Comments for ‘Guardians’ Actor Dave Bautista Offers $20K to Catch Criminal Who Scraped “TRUMP” Into a Manatee

Dave Bautista Manatee

Right Photo Credit: Marvel Left Photo Credit: Hailey Warrington


  1. jon luka

    How about use the money to feed the needy……..what a waste

    1. Matt

      Dave Bautista has a long history of donating to animal charities and causes, which means that it is prob an important issue to him. He has prob done more charitable work in his life than you have, so why not take that nasty chat room troll energy and donate to a charity for feeding the homeless instead!!!!

      1. R L T W

        Yeah I doubt that. Dave probably the kid on criminal minds that ,”overly loved the animals”

  2. D

    I hope everybody realises who ever did this, all they did was use a finger or two and remove a layer of algae.. It’s not hard to tell that actually. There slow moving, shallow water creatures when in waters like that. The sun comes out and algae grows on there skin. It didn’t hurt the animal, if anything it might have felt good to it. Is like taking your finger and ruining it down the inside glass of a dirty freshwater aquarium.. You don’t even have to apply pressure..

  3. Matt

    It was obviously a democrat that did this. They are the only ones dumb enough

  4. Rex

    Absolutely could have been a lefty, smearing the word TRUMP just to further attempt to make Trump supporters look bad. I love how “journalists” use the word CARVED when “D” is correct, it was merely smudged into the algae, no harm done thankfully.
    Although it was senseless, Bautista is just looking for a reason to talk badly about Trump supporters. Can anyone say TDS?!

    1. David

      You REX are a true idiot… Trump followers dont need any help looking bad… Doin it well all on yout own.

  5. Ryan Bollinger

    More then likely communist Braindead Biden supporter trying to say Trump looks like a manatee. Liberals are the only ones dumb enough to do something this stupid.

  6. Ryan

    I’m a Trump supporter and wholeheartedly do not approve of this! Just because one nut job did something stupid, does not mean we’re all like that. I don’t care who you support or if you’re on the Left or the Right, if you break the law you should be prosecuted. Simple as that.

  7. Hogtide

    Hell ill claim i did it if it gets me 20k. To Hell with drax just disappear for real this time

  8. Paul

    The fact that anyone, for any reason, is not only defending or trivializing this action, but also – without any basis in anything resembling reality – projecting it on Trump opponents – is utterly pathetic.

  9. R L T W

    These actors should stick to thier jobs of being fake. Thats literally what they do. So many ppl without food in the US yet he has 20k to help a damn sea cow. What a waste of a life

  10. Any animal should not have to endure this. The person(s) (Republican or Democrat) should serve the maximum amount of time and have this done to them.

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