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  1. Rae Harrell

    For the upcoming changes of the Contemporary Resort, let me say that I’m not a fan of the resign concept of the rooms.
    I believe that rather than going for ultra-futuristic approach of the hotel and its rooms, I would go for the ultra-retro that could still look modern but also fitting to the time when it was first opened.
    There were complaints in the past that there was barely a Disney touch of the designs before and after the recent refurbishments, so it cannot hurt to have a bit of the Mickey and Donald touches of the retro designs that makes it look fun, trendy and memorable.
    There would be creative patterns and colors that transpired back at the 70s, as well as the furniture, lighting and decor but of course still have the modern touches as we are in the 2020s.
    A fun and peppy looks like that to be used on the Contemporary Resort will make this one of the most memorable and fun parts for any vacationers of their trip to the parks.

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