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  1. neo

    why are you complicating star wars..who want to delete scenes can delete whole saga…who is behind this ?!

    1. Retconn

      The fans of star wars……lol….it’s Donald trump shmuck

    2. Paul Ruggeri

      Odd that Fisher, who being a well known script doctor, would back this trash as that doesn’t make any sense to me. She was bipolar and I am told she would go off her meds to write scenes more than a dozen ways, but you would only have to think one or two ways to know Disney Star Wars didn’t make any sense.

  2. Joshua

    We couldn’t be so lucky that they would delete the sequel trilogy. That farce should’ve never been made and this could at least attempt to undo the damage the Sequels have done to the Star Wars universe.

    1. Kevin

      Leave the past in the past and move on hopefully beter story lines and movies

  3. John

    No. The sequels were trash. Carrie didn’t get to be as involved as she wanted. It’s a shame, and it’s sad. But the movies were garbage and I’d say we should retcon them to preserve Carrie’s legacy

    1. Conner Liam McKillips

      I think she’s dead

  4. JB Josh

    I believe the princess believed in Abrams and Johnson; if she was alive now she would agree with the fans that they failed her. Its sad… it is; they were allowed to make a non character driven story that didnt explain anything at the end of the day and had to rush a ending so condrived actual critis and fans were astounded by what they saw. Yes should they recon absolutely. If your a true fan and love how real starwars stories should be from watching the madalorian you know that they have good people who can re-write the wrongs of few.

  5. Linda Meherg

    Leave the Star Wars movies alone they are history.

    1. Zailah

      I love Carrie Fisher, but – if this is true – I’m sorry, no matter how much she supposedly supported it, the sequels are bad, messed up and made no sense at all. I’m frequently re-watching Star Wars, but those I won’t ever see again. And she hardly had a part in the sequels, which I think it was so disrespectfull. I wouldn’t mind if it was retconed at all.

    2. Greg

      The sequel trilogy was tepid at best. Rian Johnson was getting too cute with the script. It ended up with characters we didn’t care for and really bad plot holes. I hope they do away with the current sequel trilogy and admit they got it wrong. If everything goes through Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, Star Wars will THRIVE.

  6. Isaac

    I like to think the sequel trilogy could survive as the alternate timeline where Ahsoka died. She only survived because she was time heisted in Rebels by Ezra Bridger. Had she not survived to meet Din in Mandolorian, she wouldn’t have sent Grogu to Typhon to contact a Jedi, the rescue team wouldn’t have survived because Luke wasn’t there to save them, and Grogu would have remained in imperial hands and been what created Snoke and helped revive Palpatine…

  7. Dave Taylor

    Leave them alone. This mindset as how we ended up with so many Lucas tweaks and additions.

    They are what they are, don’t watch if you don’t like them

  8. Glyndora Rose

    Retcon them now! The Mandalorian series already justified what the real continuation of the series by bringing Grand Admiral Thrawn and Luke Skywalker.

  9. Retconn the sequal trilogy

    “…[she] placed her faith in JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson to make a certain series of films.”

    We all placed our faith in those ass clowns and Kennedy. So, she will just have to be disappointed the the rest of us. Or maybe we can deep fake her and include her.

  10. Michael David Scroggins

    Leave them alone. I think you should let Carrie Fisher say her peace and that would be the end of it. Do not do a remake of them. I watched them as a kid. I feel like Leia was like a mother to every Star Wars fan.

    1. Joe

      Toxic Star Wars fans have been disappointed by every movie since Empire. If Disney erases the sequels it opens Pandora’s box for different fan groups to try and force Disney to write out different established movies or scenes.

  11. Sean Shamblin

    There’s no way Carrie Fisher could have watched herself fly through space like a weird Mary Poppins and thought that it was cool. There’s no way she would have thought Rise of Skywalker made any sense. I don’t believe that for a second.
    I have spoken.

    1. No one could ever even come close to Carrie….leave it alone..what is wrong with history being just that…history?

  12. Zhatan

    Maybe she liked the person’s but that doesn’t make their movies better. Carrie was great, but she was able to be wrong too. Delete Disney wars, do it for the good of the franchise and her memory.

  13. vovp

    Sequels are trash. Delete them now

  14. philredd

    Really and truly the only sequel trilogy film that needs to be retconned is The Rise of Skywalker, meaning that Leia is not a roadblock here.

  15. darthmickey

    Carrie Fisher died with drugs in her system that the sequel trilogy helped buy. She never should have been hired without them making sure she could handle it without killing herself. That should have included drug testing.

    George Lucas also called Disney “white slavers” in his last TV interview. Let’s not pretend Disney Star Wars is not ALL fan fiction. The only question people should have is would Lucas have made that fan fiction. He has disavowed the sequel trilogy. He hates it. Mark Hamill hated it, the fans hate it. Throw it into the fire. Destroy it.

  16. Kev

    It’s a pretty safe bet those who want to dump Gina Carano are likely some of the same people who yearn to keep the sequel trilogy unchanged.

  17. John

    If they don’t delete the Sequels, then Star Wars will die. The fans are already abandoning ship. The Mandalorian is the only glue holding it togther atm but it still currently leads to the Sequels.

    I’d personally think it’d honor Carrie Fisher better to make her Legacy last centuries by keeping Star Wars alive by replacing the Sequels with far better stories. The Sequels will still exist for anyone who finds them, they could even be retconned into a force vision so they remain part of the official lore.

    Think of the alternative though. Princess Leia and Han Solo raising Jaina, Jacen and Anakin Solo (maybe rename Ben Solo into Bail Solo, then him too but Ben should be reserved for Luke’s son). Leia hanging out with her sister-in-law Mara Jade as they plot to overthrow remaining Imperial Warlords who still maintain grips on parts of the galaxy. Not to mention actually making Leia into a Jedi. That is a Princess Leia that will be loved by both girls and boys for decades to come. General Leia, not so much, that Leia will forever be mocked as Mary Poppins.

    This is about the health of the franchise and what will be more profitable to Disney. The Sequels are hated by a huge portion of the fandom and dont bring in the same amount of money as such. They basically ignore everything the prior two trilogies set-up and just steal all the accomplishments Luke and Leia were supposed to achieve and stole them to give to another generation while recycling the same story the Original trilogy did. Carrie Fisher deserves better than to be remembered for the Sequels. Leia was a Legend in the Original trilogy and should remain such through the rest of her characters journey.

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