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Credit: Disney


  1. Too bad
    Disney own fault.
    They brought in the LGBT crowd.
    I’ve lived in Orlando Florida for 65yrs.
    I’m a Orlando Florida native.
    We all hate what they done.
    Looks like god is punishing the perverts.

    1. Jack

      What on earth are you talking about?

      1. Jenn

        Well Jack-he is sharing God’s love. Clearly. Eyeroll. But you have to respect his fantastic grammar.

  2. Donna

    They just released the income of all the top people and then announce more lay-offs. Something definitely sounds disgusting about this.
    The rich get richer, yet again.

    1. Nick

      One doesn’t have much to do with the other.
      The top people lost a portion of their total compensation while those closer to the ground lost their jobs.
      It doesn’t seem fair but nobody ever promised fair, and it’s just the way large corporate entities operate.
      Sucks but there it is.

  3. Gordo

    Only 19 people? Must be a typo. Sucks 19 people are laid off but big deal. Thats not newsworthy.

  4. Khalil Shaheed Johnson

    Disney is laying off their hard working employees while their top execs are maki g MILLIONS/yr!! Without your employees, there would be no Disney magic. As much as we love Disney, this is unsettling information.

  5. Jenn

    Funny-NOT-but in my newsletter queue the next article says Disney is paying $198M for new road next to them. I’m aware of what it’s connecting but my thought is “People and jobs first-roads second”.

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