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  1. I don’t think there would be enough space. Tall people would have difficulty. One party per gondola worked very well when we went at a busy time over Christmas. People are getting vaccinated. I don’t think it would be worth it.

    1. Peter

      Excellent statement!

  2. Jan

    Even in February 2020, when it was busy and before Covid changed operations, most of the time we were by ourselves in the gondolas. Sometimes there was another party of two but they didn’t seem in a rush to pack them. For this reason, it’s my favorite mode of transport. I hate being crammed in with others on the bus and monorail. People coughing right by your face. Several of our two week trips have been ruined when my husband got sick for the last half, after being exposed to someone’s cold early on in the trip.

  3. Alan Munger

    The gondolas are quick to board and quick transport as it is. A party of 4 should always get their own in my opinion. It’s a nice escape from crowded busses, trams, monorail, and boats. I’d leave it be. No dividers

  4. Amy

    Dividers in the Skyliner are definitely a bad idea. Before Covid, or presently, we have never really had much of a wait and normally just our one party boarded one gondola – they are constantly moving. It’s a lovely way to get around between the certain parks and resorts. Please don’t fix what’s not broken.

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