Comments for Disney’s Potential Move From CA to FL Could Boost Real Estate

Lake Nona and Disney

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  1. elaine

    That would be terrible for the people of California that are employed by the company, however, from a business point of view it is understandable.

  2. Brian Elia

    Our State Government and even some of our local governments continue to make California unfriendly to business. Several large corporations have already moved to other states. I can see Disney moving all of corporate and maybe animation to Florida, and just keep the Burbank Studios for filming only. Even some of Silicon Valley is starting to move to other states. We should have safety protocols because of the pandemic, but Governor Newsom (born very rich by the way) just continues shutting down as much as possible. A growing recall movement is underway at least.

  3. Barry Moss

    Disney used to have a pretty good animation studio at the Disney-MGM Studios park (back when there was some real production work done there). Perhaps they could reopen that?

  4. Ron

    California has become pathetic in its current government take over it is not what we are about we were never meant to be a 4th world state I have been a 7th generation person here and it was outstanding till the Marxist Newsom had begun his land grab reset program it is disgusting we grew up going to Disneyland monthly and many of us worked for Walt and the company since day one now it has gone to a horrible demise

  5. Joe

    Just don’t vote for the same insane liberal policies that you are fleeing from.

  6. Kim A madrigal

    I totally agree. I miss and love Disneyland so much, and its ridiculous that our state is not open. I hate ehat Calif has becone. All good people are leaving and I want to as well. Texas and Florida look great

  7. KenR

    To the exiting Californians, please leave your liberal voting habits behind. Don’t turn the good states you move to into a new California by voting for high taxes and more regulations.

  8. Mike Gorman

    Book hooo, you voted for these clown DEMOCRATS so reap what you sow.

  9. Jeif

    I think it only fair to point out that California appears to be solid proof that the full blown democratic approach doesn’t work.

  10. Jorie

    The way I see it, the opening of disneyland was in the hands of the residents of Anaheim and their desire to keep each other safe,but in their case it was too difficult for them to follow the mask mandate put in place to keep people safe. It was their responsibility like every other counties residents to keep their numbers down for the hospitals to be able to function. I just don’t understand how people can be so selfish as to not just wear a mask to protect other people when in reality it’s the to protect themselves too. It makes no sense. I’m disappointed in those who find it easier to blame those in power doing what’s right for the whole of the American people instead of those who were selfish enough to think their personal comfort is more important than the health of their community. The blame is on those who didn’t do what was right for their community to make it possible to open re-open Disneyland.

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