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sorcerers of magic kingdom


  1. Adam

    This was a fun game – we had a great time playing. Like the Pirate treasure hunt in Adventureland, it also created so much magic by having random things triggered by guests at random times. Just another layer of atmosphere that makes the parks so special. I hope moving forward the Imagineers will remember that families come to the parks to get their faces out of screens and to experience things together, and that sometimes old fashioned charm can beat modern technology.

    1. JTM

      I’m with you on this one. This was a great activity for the 8-10 year olds to distract from waits. Sometimes, though, technology does outstrip experiences. DisneyQuest is a great example. My family LOVED that place, and we had to go every trip, but — many of the innovations have been incorporated into other rides, and maintenance costs were high. Sadly, Disney is still a business, and this seems to be a business decision. I’ll miss the vicarious thrill of seeing little sorcerers go nuts when the magic windows opened up.

      1. Justin

        Lol 8 to 10 years old. I’m 33 was 30 last time i was there and i loved it more then my kids. Now my 5 year old is into the cards and now when we go back it won’t be there ??

      2. Abby Harrison

        Disney tries their best to make you think that they have the Guests best interest in mind. In the end, if it’s not going to benefit them in some way, they aren’t doing it. It is always money with them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they stop giving out free ice water soon! I understand that the parks were closed for a few months but Disney is oozing money. More than likely they are fine. They still have the paid games of course but free, no. Really sad, that was one of the things we really looked forward to as a family every summer. I may need to start rethinking where we go on vacation.

    2. Lisa kindell

      NO, this was one of my son’s favorite part of magic kingdom. He is 12 and still lived to play this everytime we came. This saddens me. ?

  2. Lea Ann

    Cool. More people walking around staring at their phones. Do they not track everyone enough already? Magic bands, phone apps, etc. I’m surprised they haven’t started injecting people with microchips. Maybe coming to a park near you!

    1. No thanks

      Disney word? C’mon man, arent you a writer?

      1. Cruzer

        We tried to play several times over the last four years but each time, at least one touch point was out of order. They did such a terrible job on maintenance that OF COURSE popularity waned. That’s the propblem with big corporations–they jave these big ideas then don’t set aside enough money after the initial launch to sustain them.

  3. Rob

    I always noticed this game every time I’ve visited Magic Kingdom but with so much hustle and bustle going on in the park, I can’t imagine kids would be more interested in playing this rather then ride all the rides, meet characters, ect. Obviously Disney has usage statistics so I’m sure this decision was made bearing this in mind.

    1. Casey

      Our son (9) loves this game and we would skip out on rides to just walk around and do this. We were planning a surprise trip for his 10yr old Bday in Feb and this was going to be a huge part of the trip?. He has already completed 2 levels and was ready for more. He is going to be devastated.
      Also, we go to Disney to disconnect with technology not a fan of staring at screens even more.
      There was always a line to get more cards?‍♀️ And there were always ppl playing the game along with us.

  4. No thanks

    Disney word? C’mon man, arent you a writer?

    1. Td

      Was thinking the same thing!! I guess proof reading is too hard to do in this day and age!!

  5. R

    Boo Disney. As passholders we loved getting the cards every time we went to MK. Gave us something to do besides riding the same old rides. My 8 yr old is going to be disappointed she can’t play this anymore. She also likes the Muppet/101 Dalmations game on DCL. The Disney play app isn’t much fun and really sucks the battery on my phone.

