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  1. john sullivan

    what a joke – did Disney apply the same standard to 2017? I’m growing tiresome of Disney inserting itself in these kinds of issues. stick to what you are good at.

    1. Rich

      I agree. They are doing nothing more than widening divide this country. Why did they have to say anything. As a stockholder, I’m embarrassed and ashamed to be associated with them, and will be contacting my broker to sell my shares.

    2. Bren

      What happened in 2017? I don’t remember people storming into the Capitol building, having people killed, police being assaulted? There was no violence in 2017 regarding the Electoral College votes. And FYI, there have been objections throughout history during this certifying the votes, but this is the only time such violence was used, and approved by some. Please get your history straight, and don’t spread such fake information. Be responsible.

      1. Daryl

        No you just had years of violence in the streets instead, burning and looting the streets to the ground. All the had to do was investigate the legitimate claims.

      2. Sue

        Yup what about what happened in the summer when the blm. Buried business and riots broke out all
        Over . But that’s ok. Bc it was the Democrats and if you think they didn’t have there hand in this you need glasses what about 2016 when they blocked interstate hey. And they killed police officers what about 2018 when they stormed the Supreme Court building After these we where told don’t don’t assign the actions of one person to the entire movement. People forget these stuff. Bc it had nothing to do with trump.

      3. Sue

        No but in 2016 the blm blocked interstate hwys. And killed cops look it up. And also in 2018. And remember 2011 in Wisconsin

      4. Kim

        I never heard President Trump tell those people to storm the Capitol. MSM has replayed everything Trump has done and said (that they considered wrong) for the last 4 years more times than anyone can count. Think about it. How many times have you seen them replay the audio of him telling them to do it.
        They have not replayed his speech one time because they know he didn’t tell them to do it.

        1. Debbie

          Yes he did ask them to go. And he added u have to fight and u have to fight hard. He also lied and told them he would be there. Of course he wasn’t. And as the tried to murder Prnce & Pelosi they kept asking Trumo to call the National guard to help. But Trumo refused.
          Pence was finally able to call himself.

      5. Debbie

        I’m proud of Disney for honoring our constitution. It says anyone involved in insurrection or sedition can no longer serve. Disney absolutely did the correct thing. Especially since Trump tried to have our VP and Speaker of the House murdered. And he refused to call the National Guard to help. Pence was finally able to call the National Guard for help.
        Everyone working at the WH on the 6th said Trump was loving watching the violence & murders & attempted murders. They said Trump couldn’t even understand why everyone around him was disgusted by his actions.

  2. Daryl Taylor

    The only way to actually get peace and healing is to investigate the election and for all news outlets to publicly apologise to the American people.

    1. Debbie

      The election fraud case went in front of about 99 judges; including the Supreme Court. They threw out every case because they found zero evidence of voter fraud. All of Trumo’s teams of attorneys had to admit under oath they find no evidence of voter fraud, and they resigned. Same with BILL BARR.

  3. Jess

    Disney shouldn’t be giving money to any lawmakers, Republican or Democrat. Just my opinion.

  4. Sheila Holland

    I think disney are doing the right thing them people were wrong in doing what they done

    1. Marie

      They were wrong. They were Antifi and paid terrorists- not Trump supporters. Wake up! Disney and all these other businesses show stupidity. I go to Disney to escape this political mayhem. Disney made a big mistake by this one. Assuming all people who went to the rally are terrorists is insane. I thought at least Disney was smarter than this movement against the president. Listen to an unedited version of his speech and you will see he called for a peaceful march and a peaceful protest. TURN the media off! Wake up America! At some point, we all will be censored. How dare Disney try to represent me and jump on this movement that will eventually silence us all- even you!

  5. Jay

    Then we need to stop giving money to Disney just like people are doing with Twitter. What about the burning and looting along with violence all summer by other groups. Another bad choice by Disney.

  6. Gina

    This is unbelievable to me that Disney can put out a statement like this. It seems completely absurd. I mean, come on, did the spokespeople who made this statement really think that they represent all the timeshare holders, passholders, and park attendees beliefs? President Trump did not incite violence. Period. Truth will be told and shown. If the president promoted violence in his speech, why is the media not showing his speech for the people to hear? They are spreading their propaganda of lies. WAKE UP!

