Comments for Disneyland Offers Annual Passholders One Last Gift Amid AP Cancellation

annual passport magnet

Credit: @paulsthemeparkadventures via Instagram


  1. Carrie

    “Therefore, local Disneyland APs can head to Downtown Disney and collect their complimentary AP magnet after a purchase has been made”
    Wow. Just. Wow.
    So, for those who cannot travel to Disneyland, yet have been passholders for YEARS (or for decades in my case) we get nothing.
    They have all our addresses and records. Just MAIL THEM.

  2. Rich

    WHAT???? A FREE (with purchase) MAGNET???

    That makes everything ok! Yay!

  3. Barbara Dawson

    Thanks a lot Disneyland. How do loyal AP customers who don’t live near Disneyland get a magnet?? Disney lovers who don’t live close have really missed out on merchandise since closing. How do I feel, very disappointed and sad that this is the case once again!

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