was 10 years old, and it was amazing. Favorite ride was It’s A Small World, and the Monorail. I’m 65 now, but I remember it clearly. Favorite food….

  4. Sharon Webe

    Food: Monte Cristo
    Ride: Matterhorn

  5. Deena Eskenas

    Food: Corn dog
    Ride: Rise of the Resistance

  6. Phoebe L Ho

    Oh, bleeding heart. So many choices. For me?

    Food: a sourdough bread full of vegetarian gumbo from the Royal Street Verandah, since after eating that I won’t have to eat anything else.

    Ride: Splash Mountain, because no brainer! There are lots of other rides I really want to do, but they’ll keep. I hope.

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