Comments for You Could Star in Disney+ Sequel With Patrick Dempsey, Amy Adams


Credit: Disney


  1. Noah

    I think that true fans have already retconned the sequels. Disney made a horrible decision (or likely on purpose) to allow Rian Johnson to destroy the plot and the series as a result. There are no bandaid that can fix this. This is what happens when you give Disney more compicated fantasy to write than children’s movies. They should have the kept the director the same for all 3 or at least allowed Abrams to write the 2nd one and allow him to pick the fill in director. Too late. Move on to the other series. Again, no real fan considers these actual sequels as a cohesive whole. The first movie was extremely promising. That’s as far as it got.

    1. Jon

      What series? The original movie did not have a series. There is an unrelated series that was done by the creators of the Simpsons but was in no way connected to Enchanted or the upcoming sequel.

    2. Jon

      Ohhh wait, you were commenting on Star Wars. Couldn’t figure out what you were talking about, but I figured it out.

  2. I would love to star in Disney’s disenchanted it would be a dream come true to be with Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey too

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