Comments for Disneyland Hopes to Develop New AP Program “As Quickly As We Possibly Can”

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  1. KenG

    Because there are so many variables floating around, and many of which are just plain bad ideas and show no loyalty to long-time passholders, I cannot get excited yet.
    I fully understand that during the first, perhaps 6-9 months of opening Disneyland will need to have a reservation system as they do in Disney World – That’s understandable.

    But beyond that, I am hoping they bring back the top-tier Signature Plus pass that has NO blockout dates – at all! And once we get past all this then those passholders will no longer need to make a park reservation, they can just go whenever they want as we did before.
    Perhaps they could offer a 25% discount for existing (former) passholders to renew knowing that during the first several months they will have to make a reservation first.

    My other thought is during these first several months they only offer one kind of pass that restricts the number of days you can go (maybe offer 3-6-12-15 days total) but have the same features of the Signature Plus pass – no blockouts and includes parking but you still need to make a reservation and/or have a few “anytime reservations”. Or maybe as well offer top level pass of 12-15 visits that requires no reservation, just limited visits.

    Either way, I am hoping we go back to having the annual passes as they once were – several levels all the way up to the Signature Plus (or whatever they call it).

  2. Deborah Walker

    As long time out of state annual pass holders I feel that we are being left out of the thought process. When we travel to the parks we do not want to be limited to how many hours we can be inside the parks. We are there 5 or 6 days then leave. We need the freedom with out limitations to plan our flights and hotels. None of the so called perks have benefited us due to the hotels not being open. We hope that this can be resolved to please us again.

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