  6. Rebecca White

    Disney park execs have NO idea what true park enthusiasts want. They are stripping away all of the magical layers that made us out of state Annual Pass holders. There is a community of Florida seniors who get their daily exercise (and human connection) by playing SOTMK – walking the park, sharing cards with kids and getting them excited to play. It took us a while to discover the game – truly a lifesaver when wait times for rides are as bad as they were pre-Covid – and yes, maintenance was not done, so it could be frustrating to play. The new content they have released for our phones is NOT what I want when I’m at the park. I want my kids to look around, discover and delight in the details that are completely missed while staring at a screen. The side streets and those magical game windows have given us just as much if not MORE pleasure than rides on some days. Without these magical moments, you are courting amusement park fans who have no love of “all things Disney” and will not pass down that nostalgia. Temporary closures due to the pandemic I understand, but without the Main Street performers, SOTMK, and the other cuts that have been made, DIsney World will be any other amusement park with a much higher price tag. Let’s be honest, we don’t love Peter Pan’s flight for its amazing, high-tech ride experience. We love it because we are willing to squint our eyes just a bit and pretend we don’t see the carpeted evacuation path and only see the streets of London as we soar in our pirate ship. I’m having a harder and harder time squinting with cuts like this!

    1. Abby Harrison

      Well said! It truly is sad that Disney is doing this! They spend so much on bringing in new rides, etc. but fail on the little things. As someone else mentioned, of course interest waned. They never maintained the Magic Windows so they never worked properly. Nobody want to stand in line for 10 minutes only to be disappointed.

  7. SG

    No no no! Why? We loved it. My kids played it at every visit! This is so disappointing! It was something to do when you didn’t want to wait an hour to ride any popular ride. Wait times are ridiculous. This was a fun Disney experience!

  8. SG

    I hope they don’t get rid of the Pirstes Treasure Map game. That is even more fun!

    1. Lol

      Disney Word

  9. Geoffrey Kurtz

    We played it every time we came. My 8yr loved it. And I agree with the other commenter, it helped get people out of their phone screens.

  10. Jenn

    I’m bummed. I didn’t even know it existed until a couple of months ago and was planning on doing it this December when I return…Not sure why this activity was a strain on the technology.

  11. Zeshan Rajput

    SotMK was a fantastic way to enjoy the park when lines got too long. We have played for years, given away several sets of cards, made friends with other sorcerers, and had a wonderful time. I’m hoping Disney modernizes the experience, maybe by implementing the game using virtual trading cards… Something like MtG: Arena? Here’s hoping…

    1. Sandra Nat

      I am completely devastated and when I read the article to my son, he cried, real tears. Disney has been our only happy place since we lost my husband in 2018, my son was only 8. SOTMK has been one of my son’s favorite things to do. He gets so excited getting new cards and trying to defeat Hades. He actually won last summer snd was able to sign the book, it was the highlight of his trip. He promptly reset and began a new more challenging round. He is crushed. I know this is the technology age, but I agree with so many others. I loved getting my son away from the electronics and having fun racing to all the different kiosks. Another thing that we loved is that, although the game is fun, you were also able to leave the park with a “free” keepsake. The trading cards are adorable and so much fun. My son loved having a collection that was both fun and free and tradable. I am hoping that if they insist on an interactive game , they can find a way to make another series of collectible cards and keep the firehouse as a distribution site. Please please Disney try to find a way to create more magic and if it must be replaced/reworked etc, please try to find a similar idea and concept for replacement. Our hearts are broken.

  12. Jrichmichna

    Yes, I know the game! It was also on one of the cruise ships. I also agree with comments that were made from others, it lets children of all ages get their faces out of technology and get interested in games that would not involve iPhones

  13. Lisa Welch

    How unfortunate. Our 8 yr old literally just discovered this game during our last visit. He is so excited to go back next week to play again.

    Whatever they replace it with, I hope they do it soon.

  14. We are crushed by this news. It is so much a part of our beloved Disney Magic. This is my son’s favorite activity in the park. We lost my husband suddenly in 2018 when our son was just 8 and since then Disney been our only “happy” place. I am so sad and my don is crying, real tears. I loved him being away from the electronics and distracted from long wait times and hustle and bustle. The “free” trading cards were also a huge hit. My son actually defeated Hades last summer. He was thrilled to sign the book and begin a new more challenging game. Please please Disney, if it must be retired, try to find a replacement that is less tech based, maybe scavenger hunt or something. And please try to replace with other collectible cards to go with the replacement replacement game. And above all, please don’t rework or close the firehouse. There must be a way to continue this type of magic in keeping with the times. So very devastated.