  7. Clyde

    Stay out of politics. As I recall Democrat is making you lose billions in California
    We go to WDW to get away from this type of crap

  8. Stan

    Why the double standard? Pelvis said the 2016 election was “hijacked” and I just watched video of Biden as Vice President denying the motion by democrats in the senate doing the same thing in moving to not recognize the 2016 election. They’re trying to silence only one side, so seems like democracy is done for.

  9. Chrissy

    Disney! I am a lifelong fan of your parks, movies, etc… I have passed that along to my children. I am getting embarrassed to say I am a Disney fan! No matter which side you are on , you guys should keep out of politics. You are going to lose A LOT of fans. Be better. Remember Walt Disney!

  10. Marie

    NO business should give money to ANY candidate. individuals only should and within the limit. Media reports what it wants not what was said. So sad

  11. Heather Kelly

    Bad move.

  12. ONLY individuals NOT businesses should, if they wish, contribute to candidates and then within the limits.
    Most media do not provide the facts. They know what their viewpoints are and will tell us that which is usually only part of the story. So sad

  13. SG

    Yes! Thank you Disney!

  14. Tony

    No! Shame on you Disney!
    Your job is to entertain people and provide a temporary escape or break from the real world. Focus your time, energy and resources on THAT! Taking sides will only serve to hurt YOU in the end as you may end up alienating a large percentage of the country who may decide to boycott you for your actions, and that measly combined $137,000 you donated will cost you millions if not billions in revenue in the future whenever business returns to normal, IF it ever does!
    Please DO NOT SIDE with Hollywood, the largest group of out of touch with reality people in perhaps the world! They live in a world of “make believe”, and are the LAST people ANYONE should be listening to for political advice. DON’T lump yourself in with them! Obviously, movie making is a huge part or your business as well, and right now, probably what is keeping you from going bankrupt. But that doesn’t mean you need to bow down and follow along with Hollywood’s incredibly biased opinions. You’re better than that! At least I thought/hope!
    Think it over…

  15. Kendall Wren

    Please stop all political contributions. Until you find a single politician that has the possibility to bring us together do not support the division that they instill. Spoiler alert no personal ever exist. we get too much politics on our daily life we don’t need it coming from Disney and other entertainment entities. I don’t want to feel good or bad about my politics based on the judgement of my entertainers.

  16. Disappointed Disney Fan

    Furious that they would not apply this equally to all sides. Shows a clear bias against performing constitutionally valid duties, which both sides have done in the past. As someone who just visited and spent a lot of money, this breaks my heart as it’s another business I can’t patronize anymore. Just keep out of politics, please.

  17. Bridget Langley-Broadwell


    Why now? After all the violence in the streets and against the police officers over the years and the chanting “Not my President” when Trump won office four years ago. Before the election 4 years ago the Democratic population said the Republican population spread hate, and encouraged violent tendencies but when Trump won, the outrage resulted in fire’s and violence and chanting (from the Democratic party). With all this division in the country you are the one that brings love and hope and peace and now you are choosing to be part of the division also. I’m so disappointed that my Magical Place on Earth just lost all Magic.

  18. JEROME

    That’s right Disney, just like the statement you clowns made when half my city was burned and looted last summer….oh wait, nevermind.

  19. Matthew Foley

    But of course Disney WILL be giving a Paycheck to Gina Cerano throughout 2021 that will equal far more than they have contributed to the RNC in the last 5 Years despite her fueling the flames and being no less an instigator and supporter of the people that did this.

    1. peggy brown

      Right on. Why is this terrorist and burning down cities isn’t!

  20. Van

    So Mickey is a Progressive Democrat! Goofy is probably the only populist in the crowd! These political giants should get back to running a company and make a profit. Stay out of politics and make everyone’s day magical.

  21. Tamara

    Another good move Disney. My way, or no way. Very grown up. Is this the new way of Democratic America?

  22. Eddie

    F Disney. Greedy company. Here it is companies be they left or right should stay the f out of politics and be neutral if they actually want to continue having the support of All people.

  23. Rick Woodland

    Huh? Why is Disney giving money to _any_ politician? Stick to making entertainment, and stay out of the political arena.

  24. Debbie

    Yes! I am so proud of Disney fir honoring our constitution! It says anyone involved in insurrection or sedition can no longer serve. Trump and every Congress/ Senator that was involved on the 6th & the TX sedition have to be removed according to our constitution.

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