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  1. Tamara

    Another good move Disney. My way, or no way. Very grown up. Is this the new way of Democratic America?

  2. Eddie

    F Disney. Greedy company. Here it is companies be they left or right should stay the f out of politics and be neutral if they actually want to continue having the support of All people.

  3. Rick Woodland

    Huh? Why is Disney giving money to _any_ politician? Stick to making entertainment, and stay out of the political arena.

  4. Debbie

    Yes! I am so proud of Disney fir honoring our constitution! It says anyone involved in insurrection or sedition can no longer serve. Trump and every Congress/ Senator that was involved on the 6th & the TX sedition have to be removed according to our constitution.

  5. KAM

    I don’t know what will happen without Disney’s 122,000.. ??

  6. J

    Very Progressive … left limo
    Suppressing free speech.

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