  15. Mackerel

    This is rather upsetting. This one one of my family’s favorite things to do since Magic Kingdom is so dang crowded (pre covid), and wait times were so ridiculous we often only went to MK for Sorcerors. And i hate that disney is moving more and more towards using phones for everything. I will be walking and all the sudden the people in front of me abruptly stop because they need to make a fast pass selection and they might run into something. We did not spend $$$$ on vacation to spend more time on our phones.

  16. Heather

    I agree with everyone above. We loved this game, and my son’s favorite day on our last trip was the one where we skipped all rides and played this. He’ll cry when I tell him. With younger kids, I don’t want to hand them my phone (safety, battery life, family togetherness are all concerns), and this let him be independent with his cards. I’ll be really sad if this is replaced with something phone based

  17. Susan

    My entire family of six is so very sad. This was a special party of our annual visit. Many of us sometimes would play this game over rides. It was very special and the powers in cards were fun to work out combinations. Even if the park was packed this game made it wonderful. I am very disappointed that Disney did this with no notice. How can we get there by thy end of the month to play. Plus the investment to obtain all the special cards and party cards. Please Disney reconsider, this is only a one or two cast job. Please stop taking traditions away that mean so much to your regular visitors.

  18. Amanda Peters

    I am crushed to hear this news. My son is a child with ADHD and sensory challenges. Playing SOTMK was our saving grace when he was too hot or overwhelmed. It also gave us a break from rides and crowds. During our last trip I made sure to stop at MK every day in order to get more cards for him(annual pass holder).

  19. humulos

    Definitely going to miss this, perhaps I’ll need to learn how to play with the cards at home so they don’t go to waste.

    I will say, the writing was on the wall. We had gone to Magic Kingdom last October or November and one of the portals just wouldn’t activate, and another was having a real hard time detecting our cards. It was the first my nephew and niece had tried it too. And despite the technical difficulties, they had a real great time, even opting to find more portals instead of going with their younger siblings on a few rides.

  20. Melissa

    NO!!!! We loved the SotMK! My son and I raced to the portals to conquer the Villians… he loved it, and I loved that he loved it! Why would I want my son to stare at a phone all day long, that’s definitely not magical. The SotMK was no-contact and socially-distant and perfect. All it needed was updating, and more families would have discovered the fun. This is disappointing…

  21. Thegreenknight0

    This is a real shame. My 3 and 4 year old daughters really love this to the point where we have reenacted it at home with pictures of monsters and pirates taped up around the house. They love it so much that when we are going to the park they are as excited about doing this as they are about going on any of the rides.

    I would love to see Disney make some attempt to port this experience to mobile devices making use of the camera and card interaction. While we will definitely miss this at the parks, it would be great to be able to still enjoy it at home.

  22. LB

    Funny how that is the exact opposite of what the CMs told us… and how we would see people playing it every time we went. But they can’t just say its a cost cutting measure. My son loved it.

  23. Brad Bodner

    Sad 2 see it go. We live in Wisconsin so not regulars there. I found the game exciting and the kids liked the action. The fact that it took you all over the park exploring places, that we would otherwise not have gone to, was like an adventure. The game was a bit confusing as you never really knew why you defeated the enemy, but that did not make it less fun. Seeing your favorite characters defeat villains from other genre’s was also nice. I had good interactions with other players trading. I know there were reports of abuse in trading, but really, pay attention to what your kids are doing. I detest the kids with cell phones and do not allow my kids to use them at the parks. Cell phone use is not why we are there! The trading promoted interaction with other guests and that was priceless.. Bring it back improved and not with cell phones.

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