Comments for Review: Disney World Crowds Before and After the Holidays

disney world crowds

Credit: Inside the Magic Kelly C.


  1. It was crowded when we went 12/29/20-1/5/21. We could only do the popular rides once. We were able to ride Pirates and the Haunted Mansion many times. Disney closed counterservice restaurants early, at times 4:30pm. This would push you to make reservations for an evening meal. Not much availability with 60 day window. Transportation issues are still ongoing.

  2. Jo

    You didn’t take pictures at the rides, where there are hour wait times, despite no one being on Main Street. It makes sense that no one is standing on Main Street. They’re all in super long ride queues.

  3. Tamara Dowd

    If Disney is concerned over non crowed parks, bring back new annual passes for those of us still willing to buy them.

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